MATCH PROMO Unprepared (Dynasty 2)

Remi Skyfire

The Enemy
Somerset, Kentucky
#1’s recording.

A brunette wearing a miniskirt and teal tank top walks in front of the camera. She walks over to an overstuffed leather chair where Remi Skyfire is sat, a half filled tumbler in her hand. As the woman sits on the arm of the chair Remi gives her a hard look.

Darlin’, this ain’t your business...she gestures to the door. Take a walk, I’ll come get you later.

Pouting, the woman stands to leave only for Remi to stop her by the wrist. Smiling slightly, the woman leans over and gives Remi a kiss on the cheek before leaving the scene. Watching the woman leave, Remi swirls her drink slowly, seeming to ignore the camera. Skyfire is dressed in a pair of brown dress shoes, burgundy dress slacks, burgundy vest, and a light blue dress shirt, unbuttoned at the collar, with the sleeves rolled up.

Pretend inferiority and encourage arrogance. Remi still isn’t looking at the camera, instead she’s now looking down at the swirling liquid in her glass. Draw your enemy in, make them think they’ve won, and then, once they’re basking in their over confidence...She looks sharply at the camera. Bam! You’ve got ‘em! It’s an old lesson from Sun Tzu, someone more people should honestly pay attention to, but what can you do?

See, Celes, I drew you in with my rambling, erratic nonsense, throwing a fit about you ladies attacking Santana months ago, getting just over the top mad about it to the point that it seemed like I was just an angry drunk who hadn’t paid attention. Oh, by the way, I didn’t leave to drown my sorrows, Celes, I was in a match with Constance and she ended up tearing my...well, shit, just about everything in my knee. I couldn’t walk, but I came back from it, better than ever. Hellfire, it happened on Empire, you’d think you would pay more attention.
She holds her glass out to the camera, pointing with her middle finger. And as far as your theory that I’m a failure...that I’m a joke who is accepting a loss before the match...c’mon sis, stop acting like an idiot.

You still don’t understand what I am, despite the fact you’re telling anyone who’ll listen what you think you ‘killer holds’? I’m a ‘calculated killer’...Who the fuck do you actually, honestly think I am? I’m a National champion Nak Muay...Kickboxing, Celes, not grappling. I don’t know where, or how this image of me became burned into your mind, but I’d like you to point out when and where I’ve ever been a methodical, calculating mastermind? Was it when I drove a forklift through a locker room, or lit it on fire? Maybe it was when I got into a brawl with Raven Roberts that ended with thousands of dollars in property damage, and both of us in the hospital. Or maybe...just’s that you’re just flat out wrong about me.

I’m chaos, Celes...Miho, Karina, pay attention too, you’re in this match even if you’ve been quiet all week. I’m like a tornado, storming through everyone and everything in my path, regardless of who they are, or what they do to me in return. Despite your leader’s opinions to the contrary, I actually have paid attention to who I’m facing. See, Miho, you’ve got skill, that’s sure, but you’re scatterbrained...immature. Now, I know, I know, you’re just a must seem like you’re living the high life, making towns, visiting far flung places all over the world, getting paid tons of money, but you’ve got to keep discipline too. You gotta make sure you keep what’s important in focus...and in this case, this week, the thing that’s important is your team. They need even you, little sis. See, Vic, Darcy, and I have been working all week, Hell, I’ve not even drank that much...Darcy’s right, I lost in what I envisioned to be my big comeback.

Now, sure, that’s me hyping things up to be more than they were, I was so caught up in how much a victory over TLA would help my career that I didn’t take all the time I needed to in order to actually beat him. See, Miho, that’s called ‘self-awareness’, and if you’ve got any at all, you’ll know that this is a tag match, it’s your first real big chance to shine in the new season and, honey, you’re blowing it..Now I don’t know if maybe it’s you’re too caught up in your training, or maybe you’re having travel problems, or Hell, maybe you’re just flat scared, and truth be told I don’t really give a fuck. What I know is that a person only gets so many opportunities in life and letting one pass is near criminal.

Remi sighs and takes a drink from the glass before leaning back in her chair at an angle, crossing her legs casually, and eyes the camera thoughtfully.

Karina’re something, you know? I remember you back in the Battleground days, people were talking big about your future, one of the hottest prospects in the development brand...what happened? I mean, you’ve floundered worse than I have, but at least in my case I’ve got the crutch of, in Celes’ opinion anyway, my crippling alcoholism, and the actual fact my knee damn near fell off...I mean, shit sis, do you know how much it costs to fly to Germany, find a specialist, and go through experimental stem cell treatments? Anyway, point is, my setbacks are actual, tangible things, where in your case it seems a lot like you’re just not interested half the time. Maybe you shoulda stuck to dancing, darlin’, it’s less intensive, less demanding, and no one wants to beat you up. Like dancing, though, if you’re not performing up to your potential in this match it won’t just be you that suffers. Poor Miho and big, stupid Celes are counting on you, Karina...I’d hate for you to let them down…

Remi gives a humorless smile and finishes off the tumbler. Sighing, she looks toward the door.

Kate! Come on back...Her gaze turns to the camera again. Fatal Destiny...I’m Remi Skyfire. I’m the Killer...The door opens and the brunette comes back in, sauntering over to the chair and taking a seat on the arm. Without looking at her, Remi wraps her arm around the waist of Kate. And come Destiny? Vic, Darcy, and I are going to be the end of the three of you.


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