MATCH PROMO What an Embaressment you are (Showdown 2)

Shane Gates

Submission Psychopath
Wow Did you really say that Drake? I'm at a loss for words sir. You really just did that huh? Are you desperately wanting this win so bad you are just lurking and stalking just to see if me or Terry roasted your ass. Like I said before you showed your true colors last week and your showing your desperate side. You really have gone mad Drake. Theirs no way to cure the madness that has consumed you Drake. You are so full of yourself Drake thinking this will be some walk in the goddamn park when it wont be. This wont no walk in the park Drake It will be a massacre and your the reason it happened. You coulda just shut up and stayed hush but you just had to speak out against me. Just had to huh? But by all means Drake keep on doing it, I like getting a chuckle or two just seeing how desperate you are to win this. You think I am a joke huh? Just wait and see just wait and see. Drake You are an embarrassment to EAW and the whole world, Just end your career please. Nobody will care... Nobody Drake. You really do think you can win this? Man I can 100% confirm you are delusional, don't deny it Drake. How dare you bring my old friend Revenant Drake you didn't know him like I knew him. You say he left because of me and Damon? Did you watch that showdown when he was attacked by 3 cowards and rendered injured? Have you gone through something like that? Rev left to heal his injures Drake and yet you think we are the reason he left. What a load of BS. I am really getting sick of you Drake, you just don't quit it with these personal attacks don't ya? Well after I end you on Showdown you will regret ever EVER! Messing with Shane Gates again. Drake is the living goddamn proof that a buffoon like him can live without a brain. Yeah there aren't too many people like Drake in gods great earth but only 1% of brainless people like Drake can speak move and wrestle. But your wrestling skill is not even that great Drake. I think its sub-par at most. Drake but I am just a twig and a joke like you say. But really Drake chew your words before you say them. I think your mother made a wrong choice when she gave birth to you. If she realized what kind of person you would turn into. You've lost it Drake you really have. Their is nobody to save you now. Its just you and only you in this cold dark world. I wish their was a cure for the disease you have Drake. Its gotten you good and wont die down easily. Maybe if their was a vaccine for dumb morons like you I think you would regret half the things you say. At least your not a complete stupid moronic idiot, some of the parts to make the full complete package for a idiot are missing but maybe once I am through with you on Showdown I can help you find them.

I guess your not the dumbest bastard in the world but you better hope he don't get a heart attack because guess whos gonna take his spot. If I had such a ego like you had I would shoot myself in the head, Its that bad Drake. That attitude of your made it even worse. Drake thinks he is a special snowflake because he feels he is entitled to everything yet bitches and moans when he cant get his way, whatta dickass and a douchenoggin. Maybe I shouldn't use those childish insults but I rather not say any hurtful stuff because I aint getting in trouble with EAW management again for the shit I say. Maybe you should watch yourself too Drake. You don't wanna get a knock on your door because if that happens then your fucked boy. At least I aint a Cockalorum like you Drake. Be thankfull I don't roast your ass. You will never be the man your daddy was. Yeah I went their Sue me for that Drake I fucking dare you cunt

You really are asking for this Drake Aren't ya?

You make me Laugh

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