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  1. Ronan Malosi


    “I may not be Mr. Cash in the Vault, but… I got Cash in the Vault.”
  2. Ronan Malosi

    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [OPEN]

    Graphic Type: Banner. Picbase/Render(s): Happy Corbin Text: Ronan Malosi - Million Dollar Megastar Color Scheme: Green and Black Additional Information: Money style
  3. Ronan Malosi


    Draft Day!
  4. Ronan Malosi


    I was destined to win Cash in the Vault, it’s just too bad the other competitors didn’t have enough decency to move aside and let me claim MY briefcase. Jake Smith is lucky, and if he cashes in on the man who represents my brand next season, I’ll promptly make him regret it.
  5. Ronan Malosi


    I knew TLA would be good for something at Pain for Pride. Just made so much money on DraftKings thanks to his loss!
  6. Ronan Malosi

    "The Drunken Heel King"..."The Oni Octopus"...THE NEW AND IMPROVED KOMATSU OGAWA

    The landscape of Elite Answers Wrestling has officially changed.
  7. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Finale - (Pain for Pride 006)

    This may be the last time I address my competitors for Cash in the Vault. “Well, Ronan, you didn’t speak much like the others.” And? This week, I’ve saved the time, and I’ve saved the energy. I don’t care about having a verbal jousting session with the other competitors that plague this match...
  8. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Five - (Pain for Pride 005)

    Jay… just shut up. You know why these fans don’t sympathize with me? Because I’m everything they’re not, I’m something that they can never be in life. And you? The only edge Jay Jerry Johnson has over these fans is the fact he’s an EAW elitist, but not even a good one. Other than that, don’t...
  9. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Anomaly (Pain for Pride 004)

    Alright, here we go, another round of addressing my opponent for Cash in the Vault. How bout I start off with Jon Kelton? Because the guy claims I haven’t proven myself to be a threat, but look, I’ve already achieved championship gold here in EAW, and did so in exactly two years. Most people...
  10. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO I Am Perfection. (Pain for Pride 003)

    You people have once again been blessed with an opportunity to be addressed by yours truly, Ronan Malosi, and what you’re witnessing right now is history. This is one of the last times you’ll see me without some form of gold around my waist, or slung over the shoulder, because once that World...
  11. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Because I Can. (Pain for Pride 002)

    The scene opens with Ronan sat down inside his presidential suite, having a great view of Vegas through his window walls in the background. Before addressing the camera, he takes an obnoxious sip of coffee Ronan Malosi: Jake, you’ve got an interesting way of looking at things, but I’ve said it...
  12. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Superstar Status (Pain for Pride 001)

    The scene opens with Ronan stood behind the open driver side door of his all white custom Rolls Royce, leaning on the car’s roof while addressing the camera Ronan Malosi: None of you common people could possibly know what it’s like to be Ronan Malosi, getting on the private jets, stepping in...
  13. Ronan Malosi


    Last night proved three things. 1.) I’m better than Jay Jerry Johnson. 2.) Adam Lucas is a coward, who got put in his place by me, and only could respond with violence. 3.) I make pink look badass!
  14. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Patronizing (Showdown 003)

    The scene opens with an expensive suit clad Ronan stepping out of his all white Rolls Royce, closing the door, and turning to address the camera Ronan Malosi: As you can see, I got the thing fixed up, no thanks to Charlie Marr, who’s the reason I had to do so in the first place. Can you believe...
  15. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Hard Work (Showdown 002)

    The scene opens with Ronan sat down on the black leather couch in his living room, handing off a bourbon glass to a female maid, who walks off, and he proceeds to address the camera Ronan Malosi: When it comes to Cash in the Vault, out of all the people in that match I thought would...
  16. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Marquee (Showdown 001)

    The scene opens with Ronan being driven around in the backseat of an Escalade, finishing up a phone call with someone important, and putting the phone away in the inside chest pocket of his suit jacket before addressing the camera Ronan Malosi: Last week, I did exactly as promised. Walked in...
  17. Ronan Malosi


    Last night, I kept the winning streak alive!
  18. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Golden Future (Showdown 002)

    The scene opens with Ronan doing a photoshoot backstage, dressed up in his gear, and posing for the camera before calling a timeout Ronan Malosi: Alright, let’s take ten. In fact, while you’re at it, go get me a cup of coffee, might be some money in there for you, probably more than you’re...
  19. Ronan Malosi

    MATCH PROMO Overlook (Showdown 001)

    The scene opens with Ronan looking out a window in his office before sitting down on the desk, fixing his suit, and adjusting his watch before addressing the camera Ronan Malosi: Pain for Pride 15, they’re calling it a spectacle at Sin City, and it very well could be. You got Andre Walker...
  20. Ronan Malosi


    Call me Ronan, or we can cut right to the chase, and you can call me Mr. CITV. The other five won’t mind, they don’t have a shot at winning anyway. #BigDealEnergy