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    MATCH PROMO HUH? (Draft Show #2)

    For a man that apparently runs a billion dollar empire, you aren’t that clever. Surely you have an employee that can watch your promo and check it before it goes out to the masses? Relax, Harley. You’re getting excited and over zealous. I get it, you’re so happy that you get to face a man like...
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    MATCH PROMO Neverland (Draft Show #1)

    The camera opens up with a shot of a massive Airbus A380 aeroplane, this aeroplane has a green and white crown printed on the side of it. The camera then changes to a drone shot and we can see that the aeroplane has begun to take over. The camera then shows the inside of the plane. It is quite...
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    Jake does so much for this place that he deserves all the success he gets, I think this has been a long time coming and I look forward to seeing when he cashes in
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    Favorite Match: Biased of course but Charlie Marr vs Daryl Kinkade. Favorite Moment: Jake winning CITV Most Shocking Moment: Serenity winning for sure Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Best: Jake, Andre. Worst: Viz Overall Rating: 10/10 as always, every single PFP seems to be even better than...
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    These two guys are next up for sure, loved what I saw this week and think they will both gone on to great things. Congrats Joso.
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    Congrats man, think we all know how great you are and you deserve to hold a world title. You are one of my favourite promoers here by far and your almost infinite list of accolades. Great run by TLA holding the belt, I think he will be holding another before we know it
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    Thank you king
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    Graphic Type: Sig Picbase/Render(s): Tommaso Ciampa Text: Charlie Marr Color Scheme: Green and white Additional Information: N/A Thank you king
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    MATCH PROMO Disjointed Memories (PFP #5)

    That’s much better, Daryl. I expect this kind of praise and adulation a lot more. You are so right, I am a stud. I am one of the most talented members of the EAW roster, arguably the most talented. You should be singing my praises and begging me to show some fucking mercy at Pain for Pride. I do...
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    MATCH PROMO Don’t meet your heroes (PFP #4)

    I was enjoying this little back and forth at first but I have to say you’re boring me now, Daryl. Bring something new to the table, I beg. Don’t just regurgitate the same bullshit every promo, I expected better. I thought after a few years away you might have returned a little bit better on the...
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    MATCH PROMO Happy Fathers Day!(PFP #3)

    Where’s my present, Daryl? It’s Fathers Day and you haven’t got your dad anything to celebrate! I thought I raised my son better than this. I sonned you many years ago and I will continue to do so. I think I need to teach you a lesson in grace and decorum. Show some respect to your Daddy...
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    MATCH PROMO It’s all about Daryl (PFP #2)

    As always, everything is about Daryl. This pathetic attention whore cannot allow anyone to have their moment in the sun, he has to make it about him. Daryl returned to EAW with one intention in mind, to steal my spotlight. This mental midget cannot handle the fact that I am an international...
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    MATCH PROMO It’s Always Sunny in Saudi Arabia (PFP #1)

    *CLAP, CLAP, CLAP* Yes, I give a round of applause to myself. I think it’s the least I deserve after one of the greatest seasons in EAW history. I have been nothing short of dominant during EAW Season 15 and I deserve some kind of adulation for that. I deserve some praise, god knows I won’t be...
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    EAW Hall of Fame 2022 Inductee #4

    Wow, I really wasn't expecting this but I feel so honoured. I can't believe that I am going to be in the same bracket as all of the EAW greats, that is incredible. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and all the support that everyone has shown me throughout my time in EAW. I have...
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    MATCH PROMO Don't Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again (Showdown #2)

    Don’t worry, son, I have this one covered. I do feel like a proud father seeing Daryl dominate this verbal altercation between him and Kirk/Solomon. Daryl is going off this week, where was this during MarrKade? All insults aside, well done my son. I appreciate you actually acting like a...