MATCH PROMO We are the Discarded [Empire 001]

Tyler Wolfe

Walking Weapon


The start of Empire had been a shitshow to say the least. Last week it was revealed that Kendra Shamez was the person who had cost Tyler two matches, including a shot at the Women’s World Championship. To be honest, it was no surprise the Walking Weapon. She had been saying that Kendra had it in for her for months. When she pulled that mask off and saw the face of her boss, she wasn’t truly surprised. Maybe she was surprised at the actual lengths that Kendra had gone to. It was one thing to stand idly by while Tyler was screwed over. It was one thing to refuse to see her potential and withhold opportunities from her. But stepping into that ring in the middle of a match and stealing a win from under her? That was another level. But she had answers now. She had seen the face of her oppression and she was ready to fight back. And hearing Kendra proclaim their match at Pain for Pride was official and that it would be a no holds barred match, made her smile. She knew that Kendra thought this was her chance to show that she still had it. But it was truly an opportunity for Tyler.

But heading into Empire this week, she was ready to even the score. Kendra had attacked her last week and stolen yet another win from her. When Kendra opened Empire with her pathetic fucking speech, the former Specialists Champion was waiting for her opportunity to get out there and even the fucking score. Kendra deserved to get a taste of her own medicine. She deserved to pay for the losses she had stolen from one of her brightest stars. But of course, Kendra had other plans.

A fucking restraining order.

Tyler had to laugh. It wasn’t her first restraining order and it wouldn’t be her last. Kendra, a woman she was supposed to respect, a legend, had pulled out the same tricks as the frail cunt from Voltage. So sad.

After Tyler had taken out half the security guards and was confronted with a fucking SWAT team, the blonde had made her way backstge. She was pacing in a backstage corridor, muttering beneath her breath. Not being able to get her hands on Kendra was itching at her. When you tell Tyler Wolfe that she can’t do something, it’s all she wants to do. And this was no different.

Noah Reigner was standing nearby, watching his girlfriend pace in a circle.

“I’m going to fucking kill her.” Tyler said, to no one in particular. She never made eye contact with him.

“At Pain for Pride.” He said. The blonde stopped momentarily and snapped her head to face him. Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him.

“I’m going to kill her tonight!” She replied.

Noah smiled, he somehow found Tyler’s rage endearing. His smile annoyed her at this moment. He stepped closer to her.

“Remember what happened when you violated your last restraining order?” He said cautiously. The blonde let out a sigh. Because of course she did. She ended up in jail. And that arrest is what gave Kendra the motive she needed to try and remove the Walking Weapon from the Grand Rampage match. “I know you want to kill her. But it isn’t worth it.”

“I beg to differ.” She replied, her voice dry.

“Kendra is trying to bate you. She wants you to violate the restraining order. So she doesn’t have to face you at Pain for Pride.”

“Of course she is.” Tyler replied. But it was truly the first time she had thought about it like that. Kendra was about to head into a match at Pain for Pride against Tyler Wolfe. And now she was goading a woman who she knew had anger management issues. A woman who she knows has a history of violating restraining orders. The blonde made a face, like she was having an epiphany.

“That bitch wants me to violate the restraining order. She is looking for any excuse to cancel our match that doesn’t make her look like a little bitch. Because the only reason I’ve lost matches is because she’s fucked me over. But she doesn’t have any friends. And with Empire crumbling around her, no one on this fucking roster will care to help her. She’s all alone with me. She’s put herself in an unwinnable situation at Pain for Pride. And how fucking embarrassed will she be if she lose to a woman who she has held back time and time again.”

Noah nodded. “So don’t let her.”

The former Specialists Champion let out a sigh. She took a breath. “Fine.” She said through gritted teeth, her hands still clenched at her side. The blonde knew that being able to defeat Kendra Shamez on the biggest stage of them all was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. It could be a career defining moment for her. She couldn’t fuck it up. Not this close to Pain for Pride.

“Let’s get out of here, before you change your mind.” The Assault Rifle smirked at her. Because they both knew she could turn on a dime. So Tyler nodded. Noah put his hand on the small of her back and they walked down the hallway, towards the exit.

She was so close to having her moment at Pain for Pride. She was so close to shutting down every person who had ever looked down upon her or told her that she didn’t belong. This was her chance and she couldn’t fuck it up. Not now.

Maybe she should have paid attention in those anger management classes.

