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    Wicked Games 2021 Prediction Thread

    Jake Smith & Chris Elite vs. Drake King & Ms. Extreme - Tag Team Turmoil Tournament Finale Myles & Minerva w/Drake King vs. Justin Windgate & Donovan Duke w/Captain Charisma - If New Eden wins, then they get control of Voltage for a month. If they lose, New Eden disbands for good. | Barbed Wire...
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    House of Glass 2021 Prediction Thread

    Xander Payne vs. The Visual Prophet - World Heavyweight Championship | Glass Wallz Andrea Valentine vs. SOSA Henderson - Red Wallz Andre Walker vs. Johnny Andrews - Interwire Championship | Glass Crypt Xavier Williams & Harlow Reichert vs. Ximena Velasquez & Sierra - Unified Tag Team...
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    MATCH PROMO L elitist

    “Uh… What's wrong with you, Harper? I didn't deliver enough? Oh, didn't I? Is it like I didn't have Jake Smith on the edge of elimination before Ryan Wilson got tagged in and from there… something just went wrong? Alright, yes. I did get pinned by Ryan that night. Something I don't know just...
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    MATCH PROMO captain these nuts

    “I hope you will be able to take something out of that, Ashley. I hope that loss wakes up something inside you. I hope you will stop being delusional, even if I doubt that. I hope your ego won't get out of control like what happened with… some dudes. I hope you understood what I've been saying...
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    MATCH PROMO stupid

    “LMAO, what? Ashley, are you really THAT stupid? I mean, I already knew that you've always been quite out of it, and that you're basically not the most sane person — but I didn't know that you're actually stupid to that level. Are you realizing how immature you sound when you speak? Are you...
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    The compliment game

    One of the most hard-working people in EAW, and as I told you before, your improvement as of late has been seriously great to see.
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    MATCH PROMO Damn, I'M good.

    “And I beat Charlie Marr. Apparently, not the exact way I wanted to do it, but I did it. A few days ago, I won this New Breed Championship, and right after that, I elevated it and started saving its legacy just like I promised I would. Already started building Amir Yusuf's legacy, and rebuilding...
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    MATCH PROMO lmfao it will never

    “And I did it. I'm The New Breed Champion. I, as I promised, didn't let anyone I represented down, made my moment, achieved my dream, and became a Champion. I came out there, gave it absolutely everything I had, and at the end, I was able to what a lot thought I wouldn't do. I have won The New...
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    Amir is funny. Amir is hilarious. I'm the New Breed Championship. My reign is coming to an end, but it won't be at Clash of Kingdoms. Amir Yusuf marks a third successful title defense for me. Amir is not the one ending my reign. My reign won't end now. Your respect holds no value...
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    MATCH PROMO elevation

    "Oh……… I have gone up against individuals like Impact, Lethal Consequences, Theron Nikolas, and the list goes on — and Ryan Wilson thinks… that I… fear him? :mjlol: Bro, are you literally out of your mind? Nah, seriously, are you sure you’re not insane? Bro, I FEAR YOU? OH, I FEAR RYAN WILSON...
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    MATCH PROMO get help

    "Adorable? Nah, man, seriously, get help. I have been actually wasting time and effort in trying to help you, or trying to make you realize any of what it is all really about, but you opened my eyes, and made me realize that it won't work, so thank you… again. There is more than one reason the...
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    "Ryan, you just made it clear for me. Thank you. You don't lie to make yourself feel better; you just lie for the sake of lying. Maybe, as you claim, you could succeed in keeping the promises you have made. But now? You, indeed, ARE making a promise everyone knows what you cannot keep when you...
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    MATCH PROMO and new

    "Message…? Bro, did you even hear what I said? So, you just confirmed what I have been saying all along, and confirmed that you are, as I have been saying, ignorant? I could have had a word on how you immediately got eliminated after eliminating me from the match, but since you already know it...
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    Clash Of Kingdoms 2: Shores Of Gold Prediction Thread

    Drake King (c) vs. Jake Smith | EAW World Championship Minerva (c) vs. Cleopatra | EAW National Elite Championship Bronson Daniels (c) vs. Andre Walker | EAW Interwire Championship Adam Lucas (c) vs. Jon Kelton - Hardcore Rules | EAW Hardcore Championship Ryan Wilson (c) vs. Amir Yusuf | EAW...