MATCH PROMO Voltage #2 - Fatal Four way part 3

Daryl Kinkade

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Oh Lars, you silly great lump. I personally don’t give two shiny shits why you attacked Noah’s manager or valet or whatever she is. I’m not going to follow you around and tell you off. I’m not going to slap your wrists and make you sit on the naughty step. I’m certainly in no position to have a pop at you for attacking a woman, after all, I spent a good couple of months battering Cam in the lead up to PfP. Your motivations are yours and yours alone. What doesn’t sit well with me isn’t why you did it, but who you did it to and how you did it. For a guy of your size and, I’m told, talent, you’ve made yourself look like a complete and utter fucking coward. You’ve got a problem with Noah Reigner because he didn’t like the advice he gave you? Fine. Have it out with Noah. Be a man about it. Get in his face, get him in the ring and beat some respect into him. Show him exactly why he should be listening to the great Lars Grier and at the same time show everyone else that you once again mean business. Alternatively, you can go down the route you actually took. You come out in the middle of one of his matches, attack a defenceless woman from behind and avoid all confrontation with Noah entirely. And you wonder why people think you’re lazy, complacent and a phony? If you really wanted to make a statement to Noah, why not attack me and cost him the match? Why not beat the snot out of him and put him on the shelf? All you’ve really done is confirmed to him that he made the right decision by ignoring you and confirmed to the rest of the world that Lars Grier still isn’t quite up to it.

In a way Lars, and I really can’t believe I’m about to say this, we’re similar. We both have huge chips on our shoulders, we both think we deserve more than we have at the moment but if we’re honest, we’re probably in exactly the position we should be within the company. I’ve not been with the company a year yet, so, if anything, I’m probably over achieving, whereas you’ve been with the company much longer but haven’t quite fulfilled your potential. The differences between us appear in our attempts to right these perceived wrongs. I’ve decided that I’ll make the most of people seeing me as the underdog, even if they don’t, and I’ll fight from underneath. I’ll head into every match with knowledge that I can best anyone in this company, but also knowing that no-one really expects me to. That way, there’e no real pressure on me. Sure, I’m getting to the point now where I can’t really play that card anymore. I’m being noticed. I’m being acknowledged as one of the bright new talents in EAW and I’m being put into high profile matches. Why? Because I got my head down and got on with it. I found a partner in Charlie and a mentor in Rex, both of whom have helped me progress and now I’m slowly starting to reap the reward. You on the other hand Lars, you seem to have taken the sulky teenager route. You have everything needed to dominate EAW. The look, the ability, the talent, you can talk…but your attitude fucking sucks. Listening to you whine on just now, I can see why you’ve never quite fulfilled that potential. Things don’t go your way? Fuck everyone. That approach doesn’t work? I’ll bully my way back to the top and show everyone what I’m really about…by attacking a woman from behind. Bravo Lars, bra-fucking-vo. I’ve been down that road Lars. I’ve done the tortured emo schtick to death. I withdrew from the world. Abandoned all my friends. Pushed away the ones who wouldn’t give up on me. I blamed everyone and everything thing for my failures…everyone except myself. Then, one day, something clicked. I realised that actually, the biggest shit in my life, the one who was holding me back more than anyone was me. I started letting people back in, I was fortunate enough to reconnect with Charlie. Rex saw something in me and strangely enough, everything started to pick up again for me.

Standing across from you in the ring on Sunday night is going to be weird for me Lars. It’s going to be like staring at myself in an alternate universe. You are the road I could have taken. Friendless, lonely, stuck in a constant loop of under achievement and desperately trying to convince yourself that its not your fault and that this is what you want. Instead, I’ll be standing there in the best condition and the best form of my life. I’m in the best place I’ve been for a long time, both physically and mentally. I’ve got a close friend beside me who I know will have my back and I’m happy to admit when it’s my fault that things go wrong. I have my bad days, who doesn’t, but ultimately, I’m ready to take that next big step in EAW. I’m ready to start taking this chances and start holding titles. It’s going to be a interesting narrative on Sunday night Lars. You have Kinkade and Marr. Two of the hottest prospects in EAW today, duking it out for a chance to face POP for the National Elite Title. You have James Ranger, the wild card in the whole bout who may or may not have a major influence on the match and then there’s Old Yella’. Lars Grier. The once lauded Elitist who never quite lived up to the hype, getting more bitter and angry by the second as once again he has to watch others pass him by.

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