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Theron Nikolas

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People need to understand a valuable lesson; fighting the good fight never ends up getting you anywhere in this business.

I try. I’m labelled as a bad man; a man that’s hated by the majority of the world with absolute vile and venom - but, I have never shied away from trying to teach those that dream about standing in the position that I do now the things that need to do to accomplish the things that I have. People dream about being the hero. The world dreams about being able to stand up against their authority; being the name that the rest of the world rallies behind as they fight a war that’s greater than even themselves. They dream about standing in front of the world as undoubtedly the best name in this entire profession; the name that absolutely no one can topple - the best in the world - but, those dreams never end in triumph. There hasn’t been a time in the last year where I haven’t planned out every move that I’ve made. There hasn’t been one time where something hasn’t happened the way that I calculated it to be. I didn’t become the Answers World Champion by fighting the good fight. I didn’t conquer the world by playing with fair odds; positions where anyone and everyone could walk out with anything that I felt like I deserved more than any other name in this business. Whether it meant forcing myself to almost crush Darkane’s skull under my boots to win that crown, or moving every piece on that proverbial chess board into the positions needed so there wasn’t the slightest chance that Ronn Banks was going to walk out of Pain for Pride with his career. I rule this business because I’m the priority. I rule this business because there isn’t another name in the business that I fight for other than my own. The same goes for Mr. DEDEDE. You don’t play with chance when it comes to your own success. You make the moves that you need to make to make sure that you’re the person that comes out in the best position over every name involved. But, people don’t listen. They buy into this idea that they hold all of the answers. It’s why I’m constantly bombarded with their theories that they’ve finally figured out the riddle of Theron Nikolas that so many other names have failed to answer - only to find themselves being another name forced to kneel at the feet for their God Emperor.

They’re forced to watch their God Emperor reign as the Answers World Champion.

I’m always going to reign as the Answers World Champion.

The fun part about all of this is that we have so many things in common, Jamie, but at the same time - we’re two men that stand on two different sides of the spectrum. If there’s anyone that understands everything that I just said - it’s you. You understand the dream of ruling this business. The dream of being incomparable - or, as you like to call yourself - being the Ace. You were so valiant. The battles - the wars to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Those are the things that dreams are made of Jamie. Eleven months. A feat that no other name has come close to achieving - a feat that will reign until I beat it. But, being the World Heavyweight Champion, Jamie… that title meant more than being valiant. That title; being able to call yourself the Ace of EAW - that was worth more than fighting the good fight. The world is so fickle. I’m hated for the things that I’ve done, but that arena came absolutely unglued when Syncon turned out to be you. Everything was forgotten. You were their hero; their knight in shining armour that is going to cut down the man they pray to god one day falls. I don’t forget. I don’t forget the things you did. I don’t forget the roads you took; honor, pride, fighting spirit - the things that someone like you holds so dear meant absolutely nothing. It didn’t matter; holding that World Heavyweight Championship was the only thing that mattered, and it didn’t matter what you had to do to make that happen. You almost murdered the cumdumpster of a woman that clutches onto your nuts. You threatened to drop someone to their death in order to keep what you cherished. You were vile. You were heinous. But, again, people are fickle. They look through rose tinted glasses; praise you, give you the things that you deserve - only to vilify others who do things no worse.

You have no room to criticise the things that I’ve done. You can only accept my actions, and that’s my favourite part about all of this, Jamie.

I’ve been dealing with the same garbage for so long. The same nonsensical points that I’ve continually disproven; forced to continuously repeat myself in the hopes that someone will finally listen. I want to see why you’re a man that continuously praised. I want to see the things that I’m missing; what’s needed to overshadow my actions and garner that respect that I’ve rightfully earned. The award show - it still leaves a bad, bad taste in my mouth. The thought of having to watch things that I deserved being handed to those that never really earned them. The thought of knowing that my performance inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber - the most dominant performance in the history of this entire company - was overshadowed by a selfish cunt that took his ball and went home after he had the championship he never had the right to hold was taken away from him. I had undoubtedly the best year out of every name in this entire fucking company and there’s no respect. You’re proof, Jamie. That year you had - the glory, the accolades, the adulation. You don’t have to like anything that I’ve done; the actions and methods that I’ve taken… but, you have to respect the things that I’ve done. You have to respect the fact that I’m a man that become greater than a king. A man that has ascended further than being an “Ace”. I’ve ascended into a God Emperor.

You’re not going to cut me down. A small hiatus and return isn’t going to change the miserable torment that I’ve caused Darkane throughout his entire career. They - people like you may not be willing to give me to respect that I’ve earned… but, when I’m done you’ll have no choice but to kneel, Jamie.

No matter how mighty you think that you are.

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