- - - - - - - - -

“The last Empire ever. This just might make me believe there truly is a god. Empire has been a fucking plague on this company and my career. This show that was supposed to be my big opportunity and my chance to change the world turned into an illness. It leached into my veins and infected my body. It made my heart beat more slowly and my lungs struggle to breath. It threatened to pull me down into the depths of hell over and over again. I’ve never been so happy to see death coming. I’ve never been so happy to be booked on an episode of Empire. Because I want to be there to see it die. I want to witness the very last rise and fall of its chest and see the life leave its body. Empire dying may be the best thing to ever happen to the women of EAW and to this entire shithole of a company. Empire has been nothing but a virus and its about time it was eradicated.

A part of me wants to see this as a fresh beginning. As a new chance. But Empire has made me cynical and hopeless. Will Tyler Wolfe thrive outside of Empire? Or am I too far gone? Is the disease that is Empire a cancer that I will never be rid of? Who fucking knows. I can tell you that I have no faith in a company run by the sexist piece of shit that is Ryan Adams. I have no faith in brands like Voltage that allow Veena Adams to run her bitch ass around spewing hate and misinformation. So the way I look at it is that this could be my last shot. This week on Empire and my match at Pain for Pride may be the last bit of shine that I get. They may be the last sliver of spotlight on my career. And that means that I’m going to fight for my fucking life. Like I do every goddamn week. Every single week I step into that ring and I take no prisoners. To be honest, there are few women in EAW who I respect. There are even less who I actually like. So I’ve never had a problem stepping into the ring and tearing apart my competitors. I’ve never had a problem stepping into the arena each and every week and busting my ass all while busting open the skulls of anyone who stood in my way.

So I’m going to do just that this week on Empire. Because I’ll be damned if I walk into that shitshow and give any less than one hundred percent. Because no matter how pushed aside and overlooked I am, I constantly prove that I am the best. I constantly outperform my competition. And all Kendra has done recently is prove that. By getting involved in my last two matches, she proved every single word that I have EVER said is truth. By costing me the women’s championship, she showed her hands. She showed the world that she was scared. That she had no faith in Sienna and that she knew that I was exactly what I said I was - the fucking best. By costing me my match against Andrea, she just solidified what I have always said - that this company has had it out for me since day one. I mean, anyone else around here getting personally destroyed by management? Didn’t fucking think so. When I ripped that mask off of you a few weeks ago, there was no shock on my face. I knew that if it wasn’t you who got involved at Terminus, it was someone sent by you. Because you can say that I whine and complain. I can feel like a broken record when I outline the many many ways that Empire has screwed me over this past year. But seeing your face? It was proof. It was vindication. It proved what I always knew. That I was destined to fail. That the powers that be had been holding me down. But even as you tried to hold me down, I continued to succeed. I continued to flourish.

And although you relegated me to a pre-main event beneath two women who don’t deserve to lace my fucking boots and who haven’t put in the work that I’ve put in over the last year of my career, I plan on heading into Empire like I always do. I plan on winning. And I plan on doing it for you Kendra. I know you’ll be watching. You’re always watching me. So when I step into that ring with Raven Roberts and Minerva and we steal the fucking show, I hope you see that not only do I deserve to be the main event of the last show of Empire. Not only do I deserve to put the final nail in its fucking coffin. But I want you to see what I am capable of. I want you to watch what I do to Raven and Minerva. I want you to see what happens in a triple threat match where there are no rules. It will be a preview of Pain for Pride. It will be a preview of what is to come to you at Pain for Pride. Because I don’t pull fucking punches. I’m not trying to reserve my energy or save myself for Pain for Pride. No. I’m heading out to that ring and once again proving why I am the best. I am proving that I deserve the platforms that have been consistently stolen from me. I am proving to the world that Kendra Shamez is in over her fucking head at Pain for Pride.

I know you expect me to stand here and rip apart Raven Roberts and Minerva. I mean, I won’t pretend to like either of them. I’ve got a few bones to pick with Minerva. But Raven is an interesting case. The two of us have always stood opposite on this brand. The Crowe’s Nest and Jaded Wolfe Hearts were constantly vying for brand dominance. We fucking hated eachother. But of the Crowe Cunts, the odd man out was always Raven Roberts - kind of like me. When I faced Chelsea in the beginning of this year, I told her that she was pathetic. I told her that Raven Roberts was the true leader of their cult. Because she was the success story. She was the one who spread her wings when her friends abandoned her and carved out a path of her own and a career of her own. She was the one who people looked at as a possible title contender. Not Chelsea and Jael. And no matter how many times they took credit for her success, no one believed that except for them. And I knew it was only a matter of time before Raven woke up and shed the extra baggage.

