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 Friday Night Dynasty Card: 3/31/2023  Saturday Night Showdown Card: 4/01/2023  Sunday Night Voltage Card: 4/02/2023

LIVE! From the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

- Limmy Monaghan vs PJ Hendrx - Champ vs Champ

- Soul Food Sunday invades Comic-Con! 

- Jay Jerry Johnson vs. Serenity Valdez - Cameron Ella Ava ringside!

- The Queen Bees are just fine.

- Joso vs. Ruler - Grand Rampage Preview

- "Let me give you a receipt for last week…" 

- Bronson Daniels & Madison Kaline vs. The Off Brand Amphetamines - Grand Rampage Preview

- Milli Banks & ARIA come face to face for the first time on the road to Grand Rampage

- Jamie Cross vs. Mei Sasaki w/Sierra Bradford

- Caroline & Jamie Cross set the date

- Keoga Leoso vs. Shane Gates

- Scott Diamond & Limmy Monaghan have a contract signing for their World Heavyweight Championship match at Grand Rampage








LIVE! From the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

- Jake Smith & Alex Myers vs. POTARA (Harper Lee & Holly Arrow)

- Another week of Richard Tracie P.I. continuing his investigation & interrogations on who attacked Kassidy Heart

- Ms. Extreme vs. Lexi

- Mikaela Street sits down with Dominion

- Chris Elite vs Ashlynn Quinn w/ Veena Adams

- “OMG…. The Three Wisemen are Gucci, Louboutin & Prada!”

- Harley Lewis vs. Major Michael Scott Connor vs. Hans Grayson vs. Drake Armstrong– Over The Top Rope  Challenge! Grand Rampage Preview


- Nyx vs. Lucas Johnson

- Kassidy Heart has a few words for the other competitors in the Grand Rampage!

- Jon Kelton & Amir Yusuf w/ Londyn Zelaya & Pandora Paisley vs. Donovan Duke & Adam Lucas – Impact on Commentary!









LIVE! From the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

- Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Myles - Champion vs. Champion Showcase

- Daryl has some words of warning for Myles.

- Methuselah & Drake King vs. Usagi Senshi & TLA - Yhwach O’Hara at ringside!

- Ronan Malosi has a little surprise for Candice!

- Hikari Kanno vs. Candice Blair

- A new challenger emerges for the Hardcore Championship!

- Theron Nikolas vs. Korey Gaines - Grand Rampage Preview Match

- Who was the man with Samael?!

- Miku Sakai vs. James Ranger 

- Mercer McKay declares himself for Grand Rampage!

- Sheridan Müller vs. Daryl Kinkade - Challenger vs. Challenger Showcase

- “Spit it out. What’s the stipulation, Sheridan?”

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