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Heart Break Boy

EAW Hall of Famer
It’s not hard to see where the Heart Break Boy is headed. Despite being handed losses to Malcolm Jones like candy, I still have ALL the momentum in my court. I loved being Interwire Champion. It was something to make me feel rejuvenated after having such a great stretch at this year’s Pain For Pride. I loved all the challenges along with it but it’s time to turn my attentions towards my own personal demons. I have yet to deal with getting over the hump of being able to win a world championship. I mean guys like Carlos Rosso were eventually lucky enough to prove the masses wrong. So why can’t the Heart Break Boy simply carry over this company into the sky? We’ve all seen what I’ve done as world champion. I’ve put on great match after great match. I’ve never fumbled and EARNED what was coming to me. There are many world champions in history that never shed many dry tears because they don’t know the passion and what it’s like to be a real champion. It’s not some type of play toy. The value of being a top champion in EAW is like none other in this industry. It feels better than winning the Super Bowl, scoring at the final buzzer to clinch an NBA Finals and better than winning any other world championship in wrestling history. EAW will never die because of this. Just think about how many people that have gone in and out of this company and it STILL never dies. This proves that not one man can hold this company together. EAW simply reflects energy for people that are willing to join, to bond together, build chemistry to create that ultimate value. And being EAW World Champion is no different.

I have my eyes set, locked in and ready to gracefully finish what I’ve started in 2007. I want to end my career as champion. I’m not talking three-time world champion, four-time world champion, five-time world champion. I’m going through and beyond to get what I’ve rightly deserve. There are many champions being handed championships without putting in real work. One named Chris Elite, whom was fortunate enough to finally win a world championship after being in the business since my daughters were three years old. He was also very fortunate enough that half of EAW’s Hall of Fame class turned into rejects. He’s also VERY lucky that his title reign wasn’t overlooked much as he was back in the day. I’ll give you that, Chris. Because not many know this, but we were going to team together once before in this industry. It was my first approach because I saw something in you that sparked out of the other youngins back in the day. I was right. You turned out to be just fine, I’ll admit. However, it’s kind of like a Kevin Durant running off to the Golden State Warriors situation. In this era, it might be a little easier to capture a world championship match. Therefore, it didn’t surprise me that Chris Elite was finally able to win a championship before all my hair falls out. Annnddd boy, oh boy… It would have been a terrible sight if I were able to win a title before Chris Elite after all these years of working, hard, staying true to himself and able to prove people wrong. It would speak volumes about what his talent has gone. It’s just funny how people can dissect your career and ask for more in a specific area.

“I want that old HBB,” “I want Bane, HBB.” When people constantly tell me this, I believe it comes to conclusion as an automatic W for me. Because if you’re willing to talk about half of my career and sum it up with I want THE legend of HBB. It’s proven that you’ve implied I’m the better man, which isn’t so far stretched because the entire world knows that I’m miles ahead of Chris Elite in any type of era, category or facility. I mean, people assume that I’m old and have dementia at times, but Chris Elite is on another level. He confidently believes that an Ahren Fournier was able to defeat me, haha! I don’t know what world he lives in or Ahren is just delusional as it comes but I’ve single-handedly destroyed the “GOAT Champion” trash and dumped it in the toilet. Not once but TWICE. Malcolm Jones is just a blessed man. He knows in his mind that his first reign was a given because my heart has been on fire for more. Rex McAllister is just not getting put in the right positions. It’s a shame that I must end something so precious. But I feel like we’re going to tear the roof off despite whatever happens between us. I respect Rex, even though I don’t see him fit as champion. I mean, how long has Rex been in EAW and he’s already a world champion? He hasn’t been through the trials, the setbacks to make himself worthy enough. And he’s damn sure not the Heart Break Boy. In no matter of time I will expose what separates a true champion to a transitional one. Then maybe one day, a rematch between myself and Malcolm Jones would be worth the fight when higher stakes are on the line. Other than that, I’m not sure which Chris Elite that “I want” in my upcoming match. Hmmmm… decisions… decisions…. There’s not many remarkable mentions of eras in the Chris Elite realm. So, I guess the “underachieving” Chris Elite will do. Just another example to be made for people to parade over what the Heart Break Boy is about to bring to the table. This is no hype, this is a real fact. I’m taking what’s mine, and what is mine will be coming home very soon. Mr. Elite, I guess you’ve never heard the expression, “Never meet your idols, childhood heroes or role models,” because nine times out of ten, they might not be the people that you thought they were. They might not be nice at all and for what I’m going to do to you when I kick my foot right down your throat.

You’ll realize who’s truly elite.

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