MATCH PROMO Valentine's Day Massacre [Empire 002]

Tyler Wolfe

Walking Weapon


The New Breed Championship wasn’t just a title opportunity for Tyler. It was a way out of Empire and way to prove her worth against the other brands in EAW. Being able to escape the feminine shackles of Empire meant everything to her. But she couldn’t look too far into the future. She couldn’t get ahead of herself. Because she needed to focus on the task at hand this week. Harlow Reichert and Constance Blevins were not going to make this easy for her. The only saving grace was that Tyler knew neither of these women would be able to screw her out of this victory with disqualifications or dirty tricks. There were no DQ’s this week. And on top of that, that wasn’t part of their MO. Neither Harlow or Constance were cheaters. Like Tyler, they had a moral code and she knew that this would be a straight fight to see who truly deserved to walk into Iconic Cup and fight for this championship. Tyler had been in the ring with both of these competitors before and she knew that she had what it took to advance. The only thing weighing on her mind was that it was a triple threat. The blonde had a history of failing in multi-man matches. If we exclude tag team matches, she has literally lost every single multi-man match she has been in.

The 24/7 Battle Royale.

Manifest Destiny.

War Games.

The Extreme Elimination Chamber.

One on one Tyler’s skill and ability to win was undeniable. No one had been able to pin her fairly in a singles match since the Empress of Elite. She wanted to win this match more than anything. But it would be a lie to say that this being a triple threat didn’t weigh heavily on her mind.

Today the blonde was sitting on the balcony of her hotel room. She was wearing a pair of light, heathered grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt that said
“Powerbomb the Patriarchy” across the front underneath a black zip-up the front hoodie that was left unzipped. Her long blonde locks were pulled back into a sleek ponytail and her feet were shoved into a pair of white converse sneakers. The Australian was seated on a chair, with her feet pushed up onto the banister in front of her. She pulled her phone out of her hoodie pocket and called her brother on FaceTime. After a few rings, the gorgeous grey hair of Andrew Wolfe appeared on the screen.

“Hey.” Tyler started the conversation.


There was a silence. Tyler wasn’t really one to call her brother for advice. So he waited to see what she wanted.

“I’m stressing about tomorrow.”

He smirked. “Oh. Not so arrogant this week? Realizing that you’re not the flawless “Walking Weapon” you claim to be?”

Honestly you could tell by Andrew’s voice that he was eating this up. Generally his sister as arrogant. It was nice to see her slightly humbled. She just furrowed her brow.

“If this was a one on one match with either of them, I wouldn’t blink a fucking eye. But we both know that I buckle in multi-man matches. A match where I have to be pinned or submitted to lose? Fucking easy. No one has pinned me fairly since Astraea Jordan. When Clara pinned me at Road to Redemption it was because her and Andrea double-teamed me and I took three separate finishers before I finally went down. But that’s the thing about a triple threat match. I don’t have to be pinned to lose. Which is exactly what happened at War Games and Manifest Destiny. Or, like at Road to Redemption, Clara and Harlow could double team me and take me out of the equation. I know I’m tough as fuck and I can withstand pain and torment. But I’m not immortal. I can’t take on two people at once for very long without faltering. No one can. I have lost EVERY SINGLE multi-man match I’ve had. It’s pathetic. For some fucking reason, that is my weakness. That is just something I can’t overcome, Andrew. And if I lose this match because of it, I don’t know how to keep going. I feel like I’m running on empty and I need something to keep me going. I want this match at Iconic Cup. I want this title shot. And I’m fucking terrified I won’t get it.”

Her voice became softer at the last sentence as her eyes darted away from the camera and over her balcony. Andrews smile faded. He never saw his sister vulnerable. They didn’t do feelings in the Wolfe household.

“So don’t fucking lose.” His tone was dry. Oh, did you think just because Andrew felt for his sister he was going to be nice? Nah. That wasn’t his style.

“Fucking helpful.” The blonde spit back at him. He couldn’t help but laugh slightly.

