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Jack Ripley

Straight Shooter
National Elite Champion
There is not many times that I can get flabbergasted by something someone around here says. There's many words that can describe Charlie.. Not one of them are flattering. Confused.. Ignorant... Hypocritical... Repetitive.. Sad... Pathetic.. The list goes on and on. Honestly I don't understand how to even go about replying to this load of horse shit you've laid down upon my plate.Hmmmm.. Uh... Ummm.... HMMMMMM... So.... What? Are you a moron? Wait, we already know the answer to that so no need to answer. Everything that comes out of your mouth Charlie, is a contradiction to what you said only... What?.. A few weeks ago? The last time you and I faced off you went on about how David was the better team member, yet now I am? Thanks, I appreciate it, glad I knocked some sense into that little brain of yours. But I listen to you, I hear the words that come out of your mouth, and it still doesn't add up. You say that you're free of the tag team division and you're joining me as the better tag team member in the singles division, and yet you can't let go of the fact that I cost you a tag team match at Pain For Pride? How the fuck does that make any sense? You don't want to be in a tag team. Me costing you the match at Pain For Pride should've shown you some sort of light that this isn't what you really want. Honestly, I'm not even sure that you want to be a singles competitor. I don't think you have any ill will towards being in a tag team. You just don't want to be in a tag team with Daryl. I see this being because of one of two reasons. One, you think that Daryl either outshines you, and that overshadowed feeling just rips you a part inside. Or two, you think that he was weighing you down, but you like the thought of having any sort of success here. If you had someone that was more fitting to Charlie Marr, then you would be ok being in a tag team. You'd be ok with being Tag Team Champion still, you just don't think Daryl is the right partner for you. Otherwise you wouldn't be harboring onto these feelings about something that happened a year ago. You wouldn't give a shit about losing a tag team match for Tag Titles that you say you don't even care about. I mean you wound up winning them anyway, who the fuck cares? It would be cool if you attempted to make just a little bit of sense so this conversation could be easier, please help me help you.

Now Charlie, as someone that is edging veteran status here, I feel like it is my obligation, my duty to give you some advice. See there's an old adage in professional wrestling, don't promise things that you can't actually follow through with. You want to get the people invested, you want people to seem interested in you, and I get that. You're trying to be a big old man swinging his meat cleaver around showing exactly whose boss, but you're going about it the wrong way. So when you say "I'm going to kill you", you're promising the crowd something that you obviously can't deliver. They are expecting a dead man now on Sunday Night Voltage bitch boy, and are they going to get a dead person? Are they going to witness a murder? Of course not. That would be illegal, and you would go to jail. Just because we are able to beat the shit out each other, pre mediated murder is still a very serious crime, and you cannot get these people invested in something that will obviously not occur. See I get it, you want that shock factor, but get it together. Man I go back to everything you said to me last time we faced off. Holy fuck you're a hypocrite. You have no consistency with what you say at all, and that's been the basis of what I've dealt with when talking to you. Last time you came at me for "trying to be edgy"... But here you are telling me that you're going to commit a murder in the middle of the ring. Look we both know it's not actually going to happen. Just like when your parents would always tell you that you'll be able to find that special someone some day.. it's all a fabrication in order to make yourself feel better. Do you listen to your dumbass talk? Do you have anything else to say other than you're an angry mean boy still about me costing you a tag team match last year? That's all you have. The anger is going to propel you to this victory apparently.

