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Wrestling Name Xander Payne
Real Name Kevin Alexander Payne
Picture Base Kevin Owens
Current Nicknames "Paynekiller"
240 lbs | 6' 0 ft
Date Of Birth Tuesday, February 10, 1988 | 31 years of age
Wrestling Debut 2003 | 16 years of experience
Hometown Brampton, Canada
Currently resides New York, USA
Trained by Jonah Laine
Choice of apparel Formal | Entrance | In-ring
Website Links E-Wiki

Disposition/Alignment Heel [Monster/Cowardly/Ruthless]
Entrance theme song Click to preview 'It Follows' by Cane Hill
Entrance video [made by me] ∙ Click to preview
Merchandise Coming Soon

Gimmick Explanation The character of Xander Payne believes that everywhere he goes, he should be respected as a veteran that he is and that he is the best that professional wrestling can get. He believes that his wrestling skill is the most adequate and superior on Planet Earth, making him arrogant and egotistical. With his signing to REVOLT! Pro Combat, eventually being transferred to Elite Answers Wrestling during the merger, he promised that he will prove to everyone whe is the "Paynekiller" and why he is the best wrestler, PERIOD.

Entrance ('It Follows' by Cane Hill blasts through the speaker as Xander walks onto the stage, scanning the crowd in attendance )

Announcer: INTRODUCING HIS OPPONENT....... From Brampton, Ontario weighing in at 255 pounds! XAAAAANDERRRRR PAAAAAYYYYYNEEE!!

Special Entrance The lights go out and the song blares throughout the arena after the lights go out, filling the arena with emptiness and darkness. As the guitar riffs begin, he walks onto the stage, scanning the crowd as he walks towards the ramp, stopping before walking down it. He stands in the center of the stage with a spotlight solely on him. He then walks onto the ramp right when the singer of Cane Hill begins to sing his theme song live in the arena. After walking down the steep ramp, he walks up the steel stairs and steps in between the ropes, energetically springing into the south side of the squared circle, leaning on it, talking/mocking the crowd as he yells ‘It is my time’. As the song ends, the crowd applauds, appreciating the live music that was just played for them.

- To cheat Most likely/If provoked
- To compete Wants to inflict damage on his opponents and win championship gold.
- Even more aggressive Will do anything to get a win and will use thie ring to his advantage.

Companies that wrestler has signed to
- Elite Championship Wrestling April 2018 - now
- REVOLT! Pro Combat April 2018 - April 2018

Companies that the character worker has signed to
- Discord Championship Wrestling Aug '17
- REVOLT! Pro Combat Jan. '18 - to Apr '18
- Elite Answers Wrestling Sept '17 to Jan '18 | Apr '18 to now
- Steel City Wrestling July '18 to Aug '18
- CHAOS! Pro Wrestling & TRONS! Pro Wrestling July '18 - Dec '18
- Render Wrestling Dec '18 - now

In-ring accomplishments
- MVE #133 Beef Of The Week
- MVE #150 Rising Star Of The Week
- MVE #150 Champion Of The Week
- MVE #163 Rising Star Of The Week
- EAW New Breed Championship #1 PFP 11 (June 22 '18) to Territorial Invasion (Sept 22 '18)

Preferred choices
- Match type Anything extreme and hardcore
- Weapon Anything barbed wired & steel chair


Striking Maneuvers
- Enziguri (step-up/jumping gamengiri)
- Clothesline (into cornered opponent/ordinary lariat/discus)
- Forearms (discus/rolling/12-6)
- Sweeping (leg/ankle block)
- Superkick (knee/head) [sometimes faked]

- High-angle senton bomb (standing/running/off the top)
- German Suplex (Bridged/Release/Avalanche)
- Fisherman suplex (Bridged/Release/Avalanche)
- Powerbomb (normal/avalanche/apron)
- DDT (corner hung/rope hung/tornado/snap/jumping)
- Brainbuster (snap/onto apron/onto turnbuckles)
- Vertical Suplex (snap/suplex/super/into turnbuckles)
- Spinebuster (sit-out/spinning/avalanche)
- Canadian Destroyer
- Argentine neckbreaker
- Face wash [via boot]
- Jumping sit-out stunner
- Fireman's carry neckbreaker
- Go Home Driver (Scoop lift spun out into an over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver)
- Somersault leg drop
- Sitout scoop slam piledriver
- Sidewinder Suplex (Swinging leg hook belly-to-back suplex)
- Cannonball (Running cannonball into cornered seated opponent)
- Rolling senton followed up by a corkscrew senton
- Oklahoma slam stunner

Diving Maneuvers
- Over the top rope/ringside dives (tope con hilo/suicide dive)
- Off the top turnbuckle (elbow drop/moonsault/twisting moonsault/swanton bomb/missile dropkick/450 splash)

Submission Holds
- Submissions [body area]: bearhug/sharpshooter/boston crab
- Submissions [head area]: crossface/stf
- Submissions [leg area]: ankle lock/figure-four

Signature Maneuvers
- 'Bloody Nose' Discus Palm Strike (directly at the nose, mostly causes a bloody nose)
- 'Overdose' canadian rack dropped into a knee (canadian rack gts)
- 'Falgoroshi' Falcon arrow onto knee (falcon arrow ushigoroshi)

Finishing Maneuvers
- 'Paynekiller' Package Piledriver
- 'Pop Up Powerbomb' Pop Up Powerbomb

Biography of Xander Payne Growing up in the streets of Brampton, Ontario, Payne was an adopted child picked up from father Jonah Laine. As a teen, Jonah Caine began training him during his high school years. With only three years of experience, Xander Payne won his first championship title, carrying it for two months. After the rematch to his lost championship, he went other promotions and won more championship titles. With 8 years of being a singles wrestler, he decided to form a tag team with his brother Johnny Laine. The sibling tag team won multiple tag team championships in various promotions around the world. With Xander Payne forming a family at age 26, he had to take a hiatus for a year. He also marries his wife the same year, returning to the independent wrestling scene a few months later. On the night he returned, he promised that he would always be by his tag partner’s side (Johnny Laine) -- which was having a world championship match that night. It was till’ towards the of the match, Johnny Laine was setting his opponent up for his signature. Xander Payne went from behind and hit his head with a steel chair, costing him the championship shot. This betrayal grew a bitter rivalry between Johnny Laine and Payne. Each year, they had outstanding matches against each other, which March 28th being the last. The last match of his independent wrestling career before signing to Extreme Answers Wrestling, which was a “Loser Leaves Town” match.

Individuals who are significant to Xander Payne
- Peyton Payne (Wife/since 2011)
- Alex Payne (first child/male/8 years old)
- Aries Payne (second child/female/1 year old)
- Jonathan Payne (father/trainer/56 years old)

Notes to Writers
Xander is well-acknowledged to continuously apply headlocks to his opponents, keeping them applied for countless minutes. Don't be afraid to make him take dangerous dumps and he has a tendency to get carried away, mocking and talking trash.
After losing his New Breed championships, he has decided that he will take a "better" route a.k.a being more aggressive and having a greater tendency to injure his opponents.
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