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  1. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Coming In Hot [Voltage 7-11 #1]

    “I think it’s time we changed things up.” Raven Roberts sits in a leaned back chair with a black stylist’s cape covering everything below her neck. Her hair is also wrapped in a towel, leaving only her face visible. Various trays of makeup are spread over a vanity with lights around it at every...
  2. Raven Roberts

    Raven Roberts

    Updated pic base, gimmick, and added special entrance.
  3. Raven Roberts

    Goals for season 15

    I’d say there’s only a 1% chance of that.
  4. Raven Roberts

    Help me plz

    I’ve always wondered why you didn’t use Kip Sabían for Ahren instead of for Jesse. He’s got the pretty boy aesthetic that fits the former model character.
  5. Raven Roberts

    Pic Base Changing Season 15 Edition

    So are most of y’all’s promos but that isn’t stopping anyone
  6. Raven Roberts

    Pic Base Changing Season 15 Edition

    Let’s set the universe straight.
  7. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Beginnings [PFP XIV]

    June 1st, 2021 Torrance, California 11:28 AM The bright California sunshine beams down as we find our view along the west coast, specifically the Torrance Memorial Medical Park on Lomita Boulevard in Torrance, California. A few gulls fly overhead in the direction of Redondo Beach, but the...
  8. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Ocean Breeze [Showdown 6-12 #1]

    The scene opens to a marina. Docks and boats line the waters and gulls fly through the air. The grey wood of the marina can be followed around the various docks, various people are walking around as they go about their business. The sky is grey with the sun drowned out in the overcast. The wind...
  9. Raven Roberts

    I’m Sorry

    I don’t usually do these apologies publicly. Usually I prefer to do them in a DM or something. But given the severity of the match I’m meant to be in this week, it felt more appropriate to apologize to the entire fed. I’ve made a few excuses for low activity weeks since my return. But I’ve tried...
  10. Raven Roberts


    Raven Roberts is seething. She’s pacing back and forth in front of the camera view, twirling an escrima between her fingers. Wearing a pair of jeans and a tattered Rex Effect t-shirt, she’s down in the solitude of the training gym in the basement of the McAllister home. Behind her there appears...
  11. Raven Roberts


    Be there or face the wrath of Koko B. Ware
  12. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO 🎂 [GR 2021 #8]

    Some things in life are predictable. The sun will shine. Rain will fall. Silver Ann Gold will feel uncomfortable with anything spicier than black pepper on her boiled chicken. Tomorrow is going to come. Like clockwork, there are some things in this world that you can simply rely on to happen...
  13. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Forgotten [GR 2021 #7]

    I mentioned the other day that I’d seen a lot of people come and go in my few years in EAW. It’s crazy how quick the eras change. When I first stepped onto Empire, they’d only just realized that Aria Jaxon could actually be defeated. I watched as people who were pushed as bonafide stars even in...
  14. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Too Ill To Thrill [GR 2021 #6]

    Lessons. Everything we see, everything we do, every incident that happens. All of it is a lesson to be learned. The journey to get to EAW has been an incredibly long road to say the very least. From the day I left my home to chase what should probably be described as a fool’s dream up to the...
  15. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO A Golden Opportunity [GR 2021 #5]

    There are few moments in our careers that truly effect who we are as people, as competitors. But those few moments… they come to define everything. Wrestling isn’t a sport to be taken lightly. It’s known for killing its competitors at an early age. For putting many people into retirement...
  16. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Cowards [GR 2021 #4]

    A little over a year ago was one of the happiest days of my life. On March the seventh, I married the love of my life. Me getting together with Rex was an odd thing to be perfectly honest. We were two very different people when we started dating. I was one of the most hated women in EAW. He was...
  17. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Dogs Chasing Cars [GR 2021 #3]

    Additional chances at something aren’t often given in life. And they should never be overlooked. A second chance is something very few ever receive, and it should be treated like a precious treasure, optimized to its fullest potential. When I made my return to EAW at King of Elite, I made the...
  18. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Alt Big Time Rush [GR 2021 #2]

    Ever since my return a couple of months ago I’ve been on an odd roller coaster of momentum. Since my return I’m undefeated in Free Per Views but I’ve only won a single match on television. There’s a lot of shit I could say about that but I acknowledge the truth. It’s down my own lacking. My own...
  19. Raven Roberts

    MATCH PROMO Allegiances [GR 2021 #1]

    The Grand Rampage. When the fans hear that phrase it means a spectacle. One of the biggest matches and moments of the year. A time where they see thirty elitists battlebit out in a single ring. A unique competition that has never been replicated no matter how many times it’s been tries. But...