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  1. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO What Does the Unkillable Live For? - Wicked Games Promo

    (A camera fades in on a courthouse around five o’clock. All sorts of people; lawyers, cops, civilians, and the like move in and out like an endless stream. In this, there is a stillness where Kirk Redwood sits on the courthouse steps. He is in a disheveled suit, staring despondently forward as...
  2. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Real Tough Guy ! :(- Voltage Promo

    You live in a dream Minerva. I’m gonna wake you up. You live in a world of exaggeration and wrestling. A world that is protected by lawyers, television laws, and security. As “extreme” as you want to be? You can never leave that fantasy. I don’t blame you though, it’s comfortable. It’s nice...
  3. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Cry havoc... - Voltage Promo

    *The camera fades in on Kirk Redwood mumbling to himself while nursing a glass of whiskey* …last forever? You won’t even last fifteen minutes. Aftre our little confrontation Minerva, I went back home and let your words swirl around my head for a little bit. “It won’t last” you said. “we don’t...
  4. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Let's Get It Started - Voltage Promo

    I’ve been working these years for peanuts…wondering my own impending doom. But as an elephant, I’m only really relevant when I’m standing in a room. I’ve never been one for music, but those are lines that hit home to me. There was a long time when I was just lost, wandering around in a daze...
  5. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO It's Like You Said - Voltage Promo

    You know Jerry, obviously I don’t see you the same way management does. Where I saw a snake, they see an opportunist. Where I see the kid who was always picked last in dodgeball, they see a hungry wrestler. And where I see a coward and a traitor, they see a star. *chuckles* Isn’t that...
  6. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Bringing it Back - Voltage Promo

    I just can’t get rid of you can I Shane? First a tag team match, then territorial invasion, and now a triple threat? Shit, destiny must be playing some kind of sick joke on me. Normally, this is the part where I’d tell you that I don’t respect you, that I don’t fear, and that I generally don’t...
  7. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO "Get It Together ya Fucks" - TI Promo

    Well shit, looks like you guys are in a world of trouble. I never thought the day would come when I’d be agreeing with Shane gates, but here it is. We both think that Jay Jerry Johnson is a tiny-dicked snake who deserves to have his teeth broken. We both agree that this brand is full of top...
  8. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Why Can't We Be Friends?

    Alex, I don’t know who the hell you are, but I agree with you. I’ve been chewing on this match for a week now, wondering how I’m supposed work with my self-proclaimed rogue’s gallery, but you hit on the head: because we have to. We all have our own reasons for why we want to be the winning...
  9. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO "Mistakes Were You" - Voltage Promo

    Jerry, let me tell you a story. A few years back, before I ever thought of wrestling, I was just another kid on the street. I found out quick that you can throw a couple bucks down on a fist fight and make that money multiply reeeeeeal fast. As much money as I made, by the time I had hair on my...
  10. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Handicap Match? - Voltage Promo

    I gotta ask you a question Shane: when your started losing your shit, did your smarts run out as well? First of all my guy, I never assumed that I was going to win. I said, and I feel like I should emphasize this in case you misread it, I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU. Maybe it’s because you’re insecure...
  11. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Trust is Hard to Come By - Voltage Promo

    Seems like somebody put together a powder keg. Only question is: who’s going to light the match? It’s no secret to anybody who paid attention to Shane Gates’s long-winded rant about Lucas Johnson that he’s not a fan. Not only did he call him a bitch, but also made it crystal-clear that he...
  12. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Here's Your Respect - Voltage promo

    Jerry, you really need to learn when to shut the fuck up. In your rant of a promo, all you showed me was that you have the vocabulary of a kid who casually drops the “n-word” in a Call of Duty server. Unfortunately kiddo, when you step into the ring with me you can’t drop out of the server and...
  13. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO "I'll Punch You in the Face" - Dynasty Promo

    Solomon Stane is a helluva man don't you think? Six foot five, three hundred pounds, hairy as a fucking ox. He's the type of man you see coming at you, and you move aside and keep your eyes to the floor right? Oh, my bad, he's the type of man you WOULD do that for if we didn't already watch him...
  14. Honor Guard

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT No More Mountain To Die On

    *The camera fades in on Redwood sitting on a weathered couch. As the camera comes into the focus, it becomes clear that this is a rundown apartment with only a couple pieces of furniture and even fewer decorations. Redwood gets up, still sore from his match with Griff, walks to the fridge and...
  15. Honor Guard

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Experience is the best teacher- Voltage Promo

    You know what Griff, I am reckless. Two matches in a row, I got in that ring and threw caution to the wind. And both times, a harder fighting man than me won. They got in the ring and knocked me the hell out. I’ll admit to that. But if you replay that footage kiddo, you’ll see that I went to...
  16. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Voltage Promo - "War"

    War is a funny thing. Sometimes you’re stalking a through a jungle, sweat rolling down your forehead, fingers shaking, not knowing whether or not you’ll step on a landmine before you take down the enemy. Sometimes you’re walking through a crowded village knowing any one of those bastards might...
  17. Honor Guard

    MATCH PROMO Voltage Promo - Kirk Redwood

    Fujiwara, I don’t care how many folks you fought with the same objective. Of course, there has been a hundred guys before me obsessed with the fight, and there will be a hundred guys after me. But I never claimed to be unique. I never claimed to be anything more than what I am: a fighter. And...
  18. Honor Guard

    Kirk Redwood Contract

    I'd rather use this one if it's fine, but I understand if it isn't
  19. Honor Guard

    Kirk Redwood Contract

    My bad, I straight up thought my other character was removed cuz I wasn't active as it
  20. Honor Guard

    Kirk Redwood Contract

    Name: Kirk Redwood Base: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor Nicknames: “Unkillable”, “The Dog of War”, “Bastard Son” Height: 6’0” Weight: 210 Pounds Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Inspiration: Tom Lawlor, Biff Busick, Tim Thatcher and Kyle O’Reilly Disposition: Tweener Gimmick: Redwood, as a former...