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Toxic Voltage logic

The camera fades into an intro of a show called "The Idiots" as the intro stops and the camera fades into a news studio where Damon Diesel can be seen sitting as the host dressed, then the music stops and he begins to talk.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my new show, "The Idiots" where we talk and discuss the latest idiotic things happening in EAW, especially things that my opponents say. Today we're going to be talking about two particular individuals who are the opponents of The NEO Syndicate this week on Showdown, as well as part of the Territorial Invasion main event. They are the one and only, the guys that are going to make history tonight as the first idiots to be part of my show, ladies and gentlemen, they are the Co-National Elite Champions, MarrKade. So as everyone might've seen, after my address to them, they've been talking some total bullshit, some retarded logics and I'm aware they might have some difficulties understanding our words, that caused by a serious problem in their brain development from a very young age. Anyways, let's take a look at what they said and we're going to be analysing their words step by step.

Footage of Daryl Kinkade's first address are shown as he talks about The NEO Syndicate, their name and their history.

Daryl: It's true what they say, getting to the top of the mountain is hard, staying there will damn near kill you and so it seems to be so far with MarrKade.

That is the first sign of the toxic logic that's been spreading around Voltage lately. First we had the New Breed Champion, Xander Payne who thought he was the greatest in EAW just by winning a third tier title, and now we have the Co-National Elite Champions who think they are on top of the mountain because they defeated an outnumbered Prince of Phenomenal. We're aware that's a new mental disease that's getting spread around Voltage during Season 12.

Daryl: But, would you believe it, I don't just get to perform on Showdown, oh no, I also get to take in one of the minor detours on memory lane and experience a little taste of NEO as well. Well, I say a taste of NEO, more like a watered down, diluted to the point it's just water, taste of NEO. The NEO Syndicate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is yet another fact of Kinkade's trouble with brain developing. I said it before, we don't give a flying fuck about NEO, the NEO in our name represents a whole different thing than a dead developmental show where you two got stuck and finally escaped it after it died. Lucky you. But however, I don't think mr. Marr was the best on NEO. Take a look at his words.

Charlie: It must hurt knowing that you weren’t even the biggest stars to come from NEO. It find it crazy that you name your petty little group after a show than I made famous. A show that MarrKade made made the most must watch television in the history of professional wrestling. It’s almost as if you’re trying to live off our legacy and use our creation for your own gain. Daryl Kinkade and Charlie Marr made NEO into a legendary show that will be remembered for the rest of time. Daryl and I made NEO into a more must see show then any of the other three brands.

I'm personally worried that Charlie Marr has an even more serious disease or maybe he was drunk, that's for him to tell. But it's clear something isn't right with mr. Marr. He can't spell words right, but not only that, his logic is even more toxic than Daryl's one. The guy said he made NEO famous, he said that he made NEO the most must watch television in the history of professional wrestling, but he never made a big impact in NEO. I've also discovered Charlie Marr lost in the very last FPV of NEO called Crowned in Blood against a guy named Arselx, who disappeared right after Grand Rampage. I don't know if mr. Marr's brain can properly remember things, but that's something I would consider a shame. What's even funnier is that he had to disappear and then come back to get away of the critiques and the shame that would cover his name after that big failure at Crowned in Blood. I'm sorry mr. Marr but here in my show we only say the truth unlike you and your friend do, so please accept the truth.

Daryl: Now, when I first heard about the formation of this little faction, I thought it had promise. Granted I was a little perplexed that I, the face of NEO, hadn't been invited to join, but then I am on a different brand so I could over look that little indiscretion. Besides, looking at where I am now and where they are, I think it's probably been for the best that I steered well clear. But I digress, like I said, I thought that this little stable could have promise and then I saw just who it was made up of and I thought...Daryl, you've dodged a fucking bullet there mate.

