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    The compliment game

    Someone who has all the potential in the world and the chance to do some really big things in SZN 16. Keep it going, keep making the Amir Yusuf character your own, and I assure you that you'll strike gold.
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    Ok I had time for one :troll:
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    We back, I wanted to finish these last few requests before I go on my vacation this week. I opened the thread back up because I'm so kind and generous :wow:, but I'll probably have to get to them the week after this one. Tysm!
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    I do love me some Tumblr aesthetics :wow:
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    @Harper Lee / @Drake King You're the one that usually post these so I can see why nobody was doing so :troll: Harper is annoying as fuck but at the same time that's what makes a character like her so special. You know how to make people pissed off and the reaction in live chat of you cashing in...
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    why not both?
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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

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    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

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    Jake Smith @JakeSmithPro I see the DMs you guys send to Holly you sick freaks.
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    my brother you are better than this
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    MATCH PROMO Tearin' Up My Heart

    Regardless of whether or not you two are the hottest collab, Holly and I are still not losing. From the get-go, this match has not been in your favor, and as much as you two want to convince me otherwise, I'm not buying it. You can get on your fancy jets and smoke all the Backwoods you want...