MATCH PROMO Voltage RP 3: Confident...Or Paranoid?


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”You know exactly who I am, do ya? You know exactly who I am, and what I chase, right? I suppose you know all about my upbringing as well. I suppose you know all about my hardships to get here. Trust me, I'm not going to cry wolf. It's not my style. But the fact that you think it is, honestly says way more about you than what I ever imagined. It says that right now, I'm in your head Andrea. And here's why I say that.”

”You think I like to double down whenever I lose, right? Whenever I have a match and I lose, I come out the next week, saying it was meaningless, yet the cycle repeats itself. I think you need a serious, serious wake up check. That's call “Moving On.” It's called going from one match to the next. I'm sorry your precious wins have made you so delusional you forgot to know what losing is like. So, allow me to remind you this week. You walk around like nothing bothers you, and that nothing really matters to you because you're on a hot streak.”

”And you know what? Congrats. Honestly, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. But you know what else you deserve? You know what I'm going to give you? A dose of reality. A dose of an attitude adjustment. That's exactly what your bimbo ass needs. You need someone who can walk in. Who can stare you in the eyes, smirk and throw one Hell of a haymaker. Then, just then. Maybe it will rattle something loose upstairs. And maybe you will believe that just once...You're in serious danger. You're in for a rude awakening if you think that I'm just going to allow you to carry on the whole “Business as usual” type attitude. It's not going to happen. I won't allow it. I can't. I just can't”

”And, I'm noticing a pattern here. “Validation.” That damn word, man. I'm hearing it a lot. It keeps coming up, and it doesn't go away. I guess that's the whole theme of this week then. This win against you validates a lot for me. It doesn't just make me a “Legit threat.” It validates everything that I've been saying all along. That you, as well as just about everyone else in EAW...Is a complete fraud. And I'm going to use you as my first victim. Someone who will go down easily. And I know you will. Now, does that mean I'm going to breeze through our match? Absolutely not. We all know it's going to be a tough win for either one of us, and frankly, I'm done making that observation.”

”But Andrea. Here's an observation that I'm not done with quite yet. And that's Veena Adams. The more I hear you ramble, and bitch and moan about her makes me realize one thing. You are freaking paranoid about her. You are, aren't you? You're looking around every corner. You're searching for her every turn. You can't seem to get her off your mind no matter how much I tell you that we have a partnership going. And that scares you. It absolutely makes you nervous. Because now? Now...Now you have not just me, The Fallen Prophet to worry about, no. Now you have Veena right there as well. And that eats away at your soul, doesn't it?”

”You said that you were willing to take on anyone, right? Well that's a bummer. Because I'm not just anyone. I'm someone who is going to give you a dose of reality come Voltage. And I'm going to ground you. And trust me, when I'm climbing each step of that ladder while you're looking down helpless, I'm going to take one look back and blow you a kiss, while stealing your title away from you. And mark my words. You're not going to like it at all.”

”But, that's just it Andrea. I don't care if you like it. Because sooner or later, you're going to have to face reality. You're going to have to figure out just who you are. While for now? You live in a glass house. You're this all mighty ruler of the land! But it wont' be for long. Because you see, I'm an expert at knocking people down a few. The only real drawback. Is that you're not going to be “knocked down a few.” Instead, I'm going to plant you so far down, there's no escape from this little hole that you created.”

”And I want you to know something. That Specialist Championship. MY Specialists Championship...Is going to look good no matter what stipulation I choose to defend it with. You picked a Ladder Match because it's your safe haven. It's your go-to. It's what makes you feel comfortable. But, that's where things get murky for you. Because I'm just as comfortable on top of ladder as I am with say...A barbed wire baseball bat? And Revenge isn't just a toy. She's not some kind of flashy object I whip out to scare people.”

”You see, like your Championship belt, she's my comfort zone. She's mine. But the difference is...Your “Comfort Zone”...Will be all mine after Voltage.”

”See you in Hell, champ.”
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