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    MATCH PROMO Someone has to be the Villain (Dynasty #02)

    The atmosphere is not like last time: Clearer, completely visible: The only thing that remained was the lack of people. This time we could clearly see that it was a wrestling ring and a chair. Arel was standing behind the chair, both hands resting on the chair. Face facing the floor, in a...
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    MATCH PROMO Hands, touching hands (Dynasty 01)

    The environment is dark, not totally black. You can tell with a few beams of light that it is a high school gymnasium of some sort. In the center of the grounds, of a very worn wooden court, is an iron chair, and a body lies there quietly resting. The camera approaches. The features start to...
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    Arel Beckham

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT Wrestling Name: Arel Beckham Picture Base: Tyler Bateman Current Nicknames: "Egnimatic" "Kill The Noise" "Messiah" Height: 5 ft. 9' Weight: 195 lb Hometown: Santa Monica, Los Angeles Disposition/Alignment: Cowardly Heel Gimmick: Arel is a very strange...