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 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 06/14/2024  Saturday Night Showdown Card: 06/15/2024  Sunday Night Voltage Card: 06/16/2024

LIVE! From the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida

- Stew-O hosts a World Heavyweight Championship contract signing with Myles & Jamie O'Hara

- Dynasty Rewind: Extreme Elimination Chamber - World Heavyweight Championship - Road To Redemption 2023

- Milli Banks is going to end this once and for all. 

- Dynasty Rewind: Iron Survivor Match - World Championship N1C - Operation: Doomsday 2024

- Despite the attempts, The Jaded Hearts stand above. 

- Dynasty Rewind: The Jaded Hearts vs. NICHOLISM - Unified Tag Team Championships - Fighting Spirit 2024

- "There will always be another Joso, but never another Impact."

- Dynasty Rewind: Joso vs. Alex Myers vs. PJ Hendrx - King of Elite Finals - King of Elite 2024 

- Limmy Monaghan & Cy Henderson cut deep in their final encounter. 

- Dynasty Rewind: Myles vs. Limmy Monaghan - World Heavyweight Championship - Grand Rampage 2024

- Hans Grayson takes one last thing away from Drake Armstrong

- Dynasty Rewind: Ronan Malosi vs. Ryan Wilson vs. Drake Armstrong - Interwire Championship - Operation: Doomsday 2024

- "The NEW New Breed of Legends."

- Dynasty Rewind: Hans Grayson vs. Drake Armstrong vs. Michael Machina - New Breed Championship - House of Glass 2023

- Dynasty's 24/7 Battle Royal participants give their final words. 

- Dynasty Rewind: Limmy Monaghan vs. Bronson Daniels - World Heavyweight Championship - Reckless Wiring 2023

- “Test me not.”

LIVE! From the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida

- TLA and Ms. Extreme close out Showdown!

- With the National Elite Championship on the line - Veena Adams, Raven Roberts, and Miku Sakai all say their last words before Pain For Pride: Kingdom!

- Showdown Rewind: Adam Lucas vs. Jake Smith – Answers World Championship Pain For Pride 2023

- What the Unified Tag Team Championship means to The British Invasion

- Could this be the last time we see Madison Kaline on EAW Programming?

- Showdown Rewind: Charlie Marr vs. Daryl Kinkade – EAW Hardcore Championship – Pain For Pride 2022

- A visit to the gravesite for both Caroline and Solomon Stane.

- Jon Kelton and Daryl Kinkade are face to face!

- Showdown Rewind:  Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Candice Blair vs. Ashley Flores – Specialist Championship – Pain For Pride 2021

- What is going on with ARIA? And Princess Candice Blair speaks live from Disney World!

- KASAI, Mia Santoro, and Usagi Senshi have a Specialist Championship debate ran by Alana Starr.

- Showdown Rewind: Mr. DEDEDE vs. Jamie O’Hara – Answers World Championship – Pain For Pride 2020

- Mikaela Street with a special report on the Showdown participants in the 24/7 Battle Royal

- “Bethany….This has gone too far! Get out here right now!”

LIVE! From the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida

- Everything between Minerva, Hikari, and Milli comes to a head!

- “That was a very expensive oil painting you destroyed!”

- Voltage Rewind: Extreme Elimination Chamber - EAW World Championship - Road To Redemption 2023

- Rex McAllister gives his final thoughts about Pain for Pride

- Bea Valentine puts the rest of the CiTV field on blast.

- Voltage Rewind: Drake King vs. Alex Myers vs. Ruler vs. Donovan Duke - EAW World Championship - Bloodsport 2023

- “Pain for Pride will belong to NICHOLISM, if it’s the last thing I do.”

- The rise and fall of POTARA  as told by Harper Lee

- Voltage Rewind: POTARA vs. The Jaded Hearts - Unified Tag Team Championships - Wicked Games 2023

- Sofia Clarke sits down with Jack Ripley for an exclusive interview.

- Roberto De La Rosa makes a statement!

- Voltage Rewind: Bea Valentine vs. Valerie Hellstorm - Specialists Championship - Shock Value 2024

- Donovan Duke speaks from the heart.

- Luis De La Rosa runs the gauntlet!

- Voltage Rewind: Drake King vs. Jamie O’Hara - Shock Value 2024

- Brianna Hill vows to end Valerie Hellstorm once and for all!

- Mia Santoro invites KASAI and Usagi Senshi to Voltage!

- Voltage Rewind: Charlie Marr vs. Rex McAllister - EAW World Championship - Grand Rampage 2024

- “So who wants an EAW Championship match at Pain for Pride??

There is nothing to display.