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    MATCH PROMO shooting yourself in the foot [Poor Unfortunate Souls 1]

    It's one thing to shoot yourself in the foot. Just don't reload the gun. - Lindsey Graham "I have been nothing short of frustrated as of recent. Don’t get me wrong, I never expected any of this to be smooth sailings and easy pickings, not one bit. There was no chance I could walk into this...
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    Happy Birthday?
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    Territorial Invasion (2022)

    it's lit
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    MATCH PROMO Icon. [Dynasty 2]

    If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. - Kristin Hannah "As predicted; as expected; as is the common theme, your alliance to The Visual Prophet has deluded you. I said it right from the get-go, I knew exactly what this week would entail. It feels almost...
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    MATCH PROMO Leader. Captain. [Dynasty Promo 1]

    It's never good to sit around and wait for someone or something to change your life. - Kristin Hannah "I wish I could sit here and tell everyone that I'm happy with my current situation. Truth be told, however; I am simply not. Three weeks ago, I was milliseconds away from becoming the...
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    Who's an opponent you've faced in EAW before that you'd like to have a more extensive feud with?

    Adam Lucas 3, need the trilogy; Cameron Ella Ava, feel it could be interesting & Cam is a good friend; Ronan Malosi, the story would be fire.
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    Midsummer Massacre 2022 Prediction Thread

    Undisputed EAW World Heavyweight Interwire Championship Andre Walker (c) vs. Madison Kaline EAW Answers World Championship Impact (c) vs. Chris Elite EAW World Championship Minerva (c) vs. Ronan Malosi EAW Unified Tag Team Championships Off-Brand Amphetamines (c) vs. The Prescription Singles...
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    I was, ultimately, screwed the fuck out of a win I had earned nevertheless secured. Season 16 is still mine.
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    MATCH PROMO my season. [Dynasty 3]

    Expecting on others is such a sword that only targets your life, not others. - Ehsan Sehgal "Am I wrong for having expected more from you, Viz? Truth be told, I expected a lot of things to occur this week. I expected The Visual Prophet to act a certain way, as his character has shown to...
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    MATCH PROMO narrative spinner. [Dynasty 2.]

    In art, scandal is a false narrative, a smoke screen that camouflages rather than reveals. - Jerry Saltz "You really want me to be something, don't you Madison? It's the only way you can justify your approach. Madison you are a very historically one-note Elitist. You cannot thrive in a...
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    MATCH PROMO earned. [Dynasty 1]

    You can't buy a good reputation; you must earn it. - Harvey Mackay "Three weeks ago I declared 'Season 16 is mine.' Allow me to further explain what that implicates. ‘Season 16 will be mine’ in the sense that I am the Elitist everybody will look at when finding out who it was that reached...
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    Disrespectfully stop simping over me in your promos you ugly inside and out
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    Mirai Natsu

    Whoa I love this
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    If you're mad that injuries are happening in this place, I'm not sure why you're surprised. It's a standard we have to live with, it won't change. Nor is it mutually exclusive to weapons. I've had a singular injury across the two, almost three years in EAW - wasn't because of a weapon. Your...
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    You don’t pay attention do you? If you truly have a problem with the fact Showdown - the only brand in the entire company to feature minimal hardcore stipulations - had that title on its brand, take it up with the man himself who replaced the PURE Championship for it. He writes your paychecks...