MATCH PROMO Your blood will be on his hands Shaker... And mine. ( Versus Shaker Jones III )

Ryan Wilson

Showdown GM

I wonder if he realized that the Dodge Caravan on display on his little made-in-five-minutes BVU video is actually a Supervisor minivan part of the Montreal Police Department’s motor pool. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t, he probably took it because he thought it was looking cool. Idiot. Don't quit your day job Shaker, even if you suck at it.

I have that thing about exposing people, especially idiots. And clearly you are still one because had you really listened to what I said in my first promo I said I would provide upon request the information regarding the WildSide Championship but you didn’t go for that. Instead you preferred to play your hand differently. Well boy, you played wrong and you made yourself look like a fool once more! Had your crack team of researchers had spent more than the attention span of a bird on actually searching they would have found a whole lot more than what can be found on my Wikipedia page and my profile on Had you not used your Bozos to do the work for you, you would’ve found out that the Sanctuary of Wrestling website is still online even if the company folded a few years ago. Had you bothered to do your research yourself in there you would’ve found out the information you are trying to discredit. Here, let me give you the link: You know what? In fact I’m not going to give you shit. Because I owe nothing to you sorry punk ass bitch. I will put up the information when I update my profile page but right now I don’t feel like I need to bother myself with giving you the information you should have been able to find yourself but were too much of a lazy bum to get yourself! I gave you the opportunity to ask me for the information and obviously you refused, so piss off you twerp, you’ll get it when I decide to release it. You bitch.

So you claim you faced the best in the business back in ‘09 and ‘10. Including Jamie O’Hara, you do know that he actually started his career back then right? And just like you, he was fighting for scraps! Fighting to make a name for himself and history showed that two things happened since then: First - He became something, a man, a Legend, a Superstar and Second - He became much better than you could ever dream about. What is lame with you Shaker is that when we look at what you did between the span of then and now it results in one simple and clear answer: Nothing! You floated around from federations to promotions and as you said some lasted a while some didn’t but where is the gold in those promotions eh Shaker? Where are the great matches that would make you look so damn great? I’ll tell you where they are: No fucking where! Because they didn’t happen! I’m not going to take away from you the fact you tried to do something of yourself in them promotions

It’s funny you talk about how the 24/7 rule made you stressed out and keep you on your toe when you openly admitted that you have cracked under the pressure when you were in some of them backyard promotions you spoke of before. I’m gonna touch base with that soon but let me tell you something about the 24/7 rule no one finds that shit interesting, no one finds glory and fame when dealing around a strap that can be so easily won. Eyes to the back of your head? With the number of times, you lost the fucking thing you clearly were not stressed enough or creative enough to dodge the opposition! The 24/7 Rule is a disgrace to the world of professional wrestling! It’s not entertaining, it’s ridiculous, it’s nothing to write home about and it doesn’t make for good champions because it shows just how easily they are able to drop the belt to any dumbass that has a bit of luck and is able to attack behind the Champion’s back! With the WildSide Champion I had no such disgrace to deal with. Creativity came in the ways I had to think of how to dispose of the Challenger that was in front of me! Facing much bigger, stronger, meaner opponents than me who actually makes you look like a fucking twig to start with and I have conquered them! It was a battle of testicular fortitude where the one who wanted it the most and was the most sadistic wins, not the most sneaky or opportunistic like some little rat bastard waiting in a corner for a chance to rinse your clock and take the belt you held 19 times.

‘’My championship resume speaks for itself.’’

Your Resume Speaks of a man who participated in a bullshit division with a rule that made the feat of winning the title absolutely null of recognition and void of any merit! You are no king of Hardcore you are the lucky idiot who managed to weasel his way into winning the same strap thanks to some bullshit rule that reduced the glamour and reputation of said title to absolute shite!

