MATCH PROMO Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Malcolm Jones

The One True King
EAW World Champion


After spending their last night in Russia, EAW's international tour continues to roll on and it's time to make another round. The next stop on the schedule is Brussels, Belgium, where Showdown will not only be airing its weekly broadcast, but they'll also be holding some live shows at different venues. After the flight arrives at its destination, Malcolm is picked up and dropped off to his hotel to get the little rest that he does get. He takes it down for the night while preparing himself for the eventful day that is ahead. The little downtime Malcolm gets is spent either working out to stay on top of his game, or doing his favorite hobby, shopping. Being sponsored by several of the hottest fashion brands provides him with the luxury of having a lot of merchandise sent to him, but for Malcolm, nothing can match the rush that he feels when he's in a boutique and discovers a fit or some kicks he never saw before. He especially looks forward to international tours where he can find the latest and greatest in European designer luxury brands. This go round though, he was inspired to go visit a sneaker boutique in Brussels, Belgium by the name of Solebox. After his usual next morning workout routine and freshening up, he rallies up the troops for their next journey. His passion for sneakers is highly documented, so he couldn't pass up the opportunity to come across some rare finds that may not be available in America. He took his Joneset group with him along for the trip. In their journey, they came across some of the hottest and newest drops and some exclusives that he had never seen before, it's safe to say that he was getting ready to drop some racks in the place. However, In browsing the store, he did end up coming across some not so appealing sneakers and brands, much to his disgust. A roast session ensued amongst him and his group about the shoes but it was abruptly stopped when Malcolm was made aware that two of his opponents decided to drop their response to him.


Malcolm comes across a pair of Fila Helmsmen sneakers, notoriously known for biting and ripping off the much more highly regarded and original classic Prada design. One person immediately comes to mind.

"Speaking of ripoffs. Yea I called you a bootleg Zack Crash but not nearly for the reasons you thought I did. It's honestly your whole address in a nutshell, jumping to conclusions about shit you have no idea about and doing half ass researched trying to come off as you knowing what you're talking about but in reality you're just talking some bullshit. So allow me to poke holes in your dumbass talking points. Yes, Zack Crash is highly successful and that's a given but best believe I was never comparing career trajectories because well.. quite frankly you'll never be that successful. I'm just comparing the fact that he did the same shit you're trying to do with your Dystopia trash first, but better. Only thing is he did it the opposite way. While EAW was still known as Extreme it was Zack Crash who rallied up the troops and made it his mission to turn EAW from inside out, removing it from it's very essence and taking the Extreme out of EAW, replacing it with Elite. The hardcore style that you long for was replaced with a more traditional brand of wrestling in order to fulfill whatever vision he had in mind. You sure that's the type of person you wanna dickride and sing high praises to? He's the reason you're in the predicament you're in now using that shit as a scapegoat for your lackluster underachieving not much to be desired clusterfuck of a career. Here you are 4-5 years later basically trying to reverse what he set in place but the big difference between Zack Crash in 2014 and Solomon Hill in 2019 is that people actually took him serious. He was a main event player with world championships to his resume, so his words had merit and a segment of people believed in him. What do you have to show for your claims of wanting to change things? Exactly. You're no different than a random neckbeard fan yelling at the clouds about the product or posting bullshit online but then still tuning in each and every week putting forth your time and effort towards something you supposedly dread. So that's why I called you a "bootleg" Zack Crash, because just like these Filas in front of me, you'll NEVER have the same value as the original nor will people EVER be dumb enough to actually buy into you. Now tell me how I'm living vicariously through past achievements? In these past three months alone I have taken the biggest leaps and bounds of my WHOLE career. The shit I've accomplished and names I've triumphed over in that time alone trumps ANYTHING I've done prior and that includes headlining Pain for Pride. I'm CURRENTLY the Interwire Champ and I'm CURRENTLY a King of Elite finalist, now tell me what part about that is a past accomplishment? Every time I successfully defend this championship it adds to the present, just like when I kick your ass on Saturday it will add to the present. Then you had the nerve to allude to me being comfortable. If I was comfortable I wouldn't be pursuing the shit I'm pursuing against actual marquee names while also holding this championship facing lowly names like yours. And in the same cocksucking breath not only do you allude to me being comfortable, but then you say I shouldn't try to achieve so much at once because it will weigh me down. Once again that leads me to ask a bozo..... is it 'Oochie Wally' or is it 'One Mic'?"

