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Another day, another title defence and another match where MarrKade are expected to lose. Why this time though? Is it because we're physically out matched? No. Is it because we're still young, green rookies? No. Is I because our opponents are so much better than us that there's no hope of us winning? No. The reason we're expected to lose is because of who our opponents are. Nothing more than that. Simply because we're facing LC and Impact we're expected to walk out of Voltage without our tag team titles. At least, that seems to be the logic that most people are running with anyway.

It would appear that all me and Charlie have achieved over this past year counts for nothing. Normally, I would agree that what has happened has already gone and has no bearing at all on what will come. If you've won a world title, cool. If you're a hall of famer, fantastic. It means shit all when you step in the ring today though. Just because you have those accolades means nothing today. There's no bench mark to measure how good today's competition is compared to that of a year, of five years or ten years ago. There's no way of knowing how I would have fared when LC was at his peak or how any of the guys he faced would fare in today's EAW. However, when it comes to recent history then that's a bit different. Myself and Charlie have defied all expectations this year. We made our main roster debut, went to PFP, won titles, main evented shows and beaten some of the best EAW has to offer along the way. We weren't supposed to do this, at least not this quickly anyway, and that upsets people. It's why they assume that this is going to be a walk in the park for LC and Impact. It's why they assume that Generation Genesis are going to walk all over MarrKade. In some weird, twisted logic, our year phenomenally successful year counts for nothing whilst their history and background gives them the edge...what?

But I guess that's the way the world works nowadays isn't it. Everyone has their favourites. The guys they can see no wrong with. The guys who will always be top of the tree and the flip side of that is there will always be guys who are looked down upon as nothing more than over achievers and interlopers. The sort of guys who should be bumbling around the bottom of the card and only get to play near the top if someone needs a tune up match or an easy qualifier for something like, say, the Extreme Elimination Chamber. The problem is, me and Charlie aren't those guys. Impact has already found that out the hard way and has ended up having to start the match up. Me and Charlie are relishing the fact that we're upsetting the status quo. We love the fact that we really don't fit in with the rest of the line up. POP, LC, Impact, reads like a who's who of the great competitors of EAW and then there's MarrKade. The future of EAW. The two guys who yet again have found themselves with top billing. The two kids from England making huge waves and disrupting the monopoly the old guys have over the place and having the audacity to hold titles.

So what's happened? Generation Geriatric have risen up from their recliners, grabbed their zimmer frames and hobbled over to the bosses office and said 'hey, we'll take those titles from those young whipper snappers!' and management have thought, that's a great idea. We can't have the new lads getting to ahead of themselves now can we and so, on Voltage, MarrKade have to defend our titles against LC and Impact in wat I can only assume is a match made to try and give those two a bit of a boost heading into Road to Redemption. I'm afraid it's not going to work though. I'm afraid all that's going to happen is MarrKade make another successful defence of our belts and we head into the Extreme Elimination Chamber with even more momentum.

It's a sad site to see someone who is clearly past it desperately clinging onto to what once was, it's even sadder when they get embarrassed by the new guys who are supposed to be fodder for their egos, but that is what is going to happen on Sunday night.


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