Charlie I'm not interested in whatever you have to say, because quite honestly? It's the same old tired ass rhetoric that you said last time. Who gives a fuck if I partnered with DDD or Theron? Why does this even fucking matter? I was PURE Champion, I won the 24/7 Battle Royal, I wrestled for the World Championship, I was in the finals of King of Elite.. Like who fucking cares? Listing accomplishments off doesn't matter, you know who the fuck I am. Everyone knows who the fuck I am. Whether you think I was protected, or was whatever to the group, it doesn't matter. I'm already looked at as a huge star, and you want to know the truth? I didn't even have to leave the tag team to do that. I was a huge star before I even broke out on my own. It can be done, but it takes an honest to god talented son of a bitch to do it. You know why you couldn't? It's because you're not as good as me. Yet, anyway. Sure you have potential, but that doesn't mean shit. You let all that potential get to your head, and you'll wind up just like Tig Kelly.. Who's Tig Kelly? Exactly. Of course you clearly don't know shit about any EAW history, so I wouldn't even be surprised if you didn't know CM Banks or some household name like that either. Anyway..You think you're going to have a better career than me? Go for it. But you couldn't beat me before, what makes you think that you can do it now? The fact less people are in this match? Ok? Literally nothing you've said is new, or innovative, or interesting. You are a huge fucking hypocrite, and obviously, pathetic. But this is what I've come to expect from Charlie Marr, a little scared bitch, who thinks he deserves the world. Charlie Marr, a guy that can dish out any insult, but when that same insult is thrown back at him, he points fingers. I mean honestly, let's go back a few weeks when we first faced off again. You tried to come at me because I made fun of your looks? See you first came at my looks, then I retaliate in a joking manner that I didn't even think of as a blip on my radar because it was an offhand little jab at a jab you took first. But apparently your looks are somewhat of a touchy subject because you went off on quite a tangent over my one line of retaliation.

You know as much as I did accomplish in the 1%, clearly that isn't all I have to offer. You do understand that I look at leaving the 1% as a good thing right? So no Charlie, to answer your question being DDD's "bitch" or "lapdog" or whatever it is you said.. Isn't the best I can do, nor is it what I ever aspired to be. I'm well aware that I'm capable of being more than the 24/7 Battle Royal winner, and PURE Champion. I think I proved that when I beat you and went onto the King of Elite finals. Also, I never threw away the High Rollerz, David got hurt... It was never my intention to leave the High Rollerz, it was just an unfortunate event that I had to deal with. Like could you be anymore wrong about everything? Don't try and act like you know shit that went down when you clearly don't know anything. I've been here for Charlie Marr's career. You weren't much to talk about while you were on the developmental show, and now? All of a sudden you have people talking, and I'm not really sure why. You grew a bigger beard, and shaved your head and all of a sudden you got this bad boy attitude.. Charlie Marr just don't give a fuck anymore, and we should care about it... And it's because of this angry boy shtick that now we're supposed to think you're good? Look I don't know if you or Daryl is better, I really don't. All i know is you had your chance to prove that you were better than Daryl, and he beat you to claim the National Elite Championship. All you proved is that you deal with your emotions like a bitch, when you blindsided him. You were jealous of Daryl, jealous that he was achieving more, and it snapped something in your brain. You go from trying to show that the High Rollerz weren't shit, changing your opinion when you actually talked to me. To trying to tell me that MarrKade is the greatest tag team to ever be in EAW.. To breaking up literally 2 weeks between. No one can believe anything you say, because you don't even know what you're saying. You don't know what you're saying, and you don't know what you're doing. How about you paint your own clear goals, and aspirations before chasing them hmm?

Like seriously, who the fuck are you to talk about accomplishments? You've literally done nothing without Daryl Kinkade. Who are you to say anything about what I've done? You've tried to beat me before, and it didn't go well. And again you stupidity shines clear. Johnny Ventura won Grand Rampage, he main evented Pain For Pride. Was he something special when I beat him? Meh, but he did have a name for himself. A hypocritical, ignorant slut, what a shame of humanity you truly are. You know it's funny, before you ever spoke, I always thought that you would be the better of the two between you and Daryl.. But then you spoke, and maybe that loss to Daryl was actually more telling than I thought. Perhaps I shouldn't have given you the benefit of the doubt. But here we go again, another ride on the merry go round, so go ahead Charlie. Go ahead and tell me every single thing that I've heard before again, tell something so unoriginal it hurts my soul. Go ahead and make a fool out of yourself yet again, and prove to everyone that you're not as good as you say you are. The one thing that people get right about you.. You're entertaining.. But it's not for the reasons that you might hope. Everyone loves a Jester after all; and you fit that role perfectly.. A common fool.

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