MATCH PROMO Voltage #2 - Don't Stop Reaching


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Your patience, such an admirable quality to possess.

But I think I've been patient enough with you for one week.

Sitting quietly in a calm setting thinking...thinking deeply, studying. Watching the World around you unfold while all those cosmos that surround you wait to see what choices you will make next. And why not wait? We've all got a lifetime to learn, right? A life time to enrich our minds through each moment we spend living it. Like the old, two senior citizens maybe. Old but wise. They can sit next to each other and not even say a word and still feel content. Such a great parodox, Osamu. I admire it, but it hardly will serve to be advantageous against someone like me. It's as they say. There's a time and place for everything. We learn, we pick up things through the overall awareness of what goes on around us, but balance is the key. Adaptation means survival. To survive is to evolve. Failing to do either or both sets you up for failure in this company, because it will say to not only you yourself but also to others that you aren't growing enough as an elitist. You don't figure into that particular discussion at this time, and it's my expectation that you will never fall into that mold, Osamu. You don't, not yet anyway, because your time here in this company has been very minuscule, leaving the verdict still wide open for debate. However, history wouldn't be referred to as such if the authors, writers, directors, and producers of their own stories didn't mimic one another, to which in your case we've seen guys like you come and go. So in that sense you would be repeating history. It's a series of patterns affecting one another. Visible patterns. Hidden ones. What may be considered chaos might be things that aren't recognized yet if you live a life outside of it. Randomness giving way to patterns that have yet to be deciphered. It's nonsense if you can't understand it. Gibberish if you can't read it.

In the end, there are no fixed variables.

We're all like variables, Osamu. Some of us, we're dependent on others to find the answers. Some of us are independent thinkers, constantly probing our own minds on the go that helps us determine the relationships between those variables. Great and acquiring minds think alike out in that World through technology, social systems. One working independently while the other works in support - the dependent. Over my time here there have been many upon many that diluted the truth of their potential, where they convinced themselves that they didn't need to adapt. They could get out to a hot blazing start to their careers just like you have, but the moment they got smacked hard enough in the face by reality more often than not they would become too overwhelmed by the circumstances. They'd fallen. Others had then risen above them during the same period. Then the bitching and the moaning started. Pointing the finger at everyone but themselves. When that doesn't seem to be advantageous for them they continued to sulk while their stock continued to plummet. They started feeling sorry for themselves. A pretty dark road to travel down, but if your hype is real and you sustain what you got now? We'll have a whole lot more to discuss in the future. Title implications could be involved in special gimmick matches, perhaps taking things to the extreme where we put our careers on the line in the most demanding environments possible. But for now? This week it's about sending a message, isn't it? Sending a message to the National Elite Champion. Sending a message to a man who knows who he is now, what he's capable of, and more to defeat guys like you. People like to throw out the fact that he's a 'Rex McAllister guy', 'Rex's protege', 'Rex's boy'. Let's set the record straight though. I did take Daryl aside a couple of times. I told him he was the future. I did what I needed to develop the confidence that he has now. He always believed in his abilities, though, but the hard part was getting everyone else to believe. But everything he's accomplished, he did because he showed he wanted it enough. He was willing to endure the growing pains. I can't even begin to tell you how many in my time have tried...TRIED to use this elitist as a stepping stone to send a message only to find out that simply being able to stand toe to toe with him was as good of a story to tell even in defeat as any. Make no mistake, though, there will be a statement sent this week mark my words. The thing about sending statements anyways is all in your actions, not your words. Words are great, though, aren't they? Big frantic we-demand-attention, trivial, nerve-wracking bombarding cliches, threats, gibberish...advertisement. That's all statements are when it comes to the words behind them. They can't exist and hold water all by themselves. They determine your mental attitude. My continued respect for guys like you that I see as the future of this company, it's only given to those who have proven worthy of it. My respect for another person can be revoked in an instant if warranted and never to be regained again.

So don't bother wasting any of my time if that's all you got.

I cherish these moments, I do. The ones where I get to step in the ring with guys that exude the right attitude, that possess the confidence and the know how to keep going after the things that they know will one day be their's. Being at the top of the card. Their faces on graphics to promote Free Paperviews. Being the one that people in the back will come to looking for advice, looking for you to pick up their confidence when they might be down and reassuring them of their place in this company. Things like that, that when they eventually leave they do so knowing that they impacted people and gave them a whole other perspective not only about the business, but also themselves as individuals. At twenty seven years old, not even in my wrestling prime, the things that I've done to this point. They're great things, mind you. But I'm nowhere near being a finished product, nowhere near my absolute peak as a wrestler, Osamu. If you get anywhere near my time of service and still have this kind of momentum backing you, then you know you're approaching all of this the right way. Not necessarily because you may be holding a World title three years from now. Not just because you're at the top of every card. Not even just because you're on the front of those posters and getting the loudest reactions of the night on the biggest stages. All those things though, they do validate how far you will have come and the road you had to take to get there to that point. You look at the greats though, Osamu. Study them, engross yourself with unlimited knowledge of their journeys, the challenges they've been combated with and what they endured just to overcome them. I tell you that, Osamu, and the reason I do is because if some two or three years down the road you are still talking this, talking that, who you lost to, who you beat. Speaking at the lowest semantic levels possible. If you're still doing that? Then I don't expect that you'll be anywhere close to my level. And if you're looking at things at that level, and you're looking at me because I hold one of the most prestigious titles, seeing me as the very top? Chances are then you won't get to this point I'm at with that level thinking. The greats don't have to tell you that their great. They don't need materialistic possessions to show off that they are. They don't need to say at will who they've conquered to be seen as one of the greats. As far up as I am on the mountain, I'm still looking up and seeing the many goals that I've yet to achieve in this company and know I still have quite a climb ahead of me, and that is one of the biggest differences that you will find out about over time that separates me from most other elitists. I'm nowhere near being satisfied with what I've done which is why I look forward to a matchup like this.

Your biggest challenges will never be any single one that's ever going to be placed before you.

Not bigger than the one you will be at constant battle with that comes from within.

In a few months, you've done good work. Now try three years. It's said that silence can be deafening, but for you I'll chalk it up as inexperience in these situations. I've not let my foot off the pedal this season. Did you think I was going to start this week and treat you like some special little snowflake? No. If that's the perspective you had, then you had better take notes for next time, because when I win this week....and I will win, I want you to walk into Wicked Games more ready than you've ever been for a challenge in your wrestling career. You have a great opportunity ahead that you could very well seize, and I'm more than happy to be the one to properly kick you into high gear for it. Does that mean that I think it's going to be easy tomorrow night? Not at all. I've not had an easy victory at all this season, and I don't expect that to change this week or going forward. Should you go on to win the National Elite Championship, you will have gone through one hell of a competitor just to get it. Whether you win or not, my advice to you would be not to hang your hat on that one match. Your career will never hinge on one match or even a series of matches over a short period of time, Osamu, but rather sustained success over a period of years. I come with the facts, the truth. The truth is that I am also a repeater of history. I too am the author, writer, director, and producer of my own storybook journey, and tomorrow on the heels of Wicked Games I will be adding to it.

See you soon.
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