Convenient switch-ups.

"You can't have it both ways to push a narrative, run with one or just shut the fuck up. There is nothing complacent or comfortable about me, I don't need to dwell on the past when my future is as bright as it is, and I can win every damn championship on Showdown and still be at the top of my game because that's what makes me... ME. You might not be able to grasp that concept because you aren't capable of what I'm capable of but that doesn't mean you'll drag me down with you sis. It's not the first time in EAW history that someone has become a double champ, I CAN do it and I WILL do it. You don't need to give me a history lesson on the championship that I hold either. I'm already a greater champ than everybody you named, especially Scott Oasis, he doesn't even deserve a mention let alone be alongside those other names that you mentioned. Fuck that nigga. Speaking of you mentioning names, you love to mention Mr. DEDEDE and the early endorsement he gave me. Fam... it's been a whole year at this point since I've had any alignment with that man. His endorsement held me back more than it helped me because all it did was trap me in a developmental brand until I took my destiny into my own hands. I've also defeated that man on numerous occasions, he doesn't like me because unlike everybody else he keeps on his side I don't kiss and I don't mince words. Yet DESPITE going against the chairman and the very man who gave me an opportunity, DESPITE his attempts at blocking my blessings, I still succeeded. That's called overcoming adversity. I didn't have to rally up a clique of disgruntled losers in a pathetic attempt to catch buzz hoping to get the refs to only have me fight in hardcore matches because I'm not good or versatile enough to win in any other way, you did though. Shit you might as well have went to Strong Style or Omega considering you both know a thing or two about being stagnant mediocre pieces of shit who don't know how to evolve. I'm not sure where you got the idea that I'm anything like that but allow me to put your bitch ass up to speed. First of all, when I left EAW I didn't do it to spite EAW or blindly follow behind false idols such as the aforementioned Scott Oasis. I put my faith in REVOLT, a company that wanted to, and succeeded in revitalizing the industry into becoming something much more enjoyable than what it was. Mission accomplished. In doing so, EAW itself took notice and aligned itself with that very company, and then saw what I did there and realized that I was the star they always needed. The other two companies you named were made in response to those moves as a resistance force to STOP the changes that were happening, because while REVOLT was all about evolving, they were all about staying the same in their comfortable positions which lead to the fucked up state this industry was in. Apples and Oranges. So for you to even try to put REVOLT in the same stratosphere as those places shows that you really have no idea what the fuck is going on in the very company you work for and for that, I'll make sure you remember the ass whooping you get. It's telling that only one of those companies ended up becoming a part of, and helping EAW in the long run while the others serve as nothing more than proverbial gnats that we swat around. And perhaps, your little Dystopia bullshit is something you feel is going to do the same thing in terms of revitalizing EAW or your career but it's really telling that you've barely been on the main roster for a month and already gotta reach to salvage your career. How ironic it'll be that you've been longing for hardcore matches with no rules thinking that's the solution to your problems, just for you to finally get it against your biggest challenge yet and fall flat on your face doing so."

Beat 'em at their own game.