And now? Now we’re both in very similar situations. We’re alone. The Crowe’s turned their backs on her. And the Jaded Hearts turned their backs on me. Some will say that’s on me. But that’s up the interpretation. Sienna had every chance to forgive me. She had every chance to give me the opportunities that I knew I deserved. But she laughed in my face. She spit on my career. And let’s not forget, that she couldn’t beat me on her best day. We all knew that when the Jaded Wolfe Hearts disintegrated, Kassidy would choose Sienna. Maybe not publicly. Maybe not out loud. But in her actions. I mean, I haven’t talked to her since Terminus. But that’s neither here nor there. My point is, we’re both alone. Standing tall and trying to prove our worth outside of the comfort of our friendships. And in that, we both got royally fucked by Sienna Jade. This match on Empire is three women. Two women who SHOULD be champions. And one woman who has a title. And those two women are me and Raven. I watched her get robbed at Grand Rampage. I watched as someone who I tried to respect for so long cheated yet again to retain her title. I watched as she tried to run away from defending that title. I watched as Raven experienced exactly what I was about to experience at Terminus. The two of us have been fodder on Empire for other people's success. We have stood by and been screwed over time and time again. Our paths have been very similar. And we are two women who have screamed Fuck Empire loudly and proudly.

So I won’t stand here and discredit Raven. I won’t roll my eyes and say she’s shit. She’s good. She’s been fucked over time and time again and set up for failure, just like me. And for that, I have to feel for her. I know what she is feeling. I know the pain and agony that she has been in. The despair that she has felt. Because I’ve felt it too. We are both more deserving of being in that Pain for Pride main event than Sienna and the world knows it. Because we both beat her in our respective title matches. No one can contest that. Straight up, Raven and I have more claims to that Women’s Championship than Sienna or Serena ever will. We are the discarded and the overlooked. And for that reason I know what Kendra is trying to do. She is putting me inside a ring with Raven and Minerva, knowing that we all have something to prove moving into Pain for Pride. Knowing that Raven and I will both do anything to succeed. We have seen more failure than either of us ever wanted and because of that, we NEED this win going into Pain for Pride. I have had every major match or win stolen from me this year. Going into Empire I am trying to prove that I belong. That I have a chance of defeating Kendra Shamez at Pain for Pride, at dethroning a legend. I am looking to stand above the current Empire Tag Champion and the former New Breed Champion and solidifying my legacy. I need this win going into Pain for Pride.

Raven is trying to prove that she isn’t the same woman who lost her Cash in the Vault match last year. She is trying to prove the same thing I was weeks ago. That she wasn’t stagnant. Because if she’s destined to lose the same match two years running, what’s the point? It will just show the world that she hasn’t moved an inch since last year. And although her career and her accomplishments speak for how far she has come. I know that Raven is like me and she is looking at that match as do or die. She is looking at that match as the culmination of a year’s worth of work. And if she can’t win it, what’s the point? If she can’t win at Pain for Pride, she proves the haters wrong and she may never get a World Title shot again. She needs momentum going into that match. A win over Visual Prophet isn’t enough. Nothing is ever enough. Especially after her recent loss to Minerva. She wants to avenge that and we both know a win over Tyler Wolfe means something special. It means something monumental.

And Minerva is just trying to prove that her tag team matters. She had to work her ass off to get into that match at Pain for Pride. She just won those tag titles and they’re already being pulled out from under her. If she can’t prove that she can defeat me or Raven, will anyone of those boys from Dynasty, Voltage and Showdown take her seriously? I mean, is anyone going to look at Heavenly Hell as some sort of true contender going into Pain for Pride. Of course not. Because they’re the female team so she needs all the momentum that she can get. We have all been thrown into this match because we are hungry and we are dangerous and Kendra wants to see us all die. She knows what is going to happen on Empire. She knows that we are going to tear each other to shreds. She knows that Raven and Minerva and I will stop at nothing to win this match. It’s the final episode of Empire. It’s the week leading into Pain for Pride. We’ve all got so much riding on this win. And with no rules, we are three women who will happily bleed and spill blood to make moves in this business. We are three women who will happily die in between those ropes before we lose.

You want to keep me away from you before Pain for Pride, Kendra? You want to claim its for my safety even though we both know that you’re waking up night in and night out screaming, reliving what I did to you at Grand Rampage, when I stole your chance to win away from you. You want to throw your fucking power around and give yourself a restraining order? Honestly, so fucking original, Kendra. Another dumb blonde with too much power tried the same shit. It didn’t save her from her getting her ass kicked at Iconic Cup and it won’t save you either. You threatened to take this match away, however you’re the one that made it in the first place. I think you want to prove to the world that you’ve still got it just as much as I want to prove that I’m better than the geriatric OG. But I’ll play nice. I’ll clench my fucking fists and I won’t touch a hair on that pretty little head of yours. Instead I’m going to channel my rage at Raven Roberts and Minerva. I am going to head into Empire and in my mind, I’m going to put your face on theirs and I am going to unload all of my pent-up aggression and the YEAR of screw jobs and ignorance. And I am going to make a fucking example of them. I know I said I respect Raven. I think she’s good. But c’mon, she’s no Walking Weapon. And Minerva? Oh girl, you’ve been here for three seconds. At least Raven has been slaving away in this hellhole for as long as I have. But Minerva, you’ve been here for a mere moment. And if you think beating The Queen’s Court at Terminus means anything, you’re sadly mistaken.