You're right Daryl, we had promise and we still have. However we didn't invite the face of NEO on the stable, because we could rather invite someone better from NEO, The Revenant of NEO. What I find more stupid is that he says "looking at where I am now and where they are" but the truth is we're both in the same spot. We're both representing our brands in the main event of Territorial Invasion. The NEO Syndicate is made up of workhorses, of elitists that earned their spot here, unlike you. We didn't need to kiss Hurricane Hawk's ass to get our opportunity, unlike you. I said it before and I'll say it again, you defeated POP because he had to deal with both of you at the same time, you kissed Rex's ass to get into the main event and yet you pretend to be the hot shit around here and talk trash about the 1% when you're nothing different than them, system rats. Voltage is turning out to be the brand of people with retarded problems, unfortunately.

Daryl: It's essentially the good, the bad and the who the fuck are you again? The good is clearly Michael Bishop. He's a former New Breed Champion, hard as nails and clearly both the brains and the brawn of the set up. Whether he's using the other two to further his own career and then drop them when he needs to, I don't know, but he's a guy I have a lot of respect for.

I see you don't know a damn about us however you still run your mouth. How can he be using us when I am the one who created the stable, I am the one who made the proposal on creating the stable. It's strange how Daryl has respect on someone who he doesn't need, maybe it's respect generated from fear, I don't really know.

Daryl: And finally we come to the 'who the fuck are you?' in Damon Diesel. Sorry mate, no idea who you are. Harsh, I know, but what can I say? I guess some of Charlie's personality is starting to rub off on me.

Oh, you don't know who I am? I'm the guy who earned all of his opportunities, I'm the guy who worked hard all the time to get where I am right now. I'm the guy who defeated Johnny Ventura, who is currently the Hardcore Champion. I'm the guy who has been on the main event numerous times. I'm the guy who will either submit you or break your spine in half. I'm the guy who will leave you "Open Minded" and get these toxic thoughts out of your head and then finally you will accept the sad truth, if you're man enough.

Daryl: I was listening to you waffle on earlier and amongst all the crap and hurt pride, you tried, I mean desperately tried to make some sort of point about me and Charlie boy riding on the coat tails of Rex and needing him to make us relevant. You tried to make this cohesive argument that we've achieved nothing more than you guys have and that we needed someone else, someone more successful than us to elevate us to that next level and get people to take notice of us. You tried, and boy did you try, to make out that you three are significantly better than myself and Charlie and you've achieved all that you have, which by the way is fuck all, on your own. Well, newsflash Damon, The NEO Syndicate is in fact just a cheap rip off of what Rex and MarrKade have going on.

Bhahahahahah, are you serious right now? We're a cheap ripoff of you? I mean, really son? We formed our stable on the second Tuesday Night Showdown of Season 12. By that time it was just a beaten man who lost his title against Diamond Cage at the biggest FPV of the Season and a pair of empty handed fucks. Tell me a valid reason on why we would need to copy you? Exactly. We wouldn't need to. Not mentioning the fact that we don't follow the system, because we're not Rex and MarrKade. We go against the system. We went against our EAW Champion, we faced him a couple of times, we brawled with him. We had all this stuff going on against him but still we got in this match. And despite our differences, we are still united, because we all have the same goal. Bringing Showdown the victory. Now think about it, are we the system elitists or maybe it's the opposite?

Daryl: Our little triumvirate was built on Rex McAllister spotting some latent potential within two of the standouts from NEO, taking both of them under his wing and moulding them into the National Elite Champions you see today, whilst he himself went about acquiring not one, but two World titles.

Didn't you just say Rev might be using me and Shane? Yet again, it's the opposite. Let me give you a suggestion, think your mind, use your unproperly developed brain then talk. You just proved what I was saying all over again, you needed Rex to make you what you are today. We? We're selfmade. Daryl, I just set the trap, you fell right into it trying to defend yourself. Poor you.

Daryl: You guys formed under a former New Breed champion and plodded along making daisy chains and paper aeroplanes winning fuck all and using the numbers game to try and intimidate people. Myself and Charlie, as you pointed out, were some what of an irrelevance until Rex took us on board and now look at us. You and Shane were somewhat of an irrelevance until you aligned yourself with Bishop and now...well, you're still somewhat of an irrelevance I'm afraid.