"For all the bitching you do about titles being defended or whatever other injustice you feel there is, why not do something about it yourself? Why do you need a group of people? Because even you know deep down you can't get shit done without help from others and then you got the nerve to talk about Ryan Wilson's interference in my match as if I needed him or even asked for any help, sending out PSAs and shit like your dumbass. What the fuck do I have to thank Hawk for? What has he done for my career outside of put me in these exhibition matches against dudes who are clearly nowhere near my level for the sake of tItLe DeFeNsEs? At the end of the day I'm a fighting champion so I'll take on any comer, any time, any place, regardless of the level as indicated by my upcoming defense against people like you. If I was really ducking from defending the title or neglecting it then this match wouldn't be happening. Whos fault is it outside of our incompetent piece of shit General Manager that there isn't any credible talent on Showdowns midcard so nobody steps up to the point that he has to reach and put me against people who are clearly not gonna win? I don't give a fuck if Chubbs or Provençal who steps up and challenges me, I'm gonna defend it. I don't have to thank Hawk for pulling some bums off of the street and putting them in the ring with me. Nigga could barely manage to keep his own career on track after 2012 what the fuck could he do for me? If anything he should be thanking ME for keeping his brand relevant and carrying it on my back while his world champ is too busy method acting as a farm animal while forcing some botox ridden silicone filled bimbo down our throats every week. The past world champion packed his bags and left as soon as he dropped the title, and the number one contender is more concerned with playing matchmaker than winning the title. That leaves me, the fighting champion, defending his championship on weekly shows while elevating this brand on interbranded events, beating representatives from the other brands. I'm the only motherfucker worth a shit on the brand who's actually trying to accomplish things, which in turn benefits Showdown as a whole to have someone of my stature with my accomplishments to represent them. But once again when you're a shortsighted dickhead you fail to see things from my perspective and that's why I'm where I am and you're where you are. But how dare I be on par with literally every other champion in this company by defending the title at least once a month!"

Ignorance is bliss.

"It's funny to me how we are in the year 2019 and you motherfuckers can't get Chris Elite's dick out of your mouth. I lost to him at Pain for Pride in my first ever Pain for Pride, which was a headlining match. You'll be luckily to even be booked in this year's Pain for Pride in anything other than the 24/7 battle royal let alone earning your place in a main event match like I did. You motherfuckers sit there from your glass houses analyzing shit, thinking it's so simple, then you can't even accomplish a goal as small as not having the winning percentage of the 2012 Bobcats. I've done more than make up for that match including pinning him, bbbbut it doesn't count! You know what else doesn't count? Your approval, because who the fuck is Solomon Hill? I done dropped dueces more valuable than you. And yeah I didn't stutter, you're a Battleground reject who would still be stuck on that brand floating with Xavier Arnold had it been ran by anybody with half a brain. You let the likes of Visual Prophet, Bowie Gray, and Myles waltz in and take up all the shine, proving to be the true standouts from the brand while most people probably don't even remember you were on the brand to begin with. Me calling y'all that doesn't mean I look down on you because of it or that I'm forgetting about my roots. But as explained before it's perfectly clear that my time in developmental and your time in developmental are not the same. You weren't being touted as the future, you weren't appearing on main roster shows and marquee events, you weren't co-signed by a big name. You just... existed. So you could never walk a mile in my shoes because you don't know what it's like to have the spotlight beaming on you like a laser 24/7, with a target on your back from everybody jealous wanting to be in your spot, having your every move dissected under a microscope, and the immense pressure that comes with living up to the expectations placed upon you. My time in developmental was different than your time in developmental. I had to excel and perform up to standard, for you there was no standard. You could get by and lose week after week after week, you could exist without people knowing that you exist. As long as one day you accumulated those points you were on your way, for me there was no timetable or any plan laid out that would get me to the main roster that I could take advantage of, it was simply me waiting by my phone week after week hoping to hear that call-up phone call. If I knew all I had to do was win a certain amount of matches or defeat certain names to gather more points, I woudn't have been in developmental for more than a month. That's the difference between me and the rest of you Battleground fucks. You had the whole blueprint laid out to you and STILL couldn't take advantage of it. I got respect for anybody who makes it out and becomes something of themselves on the main roster, and I actually think coming at me head first this early in the game is admirable... but the moment you get the shit slapped out of you and get stopped in your tracks is the moment you realize that you had way too much dip on your chip. Then it'll be back to the lower card with fellow annoying pieces of shit who you actually share a level with, like Jack Haze."


Malcolm then comes across a pair of combat boots. Some classic Lugz, the ones that Birdman and Funkmaster Flex used to wear and get clowned for. Lugz are not quite the quality or durability of the vastly superior Timberlands, and that reminded him of another one of his opponents...

