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    Territorial Invasion (2020)

    Lets go showdown
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    Lol does he not know its outback not outhouse ronan is as dim as he gets
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    MATCH PROMO Is back

    I am so glad to be back on showdown now i can get my rematch from pain for pride to get the bhampionship woogieman your bhampionship reign is over i will beat you this Saturday for my first championship ever winning against me was a fluke at pain for pride as they say second times a charm
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    How many championships have you won with all of your characters in EAW?

    None yet as i came basically in the middle of season thirteen
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    Introduction Thread

    Sorry i haven't introduced myself i came like mid season 13 im jason and this is my first efed ever
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    MATCH PROMO Finally showdown 1

    Looks at the camera angrily well i have two opponents this week this time i can finally get a win so i can earn a spot at the upcoming pain for pride i have to get through a cocky rylan and braddock to do it listen up rylan you think you are the best i have to say that you are wrong you're only...
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    Name Change Request Thread

    Could i get my name changed to dynomite please
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    MATCH PROMO Your one to talk showdown II

    You're one to talk and im not going to go easy on you cause your a woman i will give it all i got and beat you and you think you are so damn powerful think again you are like all the other elitist so i would shut up if i were you plus i will beat you innthat ring that i will end your career for...
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    I wasnt complaining i was doing a promo to veena cause i face her next week
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    MATCH PROMO An adams huh?

    the camera crew sets up at my home as i sit there steaming ok this is getting annoying my losing and me not being used and having a week off that is not fair yet i have to face the stupid niece of ddd ryn adams seriously yeah thats right veena im talking about you listen up you dummy hyou are...
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    Im waiting who is the first to step up against me for next week
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    Paces left and right as the camera crew is setting up thank you guys for coming on short notice i would like to make an open challenge to anyone on the showdown roster any of you want a chance to beat me next week dont be shy to let me know cause i will be here all night and day
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    MATCH PROMO We are not jokes showdown II

    Me a joke well excuse me for losing two matches on my debut you think its easy being the new guy no its not i think you are the one that is a joke xander when me shaker and jordan beat you and ddd and Cameron i will challenge you one on one the show after grand rampage and we will see who the...
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    How long have you been here?

    A newbe here i have been here since last month i think
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    MATCH PROMO Watch what you say showdown I

    Ok so my match against alexis last week didnt go as planned yet i am now stuck with the guy who beat me up on my what was supposed to be my debut on showdown shaker jones and my opponent than who i am also teaming up with Jordan Payne against three losers who think they can win. First off the...