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They say that Grand Rampage is where the road to Pain for Pride begins, but not for me, oh no. MY road to Pain for Pride began years ago. It began when I realised that I wanted- no I NEEDED to be in an event of that calibre, it began when I realised that the only way to prove my purpose, to prove my talent was to make it to the biggest wrestling show out there, and ever since that realisation set in, I have worked day in and day out to make sure that it came to fruition. But, there’s only so much space in the card of such a grand festivity, so I said it before and I’ll say it again. I know that the only way to get a guaranteed spot in the card of Pain for Pride is to either win the Grand Rampage match, or go get a championship around your waist. And at first, I thought said championship would be the New Breed title, but that didn’t work out. And you know, I thought that I had squandered it. I thought this year my chances of getting into Pain for Pride would be little to none after that loss, but when one door closed, another one opened. And that door led me to a dimension that I had never even thought about before. That door led me to tag team wrestling.

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and act like Xander and I have accomplished a lot together, or that we suddenly have the best chemistry in the world, cause the facts show that we don’t. But what we have is what the rest of this division lacks. What we have is a dynamic that is foreign to the entire world of tag team wrestling. And at Grand Rampage, we will show that. At Grand Rampage, we will channel our history of hatred, and make that the future, because the place where our rivalry stemmed from will now be the term that defines our partnership, because we, Xander Payne and Myles are the Wildcards of this tag team division.

See, people like to suggest that Xander and I don’t know each other, and I get it. We might have had our differences, we might have had multiple past battles, but those battles have taught us everything we NEED to know about each other. Those battles have taught us the only aspect of partnership that really matters in combat. I can tell what move Payne is gonna inflict by the look in his eye. He can tell whether I’m about to knock someone out, or tie them up in a knot. And you know why? Because we have experienced each other’s skill first hand, something that no one else in this division can relate to. And sure, we might not know what each other’s favourite Starbucks latte flavours are, like Sienna and Kassidy do, and we might not know what our favourite brand of hair spray is like the Revolution, but what we do know is that all that information is irrelevant on the path to success. And that is what guides us. That is what brings us together. We didn’t come to EAW to roleplay as modern age knights or pounce around like a couple of basic bitches. We are here to seek success, and soon, we will find it.

Jake and Joshua. You two had all the hype going into Under Siege, but you failed to capitalise, and instead of walking out victorious, you had to walk out empty handed. It’s alright, Xander knows the feeling, and as much as I hate to admit it, so do I, but when we lost, we worked to make ourselves better. We didn’t complain, we went out there and got ourselves another opportunity. You lost to the Jaded Hearts once, but since then what did you two do to improve? What did you change that makes you guys think that you can win this time? Was it the fact that now you are affiliated with a no nonsense fighter like Jax Walker, and one of the most talented up and coming pure wrestlers out there, Drake King? Because that definitely ain’t it. When you guys made and joined the Roundtable, all you did was expose the fact that when compared to wrestling machines like those two, you kids are nothing more than a bunch of kids trying to keep up with grown men. Xander and I, we both have had our issues with Drake, and from experience I can tell you that while he is a pretty damn good singles wrestler, but as far as personality goes, he is just a manipulating, cheeky son of a bitch, and here he is, using you for his gain, while giving you nothing back. See, while Jax and Drake are out there in the Grand Rampage match, trying to get into the main event of Pain for Pride, they are tasking you two to settle for tag titles. Don’t you two ever feel like going after singles fortune? Or are being sidekicks for life your main aspirations? And at the end of the day, Drake has NEVER been able to beat neither Xander or I, so let me ask you two one thing. What possible harm can puppets do to men who have beaten the puppet master himself? The answer is something you two are too prideful to admit, so the world will have to wait till Grand Rampage to truly find out.

I’ve heard all there is to hear about how me and Xander apparently can’t get along or co-exist or whatever. It’s sad actually. The Revolution critiquing us about loyalty when they in fact are in such an insecure state. We have Jake here, trying to force other people to get on their knees, while Joshua has to hype himself up in an effort to convince himself that he is not the weak link. Well I hate to break it to ya, Josh, but the only reason Jake stayed around with you for so long is because you made him look like the star of the team. You allowed him to get tag title opportunities. You gave him the ability to prove to people that he actually has friends, but guess what? Jake has gone and gotten himself a few new buddies now, so I suggest you go get yourself some eyes behind your back, because we are quickly approaching the date of the Revolution’s next big loss, and when it happens, you are gonna need em. I don’t particularly enjoy breaking up friends… or friends with benefits… or lovers… or whatever the hell Jake and Josh are, but nonetheless have fun while you can you two, cause when you step in the ring with us, the time for games will be over.

And speaking of lovers… that brings us to the Jaded Hearts. Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart. Two women who keep going on about passion or determination, but I just don’t see it. It’s easy to say that you have ambition, but the only way to prove it is by showing your hard work when you are at the lowest of lows, and judging from your history, you two have never experienced that. From winning the Iconic Cup to the Unified Women’s World Championship, Sienna and Kassidy have done it all. You two love to say that you have a lot to prove, but look at us. Xander Payne and Myles. Two people who have constantly strived for success, for gold, but every single time we got close, we got thrown back down, but guess what, we have gotten back up ten times stronger! That is what you call passion! That is what you call determination! You two love saying that you’d ‘die for each other’ but that’s just stupid. If Xander died for me, I’d slap him until he is resuscitated cause we need two people to win those tag titles. Do yourself a favour, and fuck off with your romantic clichés to a place that’ll appreciate that shit, cause whatever you are looking for, it damn sure ain’t fit for a wrestling company.

In just a few days, you will all witness a game-changing moment in time, and that moment will belong to us, and by that I don’t just mean Xander and I, I mean that whole damn building, because all those tens of thousands of people of attendance will be on our side. They will be screaming our names, and praying that we be the ones to walk out winners, well you don’t need to pray no more, Melbourne, because today I am here to declare that we will walk into Grand Rampage with the upmost concentration, and walk out with a smile on our faces and gold around our waist.