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“ Camille, Camille, where does all this anger come from? Why are you so defensive? Why do you call me an egotistical asshole, and a whiner, and turn around and mention that I’m not the only person who is fed up with this company and wants to see real change? Why do you act like I’ve gone four years without noticing that I haven’t won a championship In EAW,? And why are you so lazy as to not even bother to think up a new insult that I haven’t heard a billion times before. Seriously it seems to be the only thing anyone can ever lob against me is that I haven’t gotten one of those stupid belts. And for your information I’m done chasing after those What makes you assume that would try to disrespect you by calling you a bitch? I certainly had no intentions of doing such. No on the contrary, I was actually wanting to express my respect to you, your sisters, and your brother in law because each of you in some way, shape, or form has been abused, mistreated, and otherwise screwed with by management. It’s people like you who serve as the perfect examples that whenever the suits who are fumble fucking around over in Newark have an issue with someone, they will hold on to that grudge for as long as humanly possible, and there is no depths to which those bottom feeding scum will not stoop to. You’re all also the best example as to when they think they can make a quick buck they will market the hell out of you, but if you aren’t in their good graces they will railroad you at every conceivable opportunity. Don’t say it isn’t true because the words came out of your own mouth that it only took four matches for you to find a title around your waist! They saw a brand new Ava whose name they could exploit, and you were all too happy to take the hand out because who knows how long you would last with your history of injury history. Now I don’t necessarily fault you for taking the shortcut to a championship, I don’t mind whenever someone grabs hold of opportunity but don’t think you have any right to throw stones at my career. The fact is I busted my ass to get here, and unlike you I didn’t have a bunch of family members to help get my foot in the door! I worked hard like so many others not named Ava, who couldn’t simply name drop one of their siblings to get booked. Now that’s not me denying all the work you have put in, that’s me simply stating that things wouldn’t have gone so swimmingly for you had you had a different last name. Maybe that’s why you like to be go by that little moniker of Miss Extreme, you’re so desperate to believe that you got into The biggest wrestling promotion in the world all on your own. That it was the great comeback story of a someone who fought her way back from injury that led to you getting this gig.

See unlike you I don’t have some giant inferiority complex. I don’t spend my nights comparing myself to Jack Ripley, or obsessing over his every little move. By the way I’m not sure but I heard something about That Theron loving ass kisser got exiled from Dynasty.Second i wasn’t going to talk about that battle royal, but if you want to bring it up being the last guy eliminated and eliminating the same number of people as the guy who won, wouldn’t that make at least somewhat comparable?! How bout taking that one horse race and turning into a competitive match, doesn’t that make me something of a threat? How bout the fact that I had been on the shelf for a year prior to doing so?! Or that all those guys you spoke so lowly off, the same who kicked the crap out of a world champion and a hall of Famer Last week, that I beat them on the first show of the season! So No I haven’t won a championship yet, even though I’ve beaten a few former world champions, been screwed out of nearly every title match I’ve ever had, and have been made to jump through hoops with all the Burning Rope battle royals, and Glass Gauntlets, and other such matches that more resembled demolition derbies than professional wrestling all for the sick and pervasive entertainment of the GMs and all those morons out in the crowd.

Now it’s a funny thing how you’ll talk so much shit about guys like Ryan Adams and Bowie Gray, yet when I look around you keep getting beat down and left laying by that so called “lower tier” you loved disparaging in your little rant. It’s also amazing how you can feel so superior to them even though I’ve yet to see you get a meaningful win since I came back. Now I know You are going to want to talk about my win/lose history, ok fine. Malik Kennedy gets a fluke win, and needed a biased referee to do so, but deal. Anyone with half a brain could tell the count was fast, hell Bowie Gray had the same complaint earlier in the night! But I know, I know, a loss is a loss. I’m sure you’ve never had one of those.

Now Camille, in the end you still rose up and fought back when everyone said you were done. Having done the same, I can tell you that I respect you for having done so. But There is a huge difference between us. See I not only came back, I did so for more than just pieces of tin. Im here to rub it in the face of those bastards in the boardroom that they could have saved themselves a giant tucking headache if they just would have realized that I was more dependable than the Aria Jacksons, and the Jaywalkers, and the Nasir Moores of this world, that it should translate to getting a fair shake. And that’s all I’ve ever been looking for! To not have a select few be favored while the rest are hardly given any opportunity. So despite your feeling that I shouldn’t, I am going to keep demanding a fair work environment that doesn’t have the majority under a glass ceiling. for years In Fact I’ve been begging for the same kind of even playing field that isn’t available to the Shaker Jones, and Kevin Hunters, and countless others who never get anything more than crumbs while you and your family eat their fill! And yes I have been speaking out about the corruption that plagues this company, it’s just that nobody bothered to listen till I knocked some grease ball in a tie upside the head when he got in my way! Same as I did to the loudmouths sitting in the front row last week, and same as I’ll do to anybody who thinks they are gonna keep me from bringing about the downfall of this evil empire. And no this isn’t narrative that I’m trying to spin, this me taking out years of frustration from all the bullcrap I’ve been made to endure and it all coming back to bite EAW incorporated right in the ass! So fuck what anyone thought about me coming back. Fuck if the people made noise, or if they even listened. I didn’t come to entertain them, not this time.

So yes I am saying die EAW die, and trust me it will!”
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