“You’re in you’re fucking head. Yes, you’ve lost multi-man matches in the past. But I know that you’ve stayed up and you’ve fucking studied them. You know what you did wrong and you know what to avoid in this match. It’s simple. Don’t let anyone else get pinned. You need to keep your head on a fucking swivel and stay focused. You proved against Chelsea that focus isn’t an issue for you. There is no time for breathing in a triple threat and there is no time for space. You have the endurance to make that happen. You proved it against Harlow and you proved it at Territorial Invasion. You need to keep your ass glued to your opponents at all times, so when a pin comes out of nowhere you are there to break it up. It has become instinct for you to kick out. I know that you are skilled at being aware of your surroundings and keeping yourself safe. But this match is about keeping everyone safe. You can’t let Constance pin Harlow or the other way around. It’s not a regular match so you need to remember that EVERY SECOND you’re in there. If Constance and Harlow try to double team you? Honestly there isn’t much you can do. Just be aware of your situation in the ring. Get your foot on the ropes. Roll out of the ring. Against Cleo you proved that you can go toe to toe with some of the best. You countered more than one of her moves or was able to block them. So stick your basics.”

“This will start as a straight up wrestling match but we both know it will devolve into a fucking brawl. And that is your strong suit. That is what sets you apart. All three of you are technical wrestlers. Harlow is a pure wrestler and she may have dabbled in hardcore when she was fucking the deathmatch bro but that’s not the same as real experience. It sure as fuck isn’t the same as getting your face broken and then walking into War Games. In most matches I would tell you to keep it clean, but fuck it. You need to take your So-Cal roots and embrace them this week. Take those bitches to their limits and make them bleed. After losing a few litres they’ll slow right down and become weak. That is the edge you have in a match like this that they just don’t. You have been fighting in hardcore matches long before EAW and in EAW you have been in some of the most gruesome matches here. You can and have fought through the blood loss and maintain your advantage in the match. Don’t ignore that rage-filled bloodlust you have. Embrace it.”

Tyler nodded but looked apprehensive. “I know that no disqualification is my wheelhouse. I know that both of my opponents are used to standard matches. But I also know that my other multi-man matches have been the same. They were no DQ and look where it got me.”

It was easy to say that this was her specialty. But it was also easy to say that it hadn’t fared for her in previous multi-man matches. Andrew simply rolled his eyes.

“The 24/7 Battle Royale barely counts. You know my feelings about a match where you just have to touch the floor to lose like you’re three years old playing the lava game. And the same can be said for War Games. You competed in two matches that night. Your face was broken and it didn’t hinder you in that match. You have this ability to fight through the pain that most don’t. And a match with twelve people is a completely different shit show than a regular multi-man match. That kind of match no one can prepare for every variable or every outcome. This week it is only three people. You just need to focus on two people at once and I know you can do it. The matches you need to focus on are Manifest Destiny and Road to Redemption. That is where you buckled.”

“I know.” She sighed. Honestly Manifest Destiny felt like years ago at this point. She was so fucking green at that moment in her career. It was only her eighth match in EAW and her second FPV match. The Tyler Wolfe of today was completely different. “Manifest Destiny was my fuck up. I wasn’t as vigilant as I should have been and I let myself get pushed out of the ring so Remi could pin Raven. And at Road to Redemption I underestimated the target on my back. Going into that match, I wanted Serena Bennett gone because of what she stood for. But I forgot no one in this fucking place has true morals, not even that cunt Daisy who claimed to be a snowflake. I was public enemy number one and I was too fucking stupid to see it.”

“You’re damn right.” Her brother agreed, smugly. “You were the champion. You held the gold that everyone else wanted. And Andrea and Clara did exactly what I would have told you to do. They banded together and they took out the biggest threat in the match. And this week you need to keep your guard up because you are still the biggest threat in this match. The world expects you to win and you know how you feel encouraged by being the underdog? That is exactly what is going to push Constance and Harlow to want to beat you even more. It might even push them into an alliance and you can’t fucking let that happen.”

