MATCH PROMO Time to Fly - Part 2 [Empire 4-19]

Raven Roberts

The Bird of Prey
Las Vegas, NV
Raven Roberts is seen working the squat rack in the gym, she has a red tank top and her hair in a ponytail. Around 260 pounds on the bar, she also has a weighted chain around her shoulders with small weight plates at the ends of the chain. Her spotter is calling the rep count out for her. Someone appears to be recording this on a phone.

“Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. That’s three sets done. Take a break, Ray.”

Raven sets the bar back on the rack and slips out of the squat box. She looks over her shoulder at the camera before approaching it.

“Zakkii, I’m glad to hear that we have some mutual respect. But there’s a couple of things you’ve said that aren’t sitting quite right with me. The first is a very simple miscommunication. I don’t for one moment think that you’re going to go easy because of your retirement. In fact I believe that you’re going to fight harder than ever. That’s who you are. You go all out for the fans. And I’m betting you don’t want your grand finale or even the road to it to seem flat or disappointing, so you are right, it’s a fact that we should not focus on. But that’s why I’m so excited. I want your very best in that ring. It’s only by facing you at your absolute peak that I can show my full capabilities, that I can prove that I stand amongst the very best in the world here on Empire and do so with honor. I’m also someone who competes for the fans. I believe in them, as they believe in me. So if one thing is for certain... it’s that we’re going to give them one hell of a match.”

Raven wipes the sweat off of her forehead and tightens her weight gloves before walking over to a pull up bar. The person filming walks over in front of her.

“The second thing I wanted to address... is something I take a bit personally. You asked me if I would stand against the fire, forged stronger and sharper than before, ready to cut down anyone in my path... or if I would burn to ashes in the fire. This would imply that the latter is even an option for me. Each and every time I enter the flames I come out more refined. Stronger. Smarter. Faster. Like a sword sharpened by the hammer and grindstone of a skilled blacksmith, I grow as a competitor each and every time i step in that ring.”

Raven looks directly into the camera, eyes filled with passion.

“Zakkii, turn the flames up as hot and as high as you want. When you look into them, you won’t see my ashes burning...”

Raven, the chain and weights still around her shoulders, leaps up and grips the pull up bar, her red shirt pops brightly at the center of the frame, suspending herself just long enough to say...

“...You’ll see a phoenix, flying right at you like a ‘Bird of Prey’.”

Camera cuts as Raven is lifting herself for chin ups.


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