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 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 9/10/2021  Saturday Night Showdown Card: 9/11/2021  Sunday Night Voltage Card: 9/12/2021

LIVE! From BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama

- Xander Payne vs. Andre Walker - Andrea Valentine at ringside!

- Xander Payne & Andrea Valentine meet for the final time before Territorial Invasion.

- The Visual Prophet gets his Stadium Stampede teammates together for a pep rally.

- Alex Myers vs. Solomon Stane - Divide & Conquer Preview Match

- Terry Chambers re-introduces himself to the EAW Universe

- The Champs want the last word!

- Domino Stone vs. Lisa Wren

- "Enough about Stadium Stampede and Brand Warfare, where the FUCK are you Andre Walker?!"

- Kensi vs. Khorri Daniels

- StarrStan brings Sierra, Domino Stone, Lisa Wren, Kensi, and the final member of the Women's Divide & Conquer team together to line up their goals.

- Maxamillion Maxwell vs. Jonny Airhart

- Ms. Extreme invades Friday Night Dynasty one last time!

LIVE! From BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama

- The Final Word - Kassidy Heart & Limmy Monaghan Meet

Territorial Invasion Preview Match
- Adam Lucas w/Team Showdown vs Jack Ripley

- Theron Nikolas, Impact and Lethal Consequences make final preparations for Stadium Stampede

Territorial Invasion Preview Match
- Harper Lee w/Team Showdown vs Ryan Wilson

- TLA & Cameron Ella Ava have a surprise for Ad Infinitum 

- Dr. Bethany Blue vs Hikari Kanno w/Miku Sakai

- Hurricane Hawk makes the ‘right’ decision regarding the Divide & Conquer Match

- Candid with Candice Blair: Guest Ashley Flores!

- Charlie Marr w/Veena Adams vs Noah Lucas

- Ryan Wilson unfortunately returns to Showdown! Confronts his Clash of Kingdoms II: Shores of Gold challenger for the New Breed Championship 

LIVE! From BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama

** deadline is Friday 9/10 at 11:59PM EST; show tbp Saturday **

- Drake King & Ms. Extreme vs. Mary S. Atlas & Rebecca Blackwell - Tag Team Turmoil Tournament Round One

- Jake Smith wants his championship match at Clash of Kingdoms II: Shores of Gold put into writing!

- The Voltage Brand Warfare Team guarantees victory.

- Donovan Duke tries to reason with Alex Myers, and everyone gets their final say.

- Cleopatra vs. Candice Blair - Minerva at ringside as per Cleopatra’s request!

- The final piece of the women’s Divide & Conquer team is put into place!

- Chris Elite vs. Johnny Andrews - Brand Warfare Preview Match

- Candice Blair and Danny Tanner… the NEW Unified Tag Team Champions!

- Minerva & Donovan Duke vs. Jake Smith & Holly Arrow - Tag Team Turmoil Tournament Round One

- Myles receives a clue about Clash of Kingdoms II: Shores of Gold!

- Danny Tanner vs. Sebastian Garcia

- “My reign is just getting started, puta!”

- New Eden know they will never have another chance like they have at Stadium Stampede

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