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    MATCH PROMO The Lighter Side of Korey Gaines - Gaines v Wren v Rook - Dynasty 1

    What exactly have you heard about me, Gaines? You need to stop listening to liars. I’d hate for you to drown in bullshit before I get my hands on you. I love comic books. Looking at you makes me think of William Gaines. And Alfred E Neuman *pushes ears forward with fingers.* What, Korey worry...
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi all, My name is Peter. I'm 40. I live in Australia (Melbourne.) I've set up accounts on Efed sites before, but have never gotten very far on one.
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT "I'm coming for the King."

    Hello, EAW. Radiant Ryan Rook here. I’m coming for the King. If I have to knock over a couple of pawns along the way, so be it. All you pieces, be alert. Don’t let your guard down. I will defeat the King. *winks* And kiss the Queen.