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  1. The Living Highlight


    It's been a busy week with the kids, work and all. My bad for the lack of rps. I'll pick it back up this week now that the kids are back in school
  2. The Living Highlight

    MATCH PROMO Say something, at least (Dynasty #1)

    If you were thinking, or in Mary and Johnny's case, praying that The Living Highlight would have taken his ball and go home and pout, sorry to disappoint. I should have expected something like that from you, Mary. All that talk about how you were a fighter, that you had the skills to dominate...
  3. The Living Highlight

    Goals for 2021

    1. To be a good father to my kids. 2. Be a good husband to my wife. 3. Talk to my Mom more. 4. Spend more time with family. 5. Travel (once the pandemic is over)
  4. The Living Highlight

    MATCH PROMO Nothing more left to be said... (RP #3)

    Location: Bouchard Estates Ile Bizard, Quebec Three days ago... “This is no good, boys.” I was crossing over the Champlain Bridge when I got the call from Bobby. The Old Man wanted to have a “sit down” with Frankie and I to straighten out our unresolved issues. Mr. Bouchard wasn't the kind...
  5. The Living Highlight

    MATCH PROMO Selfless Education (RP #2)

    Location: Pierrefonds Community High School Pierrefonds, Quebec "I guess it's safe to say that I STRUCK A NERVE." We open up the scene of this upcoming promo within the confines of a class room. The class is empty due to the school being closed, but we do find The Living Highlight seated...
  6. The Living Highlight

    MATCH PROMO A Sure Thing (RP #1)

    You probably should have followed SEBAS' lead and kept your mouth shut. Every other contracted combatant here in this so-called top-tier wrestling promotion might have been shocked that BOTH #1 CONTENDERS to what I'm told is two of the MOST IMPORTANT CHAMPIONSHIPS ON THE SHOW got handled rather...
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    forget that. How does it feel to see Montreal lead the league in like everything?
  8. The Living Highlight

    Introduction Thread

    Sup? My name is Steve. Living in the East End of Montreal. I'm 29, was feeding a few years back but got married, had kids yada yada yada. With all the time on my hands, figured why not? Happy to make your acquaintance. You can get at for whatever whenever
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    Happy Birthday Charlie Marr

    Happy birthday Charlie
  10. The Living Highlight

    MATCH PROMO Late to the Party

    Location: Autoroute 15, Napierville, Quebec Time: 10:43 AM I stayed at Dani's...
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    OOC: Been a while. Extremely rusty, but I think I could get back into it. Let me know what you guys think. Just a little CD to set up the next RP. Date: 01/17/2021 Time: 7:33 p.m Location: Somewhere on Autoroute 15 (Highway 15 for those that don't understand French) Laval, Quebec I got a...