MATCH PROMO "With Great Power....." SHOWDOWN RP 1


“The Gypsy Moth”
Universal Women's Champion
Iconic Cup Holder
Coyote Flats, Texas

Under Siege
Buenos Aires, Argentina

It was the night that Heavenly Hell would be tested, their chance to go up against two of the best in Drake King and The Visual Prophet. For nine months the two women had proved to be one of the most dominant tag teams defeating all challengers and technically up until this title defense, losing once as a team which in fact they had won thanks to some tomfoolery. Minerva had promised her partner, Constance Blevins that she would indeed protect and promised her that they would walk out as tag team champions, the only problem was, Minerva didn’t expect to see her sister in arms fall to injury, one that seemed to be too much for Constance to endure, as she was pinned by Drake King just as Minerva tried to break up the pinfall.

She was upset, beside herself, knowing they could have beaten those two but didn’t. Nine months of hard work was over, Minerva didn’t know what to do but even a greater worry was her tag team partner. It didn’t look good, she was hurt, helped to the back, the ankle was already bruising, maybe it was even shattered. The medical staff had cut off her boot, inspecting her foot while Constance sat on the bed in the trainer’s room deflated. Minerva paced, still in her wrestling attire, visibly upset. It had already been like 45 minutes since their match ended. Minerva was beside herself and Constance knew it…

The Gypsy Moth was taking all the blame within her own soul.

“Minnie, please stop pacing. None of this was your fault!”, Constance suggested, her voice elevating with each word coming from her mouth. She could see that her anger, rage, guilt was all elevating quickly and without any signs of stopping. “Minerva! I need you to stop and look at me!”, Constance screamed. Minerva stops, slowly turning to Constance, her eyeliner running, streaming down her face as the Gypsy Moth had started to cry for both women while Constance stood strong. Minerva’s blue eyes narrowed, all she could do is sigh before walking over to the gorgeous Constance, her ankle wrapped up. Minerva placed hand on Constance’s foot, staring at the bandaged ankle…

“This is not the way it was supposed to end, sister. This was not the way our story was going to be told. We were on track to be at Pain for Pride as Champions, we had become the longest reigning, I don’t want this to be the end, I am not ready to say goodbye to those titles, I will not allow this to go on! We need to…. We…. We can’t.”, she said defeated. Constance’s eyes started to tear up. “They said that your ankle is probably shattered, they don’t know how long you’re going to be out. I can’t accept that, but I don’t have a choice, all I can do is sit here and watch you suffer while I stand alone now until you come back. I can’t allow it to happen, those two bastards….”

Constance cuts her off…

“… those two bastards were smart. They beat us Minnie, it was a battle but there are many more to fight and now this is your time to shine.”, Minerva was quickly shaking her head. “Yes… it is. I can’t do anything for a while, but you can. Look at me Minnie.”, as Minerva focuses on Constance and her beautiful features…

“You alone can turn this around. It is too late for me, my time will come one day soon but right now I think of you and what can be accomplished tonight which I failed to do thanks to the Illionaires.”, she softly spoke as Minerva’s eyes widened. Constance pointed to the monitor, the video package of Raven Roberts versus Alexis Chambers and Harper Lee was playing. It didn’t take long for the message to get through to Minerva, tilting her head, eyes narrowing, watching the screen….

“As one door opens another door closes. You don’t have to let the night end like this. Instead, you can come out on top of everything Minerva. I can’t, you can. We both know you have been waiting for this moment. It is time that you take it.”, the Absolved slowly whispered in her ear. Minerva glared right at the video package, she had intended to cash in soon, this was not the plan, not tonight but just like in everything that life hands you…

Things Change.



It is evening time at Cevallos Park in Ambato Ecuador. There are not many people out, they are practicing Social Distancing during these times of uncertainty but one movie that lives by her own rules is the Universal Women’s Champion, “The Gypsy Moth” Minerva and one half of the former Unified Tag Team Champions, Heavenly Hell. Unfortunately for Minerva, her partner, Constance is out with a serous injury to her ankle which will cost her around two months of action, hurt in their title defense against The Visual Prophet and Drake King, which led to a fall that Minerva was not quick enough to break. It was their worst nightmare come true, the nine-month reign of the award winning, recording breaking tag title run was over. So, what was Minerva to do? She could have taken her loss, gone home and waited her turn yet again for a shot at the Universal Women’s Championship, cash in sometime down the road? Or should she just sit on her hands and wait for Constance to get better and hope they get a rematch to the Tag Titles?