Yet again, you fell on your trap with your own two feet. Isn't that what you did against POP, the only reason why you're relevant now. Let's say we're irrelevant. I stated you the facts on why we're not, but ok, we're irrelevant. You're still going to lose against two "irrelevant" people and at TI, all of you will lose against two "irrelevant" people. When we do that, all your words will not be valid anymore, because we will prove we're better than you and we will prove to the people we're undeservingly underrated.

Daryl: Here's the thing Damon, you guys may call yourselves the NEO Syndicate. You may run around telling everyone that you're the best to ever emerge from NEO. That you are exactly why NEO was present in EAW in the first place.

Daryl: You guys were able to flourish in NEO for one simple reason, you didn't have to face me.

Daryl: The only reason you guys were able to flourish was because of a freak injury I suffered against Maddox Ayres. Despite all your claims, all your beliefs, all your wet dreams, you will never be what NEO represented, that will always be me.

How many times do I have to explain it to you, we weren't even part of NEO except for Bishop. Stick that into your head. I don't give a flying fuck what you or NEO represented because it's all dead now, I don't give a fuck if you beat irrelevant people that didn't make the slightest impact in EAW except for Malcolm Jones, but the question is, would you be able to beat him now? I don't think so. I mean, if you were better than him, it would be you facing Chris Elite at PFP in the first place. But hey, it's not worth to talk about what you said because we proved it's all lies. I talked enough about you, now let's focus to the other member of MarrKade, Charlie Marr.

Charlie: Damon Diesel, let’s start with you. It’s nice to see that you have taken some time out of your busy schedule to say your piece about Daryl and I. It’s just a shame you seemed to say a whole load of nothing rather than anything meaningful. I expected more for you. I thought you were the voice of the NEO syndicate, the mouthy one, the Charlie Marr of the group perhaps.

I mean, look at what you and your partner said, then tell me who told the meaningful stuff and who didn't. I don't need to run my mouth here and there and speak nonsense. If that's what Charlie Marr does, I don't ever want to be like you, mr. Charlie. You call yourself the mouthy one but it's Daryl who has talked the most yet. But hey, don't mind me. I'm just saying. I'm just gonna cut straight into the important stuff, because most of what you said was just some complete bullshit.

Charlie: I was right when I questioned why you were in this match. This match is supposed to be the battle for Brand supremacy. This match is supposed to show the world which brand is EAW’s number 1 brand. What hope does Showdown have if you’re their representative? Not much if we’re being honest. This match should be filled with the top stars. It shouldn’t be filled with irrelevant little groups like you. I truly worry for Showdown if you are one of the top stars. That scares me and should scare everyone for the future of Showdown. We could see the end of that brand soon if we don’t do something to stop it.

I stated it before, but I don't blame you, that's all you're capable of. The future of Showdown is bright and we'll prove that. We're not here as a random team who made an alliance to try new stuff. We're here to make ourselves known as one of the best factions on EAW right now and soon we'll make it happen.

Charlie: It’s an amazing feeling going into a match knowing that you are absolute light years ahead of your opponents in the ring. I usually think that about most of my matches but this match has a different feel to this match. This match feels me with the highest amount of confidence that I have ever had going into a match. I am very aware that Damon Diesel and Shane Gates are not on the same level as Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinklade.

Ok, so talk all the trash you want, say whatever you want, we'll let our actions speak. I like how you're feeling you are light years ahead of us, but you're dreaming with your eyes open, Charlie. Soon, that dream is going to become your worst nightmare and it's going to haunt you at Territorial Invasion. When you, Daryl and your sugar daddy Rex get exposed. That's going to be the moment where we settle Showdown as the supreme brand on the entire EAW.

Charlie: Get ready for a Territorial Invasion preview.


Damon gives a fake smile to the camera and then the show outro plays, in the end having the NEO Syndicate show on the screen, before distorting and fading to black.


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