"Speaking of keeping Chris Elite's dick in their mouth, yes we get it, Jax Walker defeated Chris Elite! And you know what else? J Cole went platinum with no features... TWICE! And you know what else? The 73-9 Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals against the Cavs! And you know what else? The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the 2017 Super Bowl! Sorry, just had to reiterate the same tired claims that certain bases of people love shouting through the rooftops despite the fact that everybody already knows they just don't give a fuck and is tired of hearing about it. According to Solomon, Jax Walker beat Chris Elite a week back, so by that logic he should beat me. I guess Layla Lockhart should be Women's Champ and Drake King should be EAW Champ. Astraea defeated Madison Kaline at Pain for Pride but Sienna Jade defeated Astraea Jordan at Terminus, so how does your logic work there? How about Heart Break Boy, who defeated the current EAW Champ TWICE in a row for the very championship that I ended up beating HBB himself for? Does that mean by default I should be EAW Champ? Well I should be, but not for those reasons. I say all that to say this, Saturday is a new day and nothing we did in the past will have any bearing on anything. You can try to be cute and watch all the Pain for Pride recaps all you want but if you think you're fighting the same motherfucker from that match then you lost already, you just making what's already an easy dub even easier for me. You can tip toe around the points I made but you and I both know I made valid ones. I guess when you can't rely on your background or upbringing to try to show someone else up there's really not much substance there is it? It's back to being a gentleman... but fuck that I want that dog of war shit. I want that loud bark, that hard bite, I want you at your most grimey and most savage, so I can come through with that equalizer and euthanize the shit outta you. I couldn't help but notice when you were addressing Solomon that you noted how fighting for Harlow gives you more strength than you did fighting for yourself. You ol sucker for love ass nigga. First of all, all the shit you claimed to have been through and overcame and the primary thing that pushes you forward.... is a bitch? HA. Couldn't be me. Wouldn't be me. I done had my fair share of significant others and even chicks on the side and not once was that ever the reason I went hard. Bitches are a dime a dozen they gonna come and they gonna go. If that's the root to everything you do then you're setting yourself up for failure. These bitches don't love you for you in this business, they only care about what you can provide for them and someone like Harlow is a prime example of that type of girl. You ain't shit but an investment for her because she sees potential that perhaps one day you could amount to something more than what you currently are, but the moment things start seeming stagnant or unpromising... I can bet you she'll be packing her bags and it'll be onto the next for her."

Charge it to the game.

"Someone like me with my background and everything I've endured in my life, the thing that drives me and pushes me to sustain my greatness and reach even newer heights, is not wanting to ever have to be in the position that I once was in. I don't ever wanna experience the trauma and the hardships that I did growing up again and I don't want my momma or anybody else who came up with me to feel the same either. I want us to experience the finer things in life and that's why I bring my homies with me on the road to enjoy this life with me. I could give a fuck about some bloodsucking gold digging thot. You'll learn just like I did eventually. We all gotta go through things in order to see the bigger picture. In the meanwhile enjoy the little time you do have but I can assure you one thing, it's not gonna be a good look for you in front of your girl when she sees her man get his shit rocked right in front of her. I'll do you a solid and ignore her DMs if she tries to hit ya boy up because she saw what a real star looks like."

Malcolm then comes across a pair of Puma Clyde Court Disrupt sneakers, ranked by many publications as one of the worst sneakers of 2018. This was Pumas brash and bold attempt at reaching the basketball demographic with performance shoes. Puma went full force with the promotion of these sneakers by endorsing several young players, but none of the fans brought into their attempts as it was painfully obvious that they weren't anywhere as good as the other basketball shoes on the market. Malcolm was reminded of Jake Smith, whom he only had two words two say about him.

"Fucking bozo."

In the end, Malcolm and his crew spent thousands on some of the hottest and newest exclusive sneakers that you could find in Belgium or anywhere else on the globe. He couldn't wait to get back home and stunt with his latest pickups and add to the collection. Despite coming across some not so appealing brands and models, Malcolm knew what we wanted and he knew that there were levels to the game, levels that only the upper echelon of the fashion game could attain. Malcolm knows he's in the upper echelon as well and that nobody else could match him in several aspects even outside of wrestling. That is what makes him unique, that is what makes him stand out from the bunch. Most importantly, that is why only he can fit the shoes that he wears. If someone tried to walk a mile in them....

They couldn't.​

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