“So what are you going to do this week?” He asked, testing his sister.

She paused for a moment, taking a breath. The look on her face had changed to one of determination. “I’m going to stay focused. I’m going to keep my eyes on my opponents at all time and make sure that they don’t get the chance to finish this match without me. I have to keep my ass inside that ring at all costs because that’s what fucked me at Manifest Destiny. And I have to make sure that Harlow and Constance don’t get too buddy buddy. I’ll play them off of each other and make sure they don’t get the chance to double team me by staying aware of my ring space. I can’t get ahead of myself and I can’t get cocky. This is the exact match where anything can happen so I have to take my time and inflict pain. I’ve proven time and time again that I can withstand the blood loss and keep fighting. So I need to bring the pain and turn this into a fucking massacre. There’s no rules so there is no reason to fight fair. I’m bottling up my rage this week and throwing it directly in the face of my opponents. This is my week. I’m getting into that New Breed Title match.”

“Good. Now get your head on straight and stay focused. This is your chance to change the narrative around Tyler Wolfe. After tomorrow you won’t be able to say that you have lost every multi-man match. Make it happen.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

I look at this match and I wonder how the three of us were selected. Why did Kendra choose the three of us? It’s strange to me to be chosen for something I didn’t have to fight tooth and nail for. But if you look at us and compare our resumes, I make sense. You can each call me arrogant. You can scoff at my achievements and say that they don’t matter. But we all know a legacy is based on what you’ve accomplished in this business. And moving on to the New Breed division makes sense for me. I am the longest reigning Specialists Champion in over a year. And I also defended that belt more times than most of the women who held it before me. And I defended it in brutal matches. I am the first woman to ever compete in War Games and the Extreme Elimination Chamber. I carried that belt with pride and I brought it into the spotlight. I’ve taken world champions and legends to their limits. I have stood inside the squared circle and forced people to look at me and respect me. At the end of 2018, I was awarded the Stable of the Year award with my sisters, the Jaded Hearts. Think about that. We formed in late October and we were stable of the year. In just three months we singlehandedly put Empire on the fucking map. My accomplishments are undeniable. I belong. I deserve this spot. Whether you chose to believe it or not, those are the facts.

But why were you two chosen?

Harlow, you have a solid skill inside the ring. Even though you just fell into this business a few months ago, you’ve made the most of it. I have no problem saying that my favourite title defense was against you. We put on a fucking show out there and the people were left in awe at what we did in that ring. I fought through a cracked rib and I was truly able to cement my reign over your fallen body. I won’t say it was easy. But that’s what made it all the better. I’ve never taken the easy path. The win is all the sweeter when you truly have to work for it - when you have to sacrifice your own blood, sweat and tears for it. Dummying Daisy Trash and Clara Lovelace? That shit doesn’t even register on my radar. That doesn’t drive me or make me think I’ve proven something. Proving my worth comes from a hard fought match. It’s when I crack a rib in that ring and push through. It’s when I dominate a match against a legend like Cleopatra or Amber Keys and force them to cheat because it’s the only way they see leaving the match with their head held high.

You may have the skill. You may be slowly gaining your experience and you may be learning from a legend - but what makes you worthy of a shot at the New Breed Championship? Before your injury you hadn’t done much of merit. Your biggest moment was losing to me and proving you could stand on my level and you know it. And then you were out for over a month with a shoulder injury that I wrestled through. And since your return, your wins have been anticlimactic. You defeated a demon fairy that we never saw again. You defeated Layla Lockhart who was still recovering from a serious neck injury, who had no place being in that ring. You won both of those matches, nonetheless. But we both know that beating someone the rest of the roster looks down on, doesn’t carry forward. It doesn’t instill confidence or fear. Layla has been beaten and broken time and time again. It’s who she is. She may have gotten a win over me in my first week, but what I said remains - she is an easy win for most on this roster. And defeating a no one like Spriggan barely counts. We both know that this week will be very different. This will be the truest test of that shoulder of yours and of your newfound trainers hard work. This will be your first true competition since returning. Will it pay off?

