MATCH PROMO Voltage #3 : Are you pissed off, Kaiboy ? Good !

Shortfuse PAKA

The Wrecking Ball
Journalists are waiting in a little room in the backstage's area at the AllState Arena in Chicago. They are obviously preparing the next Voltage by trying to regroup information and find scoops. Suddenly, the door busts open ! A man in wrestling gear is responsible for the destruction of the entry and reporters recognizes him as Shortfuse PAKA. The Old Bastard is standing in the doorway and enters the room with a smile on his face. His eyes locks with one of the cameraman who managed to get pass the surprise and to turn on his camera. As his creepy grin becomes bigger, PAKA says :

"Ah ah ah ! Kaiboy ! I am sorry, I didn't know you were that illiterate ! So, you can speak Japanese, but you can't understand English. Okay, it is broken English, but it is still your native language nonetheless ! Don't try to hide it kid, it's okay to be honest with yourself ! Unless, it is not an understanding problem, but that you are just a very inattentive child when grown ups talks to you ? But hey, there is no shame for you to say that you didn't listen when I admitted that I fucked up by losing my first two matches. Or when I said that In this Business the only way to fight the opponents you want to fight is to win, meaning that, for me, win do matter in a way. Or even when I explained with simple words that wins and championships are the means to attain my goals, which one of them are to fight the worthiest fighters this company as to offer. No shame at all to be a self-centered asshole, I am quite one of them myself ! Although, maybe it's not that ever,'s something else. I think your misinformed and retarded rant might have an over origin..."

By some work of sorcery, Shortfuse's smile widen as he takes a few milliseconds break before speaking again :

"You, my boy, are pissed off. You are not pissed off over the warped vision you have of my values and my objectives ! No, that's for the show ! Just for that, you could have just waited to comeback to the States before responding to me. You are pissed off at something deeper than that, something more personal. Is it because, finally, since you began your career in EAW, someone didn't pat you in the head and didn't say to you "good little Kaiboy, who is a good little Kaiboy ? It's you" ? Is it because I told you the truth about your current situation ? Fuck, did I just burst your little echo chamber and made you realize that eliminating one legend in one of shittiest type of matches created by this industry followed by a loss is a pretty shitty resume for a guy who want to become New Breed Champion ? That, my boy, is funny as fuck ! Seeing you transform yourself from a hardcore prospect with a lot of potential to a petulant little child in the spend of one week is making my fucking day ! You know what, I didn't thought it was gonna be that easy to make you lost your cool ! But hey, if that means you will try to shut me up by making me eat my own jaw at Voltage, I couldn't be more happy ! You know what, I will even up the ante a bit more ! "

Brutally, PAKA slaps his hands together and rub them together like a chief preparing a meal :

"Kaiboy, you are not only pissed off at me, you are are also afraid ! You are nervous, scared to see the flimsy foundations on which you built your championship journey crumble into the dust if I beat you ! That's why you went from snarky asshole to childish cunt with only a snap of my fingers. You are AFRAID to lose EVERYTHING ! To lose your opportunity to challenge Felix Hartley for the New Breed Championship ! To lose the watchful eyes of the boss ! To lose your dreams of taking Voltage to an over level of violence ! That's why you will not come at me with only your 50%, you CAN'T AFFORD IT ! Like I can't afford to lose that fucking match ever ! Because, like you, I need this win ! And if I have to decapitate you to achieve that win, guess who's gonna be the victim of my reenactment of the events of the 14th of July 1789 ?! You ! Guess who will not be able to hide behind his minor accomplishments anymore ? You ! Guess who will see his career face-plant itself to a wall ? Fucking Y-O-U ! "

The Old Bastard approaches his face towards the camera, showing all the intensity in his severe eyes :

"But don't try to fight your fears and your anger Kaiboy. Use them ! Thrive on them ! They are not your enemy, they are one of your strength ! They are the reason why you will attempt to kill me next Voltage ! They are the drive that will make you do things that even you thought were impossible ! They are making you understand that our match isn't just for the show ! But for your survival in this company ! For the survival of your dreams ! You know why I know that ? You know why I am fucking happy about that ? Because I feel exactly the same things right now ! And, unlike you, I will use it to rip you in half ! Again, want it or not, it is the truth and you know it ! So stop with your pitiful resume ! Stop with your childish behavior ! Or don't and I will wipe the floor with your corpse and your aspirations ! For the last time, you need to understand, the choice is yours ! Come and kill me or see the reality of the Old Bastard crush your dreams ! In short, if don't want to go to the back of the line, Give me a Fucking FIGHT !"

PAKA stares at the camera for a few and intense seconds. He then storms off before coming back and concluding :

"And this Sunday, ce sera une Joyeuse Fête Nationale, Motherfuckers !"

Fade out
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