For fuck’s sake, Sienna Jade and I defeated them two weeks before Terminus when we couldn’t stand eachother. And unlike you, I made the pin in that match. I put Amber Keys down. So don’t come out here touting a piece of gold that doesn’t mean shit anymore. I mean, let’s be honest. In the eyes of EAW, the Empire Tag Titles have never meant shit. Since the Pride disolved and the Jaded Hearts moved on, the tag titles on Empire has been a floundering fucking division. I mean, we literally have had like three teams at any given time. Real stellar competition. You and Constance were thrown together out of convenience. You won a simple match and you won’t get my recognition for that. The woman who won that championship you wear around your waist, is a woman that I have beaten time and time again. She is a woman I have faced many times and destroyed many times. And you? I don’t fear you. I don’t look at you as some special flower who is afraid of the sun and dies her hair black to stand out. You aren’t special, Minerva. You basically are the Visual Prophet. You speak in riddles and bullshit and expect the world to sit in awe of you. I don’t. I don’t sit in awe of you or what you can do.

What I remember from the Grand Rampage most of all is your ignorance. It was your lack of understanding of who I am. And what that showed me was that you don’t prepare for matches like me. You aren’t a student of the game like me. No. You fly by the seat of your pants. You toss your black locks and decide that your words are enough to prepare you for a match. But if you head into this match, this week like that, you will relive the same failure that fell upon your shoulders at Grand Rampage. You will fail again. Just like you did at Iconic Cup when you got a chance to fight for all the fucking marbles. When you got a chance that I was forced to give up. At Grand Rampage you said that my whole family would be watching. Said sorry to my parents for sending me home a loser. Uh they’re dead but ok. I mean, I spent half the week that week talking about making my dead parents, proud. But you don’t listen. You don’t research. You just talk shit like half the other people around EAW and put your own foot in your fucking mouth. You also said I’d lost more times to the Visual Prophet than you could count. Strange since it was once. What was even more strange was that in the very same breath you brought up losing to Amber Keys because of Brass Knuckles. Let me illuminate my career for you, Minerva. I lost to the Visual Prophet because he cheated. Because Veena Adams hit me on the fucking head with that title and even then I still had my foot on the ropes. I lost that match but in it I showed the world that it takes more than a title shot to the head to put me down. So if you plan on coming out this week and calling me a barbie simple because I’m blonde, just don’t. Do yourself a favour and keep your mouth shut because all you’re going to do is embarrass yourself. And on Empire, I can guarantee that if anyone other than Tyler Wolfe wins this match, it sure as fuck won’t be you.

You asked why it took me so long for success at Grand Rampage? Look no further than Kendra Shamez, than your boss. I don’t care what Gypsy bullshit you have to spew this week. But I truly hope you at least try and do your homework. See why I outlasted you at Grand Rampage. See why I was screwed out of a match at Terminus and why I should be your reigning and defending Women’s World Champion. Watch some matches. Do your homework. Because if you step into a ring with me any less than fucking prepared then what I do to you will be no one’s fault but your own. When I pin your ass to that mat, it will be no one’s fault by your own. Because I have watched your career Minerva. I have seen your ups and downs. I know what I have to do to win this match. And I have more riding on it than you do. I am about to step into a Pain for Pride match against a woman who has consistently held me down and destroyed my career. I am about to step into a match no one believes I can win against a legend on the biggest stage of them all. You’re about to walk into Pain for Pride and face a bunch of mid-card rejects who can’t make it as singles competitors. Can’t relate.

All I can say is that I know that I am the best competitor on Empire. At Terminus I showed everyone who I am and what I am capable of. And when the rules are stripped away, I am dangerous. And respect or not, I am stepping into the ring on Thursday Night and I am treating this match as a gift to Kendra Shamez. I want her to watch from backstage with her jaw dropped and her eyes open. I want her to see what I am capable of. I refuse to let my last moment in this fucking hellhole be anything less than absolute perfection. I refuse to take a loss on the last show of this plague. Instead I will be standing tall as I watch Empire take its last breath and I will be staring into that camera, looking right at you Kendra. On Thursday I’m sending a message. And in Atlanta, I’m bringing my career full fucking circle."

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