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You learn a lot about yourself when you're forced to step outside your element.

For this elitist it's always been a welcomed burden. Having been out of my element and succeeded before on plenty of occasions, I can tell you that it's during those times that I've gotten to see and feel who I really am the most. Think of a comet, weird right? But, no, just bear with me for a moment. Imagine a comet is born in the outer realms of the universe, but only until it has had a chance to venture too close to the sun or the other stars that it finally starts blazing a trail behind it as it shoots brazen through the heavens. Imagine as it passes and all the meteors become sucked into the atmosphere before bursting like firecrackers, realizing that they're shooting stars. Then imagine my mindset when any time that I've admitted to loving the idea of embracing the unknown. I enjoy it like it's the greatest thrill ride I've ever been on just being out of the confines of my own comfort zone and hurling myself into the dark unknown to show me what happens next, and like a comet I'm just going to keep on coming back no matter what. Contrary to what is generally believed and known, it's moments like stepping out from that comfort zone you've known and testing your limits that you simply become more.

So it should surprise nobody at this point when I say I love a challenge.

For weeks now I'd been thinking of how I could top myself each and every week the very next time a new opportunity arose. What can I do that I've not done yet? While waiting to find out at random where fate would place me come Road To Redemption inside of the extreme elimination chamber match would have been fun. Being able to dictate my own fate seemed to make things far more exciting and interesting in my mind. Going into Road To Redemption, it's important to stay focused by keeping my eyes on the prize. Which in the case of this elitist, that being able to secure that other finals spot in the Grand Prix this weekend and to take care of business on Voltage. At this point there is not a single thing of which I do or say that I'm waiting in anticipation afterwards to see what kind of reaction I can get from any of it. It's more about setting the example than anything else. So it doesn't matter to me what people will say about me or my decision to start first in the chamber come Road To Redemption, because I've long accepted the fact that like they say with opinions being an asshole and how everyone has one. For every rung that I continue to climb a new asshole appears before me to say their piece whether they're right or they're wrong, and that's just something that I have come to expect as well as accept with being an undeniable success in this company. But that's how it tends to go regardless. If you're not what others want you to be, then they become offended almost. They become ignorant to who you are because they can't see the big picture like you do for yourself, nor do they see anything beyond their own realm of what they believe reality is, and yet ironically more often than not those same detractors don't have a single opinion about even one thing they do because they believe their way is the only way and that as long as they can convince you that it is and that what you do is all wrong then you've just made their job so much easier, and then they win (smiles and shakes his head). I didn't always know or understand this. I just had to figure it out over time and through many different experiences that it was all simply because I was succeeding, and the jealous blowhards who wanted to have a say in it otherwise that weren't given the opportunity to, they'll always have their opinions probably and they'll always hate someone like me that they know they can't fuck with. I know that's what I have to look forward to going into the week leading to Road To Redemption. The challenge of running the gauntlet and then proving thereafter when the smoke has finally settled that this elitist still stands tall, still remains, and that everything he took in to that Chamber with him. All his experiences. All of his understanding of what this business is about to go along with all his god given talent and abilities. It will all have increased tenfold whether he comes out of it all the same as he did when he went in and then some.

But deep down whether they like me or they hate me, you can damn sure bet they will respect me by the end.

Although, even the least pressing of matters that involve this elitist are worth his time too. It's been about hot minute, hasn't it Xander? But it's easy to see right away that not a whole has changed with you since our last encounter. The only difference being in the fact that you are now in the contender ranks chasing down the opportunities that could lead to championship matches later rather than still being the one everyone is chasing. Xander if you want the World to take you seriously, then you need to start taking situations like these by the throat instead of bringing up and introducing such nonsensical things to the mix where none of what you've said has begin to even register in my mind as things I should take even the slightest consideration for. You're lazy, Xander, and it's got nothing to do with the fact that you're out of shape. It's more to do with your bad work habits. You talk about ending a losing streak, but maybe it should've continued based on how you view things from your perspective. It's almost like you live in a World full of nonsense, Xander, where nothing would be as we know it to be, because to you everything would be what it wasn't meant to be in reality. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would be. Like if you could just snap your fingers and The Revenent appears before you just so you could talk to him for the sake of getting those last words in just one more time just to show him that he was never in your league, and then send him away with a 'New Breed God' merchandise t-shirt as a souvenir to always remind him of who had his number, only for him to turn around and tell you "Thank you, Xander Payne. You complete me". You see? Complete nonsense. You eventually became New Breed Champion by working for it, and working hard against not just Rev but Damon and Alex Bowden at Pain For Pride to earn that achievement. Now I'm sure you can think back to that time and probably remember it quite fondly. You probably can remember too how much effort you put in to breaking down your opponents to the extent that you were getting them to respond to you in ways that played right into your hands. Even with Rev looking down on you and underestimating you, it was you that still managed to put all the nonsensical stuff to the side and do just enough to put yourself over the top back then. By the time Territorial Invasion was rolling around, there was a big difference with you from the man I saw that had determination in his eyes to go out at Pain For Pride and shock the World. The whole 'Payne For Pride' campaign before the events that led your victory had paid off. Nah, leading into TI I could tell you had become a man too satisfied with the status that he had worked hard to attain. Someone who had gotten too comfortable with his surroundings and had begun to rest on his laurels.

I haven't.

You've hardly changed, Xander, and that's not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, on the heels of one the most important moments of my career I don't intend to take you lightly despite your obvious shortcomings as an elitist. This elitist will seek to bring the best out of you just as he always intends to no matter who it is that's placed before him. I like you how you stated that there was a man waiting to ruin my day, because nothing could be any truer than that given where I've managed to raise the level of my overall form as an elitist. Where I'm at now, there is an endless list of names that will always look to ruin my day on any given week. You may have been the first one to make such an obvious point, but you aren't the first to try and get the job done when it counted most. But as much as someone is always out to ruin my day, it's really no different from this end big boy. You can spew all that nonsense all day long at your hearts desire, but I can take the heat and dish it out in any type of context you want every which way possible, but what's the point? That's the difference with where I'm at in my career compared to where you are. You're only been overlooked, perhaps, because you've not worked nearly as hard in recent times as those that have surpassed you. Not as you had many months ago. It caught up to you, and now you're the one playing catch up trying to work your way back in to the trust of those in the upper management who have a say so over your career and what opportunities you do and don't get. Who knows, Xander. We live in a crazy World where guys like Woogieman and EL Landerson are held in the highest regard and treated like rockstars as they have epic matches that leave fans breathless and wanting more after trading that prestigious title back and forth for the twentieth time since nobody else is worthy of fighting for it. You-you get the point, don't you? (Shrugs) But where you're wrong without question, is in saying that you will ruin my momentum. Bro, I've stated on quite a consistent basis that there is nobody alive under the sun that can stop my momentum, nobody but myself. You've been knocked down a few times since you been here, and so far you've gotten back up. You still have momentum, Xander. You still have belief that you are everything you believe yourself to be. I understand that more than most, because after three years I'm pretty much the epitome of what it means to be unbroken. That's all you need to know about my momentum in this company, is that it's unbreakable. Conventional momentum? Xander, that comes and goes for everyone each year at one point or another. That's just reality, man. One moment you're hot, the next you're not. Of course, I'm sure you know all too well about that, don't you? Whether you're actually better than me or not, perhaps in words only you can always debate it all day, but in the ring? I'll leave absolutely no doubt who the better man is. (rolls his eyes) And this is season 12 by the way, get it tub of.....nevermind. I'll never be good at that...sorry (shrugs again). As you were.

See you soon.
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