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 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 07/08/2022  Saturday Night Showdown Card: 07/09/2022  Sunday Night Voltage Card: 07/10/2022

LIVE From the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Andre Walker vs Joso

- “Be careful what you wish for”

- Bulletstorm vs Off-Brand Amphetamines

- Madison Kaline vs Caroline

- Serenity calls out Diamond Dixon

- Amir Yusuf & Ryan Wilson vs Shane Gates & Nick Hart

- Dr. Angelo looks to scout a new recruit for Angelo Enterprises

- Ruler vs Jonny Airhart vs Wildcard

- Astraea Jordan explains her controversial decision

- Milli Banks vs Robyn Valentine

- "The New Era"

- Andre Walker puts the whole Dynasty on notice and dares somebody to step up to the plate

Live! Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina

-Adam Lucas & Donovan Duke vs. Xander Payne & Jack Ripley – Jake Smith at Ringside!

-Harper Lee is the NEW Universal Women’s Champion and she has something to say!

-Chris Elite vs Lexi

-Kassidy Heart is blunt and honest about Pain for Pride and her future before she is rudely interrupted!

-Jon Kelton vs Jay Jerry Johnson vs Roberto de la Rosa – National Elite Championship #1 Contender – Donovan Duke on Commentary!

-Impact’s First Challenger for the Answers World Championship Steps up!

-Veena Adams vs Lucas Johnson

-Alex Myers brings the New Breed Championship home to Showdown!

-Harley Lewis vs Alex Blade vs Lila Vandran vs Mary S. Atlas – Elimination Match

-“You got lucky at Pain For Pride, but now that we are both on the same brand? Something’s gotta give!”

-Komatsu Ogawa vs Xerxes Godfrey

-Hurricane Hawk welcomes the New Showdown SZN 16 Roster!

LIVE! From the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Charlie Marr vs. Andrea Valentine

- What’s next for TLA?

- “Sadly, there will be some changes to the Hardcore division.”

- Daryl Kinkade vs. Ayu Megumi

- Two former Dynasty rivals come face to face!

- Natasha Agnello speaks on behalf of Theron Nikolas.

- Hikari Kanno vs. Halsey Neel

- Drake King is interrupted by an unwelcome visitor!

- Usagi Senshi vs. Kylie Grace

- Eden Sinclair has big plans for The Ice Aces!

- Oliver Taylor vs. Haruka Kashimashi

- Ronan Malosi kicks off Season 16 by throwing himself a celebration party!!!

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