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Drake King

Interwire Champion
The Kingdom
Drake King turns on his camera, laying on his couch.

Wow, so you're not the coward I thought you were. Instead, you're just a flat out idiot. I don't have half the experience as you? Look bud, I don't care when you joined this company, but I've been killing it in the ring for eleven years. And in those eleven years I've been getting better, and better. What have you done in eleven years? I don't know. Frankly, I don't really care because it clearly doesn't measure up to me, considering you're still gonna take the L at Showdown. I lack self confidence, wait wait wait.. Me realizing I don't need the fans, and I can be my own man, is me having no self confidence? Idiot. Did I fight for my brand at Territorial Invasion? Yeah, in a title match, while you were in some stupid tag team match, which we both lost. Idiot. Did I beat the EAW champion? No, but I at least got through Damon Diesel, didn't I? And my bad, I'll think about my words... Alright I thought about it and you still are the weak link. I'm pretty sure that was proven when you managed to somehow lose to someone like Damon. I'd bring up the Revenant, but uh.. Does he even exist anymore? Probably not, but I mean, I'd leave too if you and Damon Diesel was what I had to work with.

And HERE WE GO!!.. The same old "wHaT hApPeNeD tO yOu". I'm SICK.. and TIRED.. Of hearing it. I WOKE UP! I realized, that I wasn't getting anywhere, and I grew up. I'm tired of living the fantasy of some child. It's time I start thinking like a man. I don't need the people you swear I need. I don't need another group of people running my life, I have the government for that one. Maybe instead of rehashing what Terry said you should use your own brain, unless you lost it after your "aWeSoMe" match with Damon Diesel. What did I do myself? Start making decisions on my own? Yeah, duh. If you're gonna ignore the fans impact on wrestlers, why are you defending them? You, and Terry. Hypocrites. You can't stand when someone says something bad about the "eAw uNiVeRsE", but then you're the same one's that say stuff like "all they do is buy a ticket". This is why I don't listen to you. You're just like them. You can't make up your mind, and you're such a hypocrite that I genuinely can't describe it. Call me psychotic, call me delusional, whatever. Keep calling me these things, it's just so fun. So fun to watch these "insults", coming from someone that says "dweeb" in 2018.

Oh yeah, I do remember you eliminating me at Midsummer Massacre. I am forced to remember because your butt buddy Damon brings it up every time I face him. You know what else I remember though? Beating Damon. And I also remember, beating the two of you, oh yeah, with Terry. Forgot he existed for a second. I also remember, you cowering out of the match, because you knew you'd get messed up. But now that I'm not the one getting all the pops from the crowd, you just want to look tough so you can get the cheap fans huh? I didn't just pour blood sweat and tears, some not even being my own, looking at you Raven, but I poured my life into wrestling. In case you've lived under a rock, I've wanted this my entire life. Now, I have it. I have what I always wanted. To be the best wrestler to step into that ring. And who'll stop me from saying that? You? Ha.

I don't know what'll be easier, beating some fat slob, or beating up a twig. Either way, this match is looking pretty, "OkAy" for me right now. I'm looking for that chamber, and that title. There's a reason y'all lost your qualifiers. It's because y'all just suck. Just lay down for me at Showdown, spare your career, and your life.
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