I know that you’re going to tout the fact that you’ve pinned me once before. But a pin in a best two out of three falls match is very different. Unless you’re getting the tie breaking pin - the first two aren’t all that important. Because if they did, I would be standing here rubbing it in your face what I was able to pin you in just 8 minutes in our first matchup. The only reason you pinned me in that match is because I let you. Because I took a calculated risk by letting you pin me. I knew it wasn’t for all the marbles and I knew I needed to save my energy. And I did just that. I came out with the win and we both know that’s what matters to me. I don’t underestimate you at all. I know that you match me in strength and skill. But no one touches me when it comes to brutality. You still have a casual attitude about winning, about this sport. You may care. But you don’t get physically ill at the thought of losing. I’ve been shit on and fucked over every single step I’ve taken Empire. I take one step forward and I get shoved three steps back. And I’ve reached my breaking point Harlow. Since losing my title, the world has been looking down on me and what I did to Clara and Daisy was to assert my dominance and prove to the world that I am no joke. And after what happened to me last week I am still looking for a win that is going to mean something - in the eyes of the world and to me. And winning this week is just that. It’s not just about the prize match at Iconic Cup. It’s about showing the world that I still have it. I refuse to be anything but the winner this week. And we’ve all seen what happens when Tyler Wolfe wants something. When I’m determined. I have something you don’t have and that is a fiery passion that makes me dangerous. When I’m pissed off, I flourish. Most people would lose their focus, but my rage makes me laser focused. And this week the target is on you and Constance Blevins.

You know, I’ve heard a lot of shit talk in my days in EAW. I honestly think Empire has some of the most vicious and angry roster members in EAW. And we know how to tear each other down. But Constance? That girl has the ability to speak for twenty minutes and say nothing of value. I listen to her and her riddles and I’m just left wondering why I should care. Sure, Constance, you will keep rising. You will keep fighting. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miraculously start winning. Have you learned from your losses? We all talk a lot of shit, but I back my words up every week with my actions. Where are your actions? What have you done to make me think that you’ve changed or improved? I haven’t seen growth or change. I’ve seen and heard the same shit from you week after week. Where is your progress? Or are you just relying on Him for that? First of all, God is a woman. Second of all, I hope you’ve been busting ass in the gym like you say you have because this will be the fight of your life. I may be one to buckle under the weight of multi-man matches, but you aren’t much better. You have buckled under the weight of every single opportunity you’ve been gifted. You’ve showed time and time again that you can’t perform under the pressure. You wanna know what I think your downfall is? You think that He will carry you. You think that He has a greater plan for you, so it makes you complacent. Just like Harlow you think what will happen will happen. You can take solace in your losses as being a part of a bigger plan. And that means you do need to push yourself. It’s a fucking fail-safe. It’s a fallback plan. It’s a comfort blanket to wrap yourself and your failures in. Because that’s what religion is. Something to make you feel better about your shitty circumstances and your shitty actions. You just repent and everything is okay, right?

I answer to no one but me and no one is harder on me than myself. And that makes me push myself every single week. Because no one will forgive me for my sins. But that’s why unlike you, I do rise. That’s why I am looked at as a rising star.

The fact that you think that the Pride was holding you back is a fucking riot. That group was a shitshow for its entire existence and you did nothing to change that. You cry about your lack of leadership? Remi Skyfire doesn’t make friends so it makes sense that she didn’t want to lead you whiney bitches. Daisy Trash is a failure in her own right. And you and Mali? You were the dead weight. When you are dead weight standing next to Daisy Trash, you know you’re truly at the bottom. Remi was the only person in the Pride to ever amount to anything but I’m the one who snuffed out her accomplishments. But you shouldn’t need leadership to succeed. That is what makes the Jaded Wolfe Hearts so successful. We are three independent women who support each other. There is no leader. You can’t rely on someone else for your success, Constance. Not Daisy. Not Remi. And not Him. Take ownership for your own shit. Because this week no one will be able to help you. Not Daisy. Not Remi. Not Him. You will be alone in that ring with two women who want to rip your head off to succeed. Has He prepared you for that?