Minerva wasn’t going to wait, shocking the EAW and cashing in, taking the Unified Women’s Championship from a great title holder in Raven Roberts, taking the title away in the same manner she did. It was the first singles championship she has ever competed for in the 14 months here in EAW and the first ever won in the company. Now transitioning into singles competition again, she faces the man with all the Power now, the Showdown General Manager, Ryan Wilson who can do whatever he likes…

And Minerva doesn’t care, it could be a trap, it could be many things, she’s used to being disrespected and held back by Jenny Punk, Ryan can be the same, it won’t make a difference except for one thing….

Jenny Punk never stepped in the ring.

Sitting by the fountain, wearing black pleather pants, open toes heels with spikes and a black halter top, her long blood orange hair hanging down, nails polished a matte gray and made up perfectly, the Universal Women’s Championship sits comfortable on her shoulder as Minerva turns toward the camera, her bright blue eyes catch the dim moonlight and lamp illumination.


Minerva takes a second to look at the Universal Championship, cracking a smile, she starts to speak in her eerie yet very calm and charming voice…

“A wise man once said, “Sometimes we have to lose something precious to gain something priceless.”, for in a world condemned by the art of victory and defeat, it seems to be seeing a lot more loss these days due to changing times. There are those who stand alone, in self-isolation hoping that when they leave the house, the life will be the same as they left it, for nobody likes change, it takes them off their game, finding themselves looking for anything in which somewhat resembles what they all once had, unfortunately for the majority, they don’t have an Iconic Cup sitting on the mantle, waiting to be used. On that night at Under Siege, I went through a wave of emotions. Maybe the seven steps of grief. Watching all that we had worked for gone in a matter of seconds, NINE months, Tag Team of the Year in 2019, Unified Champions surpassing the greatest holding those titles the longest and defeating every tag team we faces, yes all of them, I don’t count the one fluke thanks to that idiot, Chris Elite and his power. Every single week we became better and proved our worth no matter what blockades or situations Heavenly Hell had to go through, the fact always remained, we became the best through hard work, dedication and doing it OUR way.

We didn’t listen to your rules, paid attention or respected anything that Showdown did because that brand didn’t know what they had. The Visual Prophet and Drake King, they were able to take the titles, much as I hated it, there was nothing I could do but watch my sister in arms, my partner scream in pain after her ankle was shattered. The titles meant nothing after this, all I cared about was Constance, done for the night until she made me realize and understand the opportunity was always there for me to open a new chapter while hers closed temporarily waiting for one day her return to take back what is hers, mine, OURS. So, I sat in the trainers room as they bandaged her ankle, ready to transport her to the hospital, when my eyes caught Raven Roberts. I want you to know something, I RESPECT Raven Roberts, I have no ill will toward Raven Roberts. We have had our wars plenty of times and still unlike the Viz who I want to slap in his cocksucker or Drake King who easily crush his pistachios with the point of my toes, for Raven it was different.

I didn’t steal anything from her, I simply took what I have earned the past 14 months. As the story book ending of Heavenly Hell came to a screeching halt, the new tale was written, and Minerva stands before the EAW as the Universal Women’s Champion. They can bitch, complain and scream from the top of their lungs but it was the roads I traveled, the journey to finally get this moment with my sister down, as I take this title, accept the challenge of Raven and once again without a shadow of a doubt do what I was meant in this company…

To stand above the rest.

On this might everything changed so quickly and while art imitates life to the fullest degree, we watch in horror, anticipations just how quickly things can converge right before the naked eye. Raven saw it, Constance saw it, even Viz and Drake saw it, the penultimate exchange of gold within one night and three stories being told. Now as I move forward, holding the Universal Women’s Championship, standing alone, the Heaven is gone, the Hell still remains and as I reenter the singles ranks, I face the New General Manager of Showdown….

How fitting.”

Minerva takes a moment to almost laugh at the irony of facing the new GM of Showdown, Ryan Wilson. Minerva was the prime example of NOT being a Jenny Punk girl, she was always clashing with the former GM, being put in matches with ulterior motives so Jenny could push her agenda. Now, Ryan Wilson will he be different? Unfortunately, Minerva doesn’t suck up or kiss ass, this could be a long night for the Gypsy Moth and the new General Manager. Holding the title proud, the Gypsy Moth looks up to the camera and speaks…

“I don’t think anyone saw the man who once used “Chaos” as a descriptive in his narrative than Ryan Wilson. A man that keeps going at the grind over and over never quitting, suddenly becoming the General Manager of Showdown. Power is a finicky bitch; it can lead those astray who do not know how to use or even harness it’s capability. When the Showdown roster is in the pam of your hand, it is very hard to look away and not think of what decisions are most beneficial to the one who holds it. Mr. Wilson, I will show you respect since you are my boss, allow me a moment to bring some clarity to our situation. See, Mr. Wilson, now that you are the General Manager, this match takes a whole new meaning and as to why you chose to challenge me?

