Weekly EAW Cards (Click for larger view)

 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 10/6/2023  Saturday Night Showdown Card: 10/7/2023  Sunday Night Voltage Card: 10/8/2023

LIVE! From the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, China

- SOSA Henderson & Ronan Malosi vs The 420s(Jake Smith & Bronson Daniels)

- Andre Walker makes his grand return to Dynasty and finally addresses Jake Smith

- Shinzo Sasaki vs Chris Elite

- POTARA makes a promise to put the Jaded Grandmas out of their misery once and for all

- Limmy Monaghan vs Prince Tohru

- Cloth Talk with Talib Bari, Special Guests: Milli Banks, Delilah Rose, Bea Valentine & Rory Slate

- Cy Henderson vs Drake Armstrong

- Hans Grayson spins the wheel for his next title defense

- Ryan Wilson & Jay Jerry Johnson vs Theron Nikolas & Ms. Extreme - Xander Payne ringside

- NOVA is looking to take the next step in his career

- BRAE vs Taylor Vanity

- Tyrone Montgomery considers the advice he received last week

- Cody Maverick vs Christian Martinez

- “Ricky when I catch you Ricky!”

- Jaded Hearts vs KAI-ZEN(MITSU & Mig De Decker)

- Kassidy Heart & Ms. Extreme have a contract signing for their upcoming Universal Women’s Championship match at House of Glass

LIVE! From the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, China

- Jon Kelton © w/ Devolution vs. Madison Kaline – National Elite Championship

- “A chance inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber? I’m not passing that up.”

- Daryl Kinkade vs. Princess Candice Blair

- “You’re cooking sucks Viz!”

- Devolution believes in “Team Building”.

- Hikari Kanno vs. Delilah Rose – Madison Kaline on Commentary!

- Adam Lucas and Scott Diamond make it official!

- Will someone answer the challenge of The Huntress at The Last Stand?

- Usagi Senshi w/ Pandora Paisley vs. Kasai w/ Nikki Kimura


- Jade Phoenix vs. Roque Santa Cruz

- Veena Adams, Ashlynn Quinn, IDOL-GUN & ARIA open Showdown!


LIVE! From Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, China

- Minerva vs. Caroline - Iconic Cup Semifinals

- Charlie Marr and Rex McAllister make their Wicked Games match official!

- TLA & Mr. Wrestling XIX vs. Jamie O’Hara & Cameron Ella Ava

- Donovan Duke & Mia Santoro vs. Drake King & Bea Valentine

- Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Juggalo Sally

- Drake King ups the ante for his EAW Championship defense.

- Captain Charisma introduces a match he calls “The Clusterfuck”.

- Valerie Hellstorm vs. Ruler

- Sierra Everett vs. Lt. Colonel Michael Scott Connor

- Roberto De La Rosa vs. Alex Myers

- Esmeralda approaches Valerie.

- Korey Gaines vs. Komatsu Ogawa

- Brianna Hill vs. Hayley Morrow

- “I can’t take you calling me a grandma seriously when you have the face of a 48-year old.”

- Jamie Cross vs. Mei Sasaki - No Disqualification Match

- “You versus me. At WICKED GAMES!”

- Miku Sakai vs. ARIA - Iconic Cup Semifinals

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