MATCH PROMO "Vicky, we know." [Collab with Remi Skyfire and Vic Venom] - DYNASTY #02

Darcy May Morgan

The Leading Lady 💋
London, England

@Remi Skyfire , Darcy May Morgan and @Vic Venom stand in and around a regulation sized ring inside a training facility in an undisclosed location. Vic Venom stands on the apron with a towel around his neck and sweat on his brow as he rests his arms on the top rope and casually leans forward. Remi and Darcy are exchanging strikes, with pads, inside the ring as, collectively, the three go over strategies for their upcoming six-person tag match on Dynasty against the group Fatal Destiny.

VIC VENOM: Come on, let’s go. Celes Dumont, Miho Li, and Karina Ann are going to bring everything they have. They’ve worked together, trained together and fought together before. We need to make sure we bring everything we can here.

Remi and Darcy take a break from their exchanges. Darcy puts down the kicking bag she was holding for Remi and turns to Vic.

DARCY MAY MORGAN: Vicky, we know.

Vic wipes his brow to hide the grimace at being called Vicky so casually. Remi glances at Vic, but quickly looks away as he returns the towel to his shoulder.

VIC VENOM: Look, all I’m saying is we need a game plan. Who is going to lead off for our team? Who do you figure is going to start the match first for their team? What are their strengths and weaknesses individually and as a group? It’s all important. And, yes, Darc’ I know that both of you are more than capable here and I know you know what we need to do. I just think going into a match like this, with this many variables, it’s good to have a game plan or three.

REMI SKYFIRE: For their team, if I had to guess, I’d say Miho starts. She’s probably the fastest of all them, and maybe even us. I’ve been working with my trainer, Cassie, and we came up with a plan for strikes on her hips. It’s an old boxing technique that takes away your opponent’s mobility. Here, like this…

Remi takes Darcy by the hips and straightens her stance, startling her sparring partner, before giving her a wink. She then drops to boxers stance and fires off light hooks to each hip before dropping back and following through with a kick, threw to be harmless, to end the combination.

REMI SKYFIRE: Stuff like that. Miho is the smallest of us all, and Vic, you’re the heaviest. If you think you can keep up with her, I’d say you should start if she does.

VIC VENOM: Sounds like a plan to me. It’s not like she has a lot of places she can hide.

He gestures to the ring and shrugs. Darcy moves away from Remi, and then takes a seat on the side of the apron. She begins to put her hair up in a high ponytail as she looks towards Remi, beginning her reply with a gentle sigh.

DARCY MAY MORGAN: Look, I get we need some sort of game plan, but do you really think we need to be doing all this kickboxing and Muay Thai stuff? My hair is a mess, and I am sweating too much for my liking. Fatal Destiny cheated me out of a win last time by holding me back outside of the ring, and then Miho turned her back on me in the battle royal. I don’t know about you guys, but we need to get into their heads a little bit more, all this isn’t going to be enough.

Darcy places both her hands down on the side of the apron, and playfully kicks her legs one by one, almost like a little girl would do. Darcy lets out a little feminine scream of excitement as both Remi and Vic exchanged another quick glance at each other, wondering what the unknown voice that came from Darcy was.

DARCY MAY MORGAN: Maybe we can all wear matching outfits??!

Remi raises an eyebrow at Vic who shrugs and shakes his head.

REMI SKYFIRE: Matching outfits…? I mean...I pretty much wear black, so I guess if you have something that matches that, sure. Kickboxing and Muay Thai ‘stuff’ are, at least in my case, the keys to winning the match. There are a lot of ways of getting into people’s head, though, Celes is falling all over herself trying to compliment and insult me at the same time and thinks I’m just a drunken idiot. It’s like Sun Tzu said: appear weak when you are strong. Twice she’s posted videos and twice she’s spent waaay too long on me instead of trying to address all three of us equally. I don’t care how much she denies it, I’m in her head. Hell, she still doesn’t understand me despite apparently thinking I’m the greatest thing ever, I’ve never claimed to be a calculated killer, not once. As a matter of fact I think I go way out of the way to prove otherwise. All that took was me throwing a little fun jab of a video at her. Fashion choices aside, what do you have in mind, Ms. Morgan?

Vic climbs into the ring and leans against the turnbuckles before crossing his arms in front of his chest. He cuts in before Darcy can comment.

VIC VENOM: Matching outfits are out, I think you’re out voted there, Darc’.

Darcy looks dejected, realizing that Vic was right.

VIC VENOM: But if you have another plan, we’re all ears. I’m the odd man out, no pun intended, when it comes to Fatal Destiny. Before this match, honestly, I had never heard the name. I didn’t even realize they were a group. If you have something to give us the edge, we can definitely explore it.

Darcy jumps down off the apron and begins to pace around the side of the ring, as both Remi and Vic seem to look confused as to what she is doing. She suddenly stops and then begins to speak.

DARCY MAY MORGAN: Look… they keep saying how close they are as a group, yet tried to recruit someone new into Fatal Destiny last week. It’s all a poker face from Celes, she knows that they are not all on the same page at the moment. Let’s use that against them. Let’s turn them against each other. Let’s play them at their own game. I know that Celes isn’t expecting us to be prepared, but let’s shock them and make them realise that the three of us can beat them in a heartbeat.

Remi and Vic still look confused as Darcy sighs and continues to talk.

DARCY MAY MORGAN: Maybe we need to show them that we can all work together and be even more united than they can. Maybe we need to actually get to know each other?

Vic and Remi exchange a quick look and Vic shrugs.

VIC VENOM: Hit the showers then, meet outside in twenty minutes? Let’s go grab a drink.

Vic tosses his towel over his shoulder and heads towards the locker room.​


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