That intrigues a woman with a black heart like myself for I know that you’re not a stupid man, in fact, I would dare say you’re an upgrade over that cunt that was fired. If you haven’t been paying attention, I will take this chance to bring you up to speed. If you recall since the first day, I entered the Showdown brand after being drafted with Constance as Heavenly Hell, there was one person who never showed either one of us respect, Jenny Punk. I don’t know how many that bitch used me for her own personal gain, to push her version of the top stars or simply kiss the ass of the top level talent which has been so afraid to watch a woman like me rise to the top. Jenny Punk is a puppet to the system, she was a lemming trying to please those that cannot be ever truly happy or satisfied. This was her biggest mistake, and what did she do, the minute we challenged her, the very next week I went into her office the minute I pulled some tricks and embarrassed her on national TV, I became Public Enemy Number ONE. Suddenly I was in Beat the Clock Challenges with Mr. DEDEDE and Xander Payne. I was wrestling Jamie O’Hara as a tune up match, to fill his and Cameron Ella Ava’s ego, watching it overflow, The same people she made Team Showdown and failed inside the cage, the same wrestlers who constantly failed her and made Showdown second rate and if you think for one minute this brand was the best in EAW?

It was because of women like Constance and me.

We turned this all around, I spearheaded a revolution, after Jenny Punk said as a Champion I needed to show her I was worthy of meeting someone like Chris Elite and Ahren Fournier, yet constantly I found myself along with Constance with he stacks decked against us. It became so laughable to the point I almost walked out of this company, taking my talents elsewhere so you see, Mr. Wilson, there is nothing that you can do which will surprise me. Almost my entire time in the EAW I have been nothing but the catharsis of a respectful employee. Look at me, I am different, I will never be like these pretty little blondes or sultry Ava’s, sexy Doctors and young, energetic superheroes. I am a woman who is FINALLY at the top of the mountain and if you think Mr. Wilson this will be another powerplay on Minerva to try and humble or bring me down in anyway so I will conform to your leadership?

Then you might as well stop while you’re ahead because in these dark times, as I sit here in the sound of silence, with my sister gone, and a new chapter in my career here on Showdown and the EAW, when the people who are in charge have been questioned for their complete lack of compassion and sympathy, your angst toward me or for whatever reason this match is happening, if this is your way to make me an obedient slave, or part of your little chosen ones or maybe this is your way to punish me for what I have done in the past doesn’t matter because if anyone knows Minerva?

They know that I spit on authority.

Mr. Wilson, I like your style in the ring, in a way it turns me on, I get easily excited and aroused over wrestlers that take no prisoners and the word chaos is a very interesting descriptor of what this situation has become…

Where Social Distancing and Self-Isolation is common practice. Well, I will say this, for the first time in a long time, the General Manager steps in the ring with one of his employees…

Not as my boss, as my victim.”

With a sly smirk, Minerva looks at the Universal Championship, knowing that this match with Ryan Wilson will be brutal, there could be quite the amount of Tomfoolery with his new found power, she has felt it before with Jenny Punk and also Chris Elite with he Gawd Contract. Minerva will go in there and do what she has always done, fight, claw, scratch and do whatever it takes to win. She turns back and speaks….

“Mr. Wilson, I am not walking into your office, you are walking into mine. I have always kept close tabs on you, watched in every sense the populous of Showdown, the good, the bad, the ugly, it didn’t matter. I was in a war for respect, admiration and most of all, opportunity. In these times, what I have learned is no matter what power one holds, in the end they can’t stop me from reaching my goals. This title right here says so and if this is your way to make a splash, to use me as your scapegoat for the rest of the locker room, an example for them all to witness….

Then I am afraid you’ll be sadly disappointed.

I applaud your new position, I saw your little statement, it sounded very Trumpesque. I was hoping for something more and not Jenny Punk with a penis talking. Could I have this all wrong? I don’t know, I guess we are going to find out but remember one thing Mr. Wilson, whether you are the man in charge or not, the responsibility and pressure expected of you will become the heavy crown your inflated head must wear but even then “boss”, the only example, the message which will relay back to your staff, roster and employees is this….

In the Gypsy Moth’s ring, still my General Manager, the man who makes the decisions, makes the matches, decides who comes and goes…

It’s time to take off the suit and tie…

For when entering into my dark circle?

You will always be the canary in the coal mine.”

Tilting her head, Minerva cracks a smile before biting the bottom of her lip….





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