You see, people like you who claim that what I’ve done in the past doesn’t guarantee success in the future are the kind of people who don’t have a past that they want to dig into. You have done nothing of merit so of course you have to stand there and discredit my successes. But I am more than just someone who won a singles title one time. To get that title I fought my way through the Empress of Elite tournament, defeating our current World Champion. I got screwed out of my one on one shot with Remi and I fought for myself. I finally got my chance and I walked out of my match with a broken face and a title that I earned with my blood inside that ring. And then what did I do? I put that shit on the line a few weeks later. And again a few weeks after that. I successfully defended my title three times. And I would have done it more than that if I hadn’t gotten a pesky concussion and the doctors refused to clear me. If you view that as just a girl who won a title one time, you’re not paying attention. If you ignore the fact that while you were bodied by Chelsea Crowe last week, I defeated her the week before then you aren’t paying attention. If you are ignoring the laundry list of people that I have beaten on Empire then you aren’t preparing for this match like I am.

If you think I am just going through the motions then you have no idea who you are stepping into the ring with. I don’t get to pick my matches, Constance. I don’t get to decide whether they have a rhyme or a reason. But each week I go out there and I give them one. I use them to push myself. I use them to grow. I use them to demonstrate what I am capable of. The last I checked fighting legends and former champions was hardly pointless. Last week I went toe to toe with Cleopatra and I was able to overpower her more than once in that match. I chopped that bitch to the floor. A woman who has nearly thirty pounds on you. Who has more experience than you could ever dream of having. I came milliseconds from defeating the greatest Vixen’s Champion ever twice in that match. You could never. You couldn’t even get Chelsea Crowe down for a two count. You’re right about one thing. You weren’t ready for Chelsea Crowe last week. And considering I defeated her a week before you I think it’s clear that you aren’t ready for me.

You may think that my rage and my anger are holding me back, but this week, they will be the key to my success. My rage and anger and determination are what have gotten me this far Constance. They have helped me continue through the pain. They have helped me ignore the blood pouring from my veins and the bones inside my body that have cracked. You can continue to operate in your fantasy land of being the chosen one and you can continue to lose. And I’ll continue to harness my rage in that ring and I’ll continue to flourish. Harlow hit the nose on the head when she said that I have nothing to lose. I used to be at the top of the world. And I’ve fallen lately. And that fall from grace, it’s earth shattering. You and Harlow are used to being at the bottom of the barrel. You will both take your wins with grace and stride. I won’t. I will go into that ring and I will bring every ounce of strength I have. Because losing isn’t an option. I will throw all of my aggression towards you and I will make sure you realize that I am more than just a girl who held a title. I am Tyler fucking Wolfe and I am the future New Breed Champion. This match is not only my chance to move into a new division and get to spread my wings against the men of EAW. But it also my chance to erase every single multi-man loss that I have suffered in my career. It is my chance to take a second and breathe and realize my potential once again. This match is everything to me. I am living and breathing for the sole purpose of beating you two this week. Can you say the same?

I don’t think you can. And that is what is going to push me to a dark fucking place. I am the deathmatch bitch in this match. And I am going to bring it to you. I am going to dig into my arsenal and pull out every weapon I have. The girl who walked into the Extreme Elimination Chamber without a weapon because she was the Walking Weapon? That girl is dead. She was killed inside that cage. I am a new Tyler Wolfe. I am still the Walking Weapon but you know what is more dangerous than me? Me with a weapon clenched tightly in my fist, swinging freely with all my fucking weight. I am willing to do anything to win this match. I am willing to do anything to put my previous failings behind me and move forward. And the only way to do that is to go through you two. I will not be overlooked. I will not be forgotten. I will not be some fucking joke on Empire. I will be a success or I will die trying, with your blood on my fucking hands. Happy Valentine’s Day, girls. I hope you’re ready for a massacre.

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