There is a reason why I didn’t make mention of anything you did post-UWF it’s because you haven’t done shit worth of mention. Oh what’s that? You were on a roll because you had three straight wins before the promotions closed? What, you want a fucking medal or something? Wooo you won three matches! Big fucking whoop! Who back then gave a fuck? And who gives a fuck now? No one! Absolutely no one! But there is one thing you said that made me laugh, it’s when you mentioned pressure being too much in some of them. Awwww! Poor little Shaker couldn’t handle the heat strange how you don’t talk about it in your history eh? Now, who’s hiding shit you little motherfucker? Transparency eh? You can shove it up your ass along with my foot this weekend! I’ve always known you couldn’t handle the heat! You couldn’t handle it when we were battling The One Percent, you couldn’t handle it when you faced me at Pain For Pride. You sure as fuck didn’t handle it when you tapped out to later admit you did it so you could fight another day and in a few hours, you won’t be doing any better as I turn you into an example of what happens when people mess with me and my plans at Odyssey. While you have no problem admitting you fucked up, that is not the worse thing with you it’s that you aren’t doing a thing to really change it. You are still the same idiot I’ve met back when I first joined the only difference is now you stopped looking like a fucking hobo saying Hello Hello and you actually dressed up nice and have a pair of paid-for yes-people tagging along with you. You are still the same fucking idiot I’ve met when we first crossed the path, you talk about originality when deep down you haven’t changed a fucking bit but you try so hard to convince people the opposite. Being a Detective is not who you truly are Shaker, it’s a role, it’s a joke! The BVU is a gimmick created by Chris Elite to have some fun and not taken seriously, it’s the same silly bullshit with you at the helm only Chris was able to give it some credibility while you don’t. You want to talk about creativity, you oughta have come up with your own group instead of leasing it from someone who was looking to get rid of it. You want someone who can handle the pressure? You want the perfect example of a man, A MAN, who never stops never gives up never rolls over, and keeps on going regardless of who is in front of him or whatever people are saying or thinking of him?

Look no further than me!

I’ve been around since 2017 and I am not leaving here anytime soon! My track record in the ring is not the best yet here I am battling week after week after week working hard day after day after day making my way up the ladder clawing battling, showing heart and passion both things you never had and hasn’t shown me ever since we met by the way. Jason over at Dynasty is right with you it was alright about we should get this belt or that belt and you’re constantly bitching about wanting to become tag team champion well I guess you gave up on that too now that you are cosplaying as a detective with a couple of buddies that aren’t really? You aren’t anywhere close to your dream of becoming a Tag Team Champion because no one wants to tag along with someone like you! Your track record sucks! From your time where you truly had a chance to show off with me and McKormick as a member of The Score all the way to now! You are not worth a damn in the tag team division! And you sure as well are not worth a damn anywhere else either except being a pain in my ass!

See the difference, one of many, between you and me is that I leave no one indifferent. When I talk people listen, when I talk more they reply back. They groan and tell me to piss off, sure, but they react! They talk back, I am in the conversations both as General Manager or as usual self! Besides me who’s giving you bread crumbs of attention who listens to what you have to say or replies to your stuff on Social Media? I am EAW’s Slap In The Face! I stick it to you and every one of my detractors and I fucking love it! What are you? Nothing! No, that’s not true, after I’m done with you this weekend you will be back to a familiar position: You will once again be my bitch!

Oh and don’t get me started on the one thing you hold onto that you think holds any relevance but doesn’t; That Championship once brought up by the Woogieman that belt… Sigh… That strap is not worth the time I take to write about it. And you hold that thing in such high regard too, that belt is meaningless! Just like your 20-whatever title reigns as Hardcore Champion and just like your entire pathetic decade long career! In half the time you have been around this business I have eclipsed everything you’ve done on the independent scene! Let me put some precision upon this: I’ve started wrestling in 2015 and joined EAW 2 years later. In the span of two years without counting the two Self Proclaimed Titles I have won 1 WildSide Championship, 1 Hardcore Championship, 2 Tag Team Championships, A Bloody Championship, and two World Championships. I was also the recipient of the Rookie of the Year in 2015 at Sanctuary of Wrestling, then Tag Team of the Year in 2016 for CUW Universe with Brujah, and all of that it must be repeated within the span of about 2 and a half years! I gained more fame, fortune, and money in that short span of time than you in a full freaking decade and you think you are better than me? Bitch fucking please shut the front door or shut the fuck up!

On that note I have a poem of my own just for you Shaker, well a variation of the one you showed me;

I shall be telling this with a smile.
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Our roads diverged to EAW, and you-
Took the one less traveled by.
And that made all the difference.
It doesn't make you better than I.

You threw yourself into irrelevance.

Moving on.

''I am starting to become the superstar I knew I could be, no the superstar I always knew I would be.''

What you are now and what you were before is the exactly same. You didn’t change Jones, you only got a new coat of paint over yourself with a silly name change. You act like a Mercedes but you are a rusty Pinto! You bark like a Doberman but you are the size of a Pinscher! You think you have a good thing going but you actually blow smoke up your own ass thinking you are living the best moments of this season well I have news for you Bub: You have what you have now only because some bitch ass bloke gave it to you because he was bored of Asson and Ty. You are thriving off someone else’s leftovers! Meanwhile, I am at the helm of the best brand this show has to offer and I firmly intend on keeping this job so that I can continue to work and lead Showdown, the Ryan Wilson Show, into prosperity ahead of Pain For Pride so that I then have a shot at drafting the perfect roster for season 14! And trust me Jones, I won’t be drafting you. Good fucking riddance you can go stinks up Dynasty or Voltage for all I care next season!

Let's talk about the trio of Bozos you have following you along like a group of groupies. How long before Elite decides he wants his puppets back though have you thought about that? How long before he realizes what I have already, that you are a rotten apple, that you have no talent and that you are not worth his time anymore. Basically this is history repeating itself for you know? You have someone better than you trying to take you under his wing and like before you will fuck it up enough for him to end up saying fuck it and will drop your ass so hard you’ll cry about it like you did when I abandoned you. Waaah Waah! We were friends! We never were Shaker! All you’ve been to me was a failed experiment and it will end up just the same once Chris opens his eyes to the truth.

"'I had O'Hara beat and you know it, so you tossed your weight around, and got rid of The BVU'"

Again who is not being transparent when they claim to be. Tsk tsk little cunt you neglect the fact that your group has been interfering in the match many times. So you mean to say you are not able to win worth a damn without the BVU, see that is no news to me bitch. But this is where you, again, have everything wrong. This is not up to me, no, this is on you. You see at the very beginning of my tenure as General Manager I have warned everyone, you included, that I would resort to physicality if needed in order to push my vision forward, to make sure things would go the proper way and you get the win thanks to those two twats of the BVU was not going to be allowed to fly! I did the only thing I could do as General Manager I made this match fair and equal but you just openly admitted that you were ready to resort to cheating to get the win! Do you even listen to yourself when you talk? Do you realize that you are the dumb asshole here? You are the bad guy in this chapter of our story you idiot! You were willing to resort to dastardly deeds in order to get one up over Jamie and I said no by keeping the BVU away. And you call ME a tyrant? I’m the bad guy? Bitch PUH-LEAZE!!! Justice had been served by Jamie defeating you, proving once more that you are not worth a lick around here, and while I did the right thing in the interest of fairness and good competition you decided to take offense and screw me over. Do you want to talk about justice little boy? There will be justice, pure brutal unadulterated street justice administered at Odyssey when I get back at you for costing me my spot in the next phase of the No Way Out Match FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING. You can decide to no longer take crap from a dictator all you want, I’m not taking crap from a little unworthy shit who thinks he got wronged when he was the one doing the bad stuff.

At Odyssey, my reign as General Manager will continue while you more than likely going to be at the hospital for extreme treatment after receiving the worse beating of your career! I suggest that the BVU stays backstage for our match Shaker, first of all, it would show you have any shred of balls in trying to beat me by yourself and second of all the best stay backstage for their own safety because it won’t be my fault if one of them ends up on the business end of my barbwire-laced hockey stick or any other weapon I may have on hand at the time.

Shaker once again you fucked up, and once more you will be paying for it.
Your blood will be on Chris’ hands but also on mine.

Ready to get butchered little pig?
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