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  1. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO A Unique Opportunity (Operation: Doomsday #1)

    “So they’re calling this a “Unique Opportunity”... something I’m no stranger to here in Elite Answers Wrestling. Hell, my third match with the company was a “Unique Opportunity”... one that I, unfortunately, was unable to convert into that opportunity at the Specialists Champion at Pain for...
  2. Envy Ellis

    AMA Envy Ellis

    - When I was an outsider watching, I would see talk about the massive Grand Rampage battle royal and - more than that - the RPing for it. I'm definitely eager to get around to that season and cutting loose (footloose?) - There are a lot of good names on Dynasty and it's tough for me, as an EAW...
  3. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO The Fix Is In??

    [REC.] “This has to be some kind of joke, right?” Before our camera even springs to life, the sound of the voice of Envy Ellis is heard over the scene. Surely as she sits, a review of the card for the next episode of Elite Answers Wrestling Dynasty is underway and Envy, upon seeing her match...
  4. Envy Ellis

    AMA Envy Ellis

    Ok my arm has been twisted... Or not... *crickets*
  5. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO A Night to Forget (Dynasty RP)

    [REC.] "So... uh..." The night had not been kind to Envy Ellis. She did come out of the gates with an aggressive showing in her tag team contest against Kensi and Lisa Wren, but in the end it was an untimely mistake that was capitalized upon that left Envy flat on her back counting the...
  6. Envy Ellis


    Not happy with how last night went. I know I'm better than that. I know I'm better than THEM. But as I said... I'm not dead yet. And I'm not giving those dime-a-dozen tramps the satisfaction of driving me out. I'm going to keep climbing... and use their faces as rungs of the ladder to the top.
  7. Envy Ellis


    That was a tad disheartening... but I'm nowhere near done fighting. If you think one small setback is going to knock me down and out? You don't fucking know me!
  8. Envy Ellis

    What would y’all do if y’all ran EAW for a week

    Probably panic and hide in my room.
  9. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO It's A New Season (Dynasty RP)

    [REC.] "It's a new season for our hero and pals..." Sure enough, the scene rises up with an almost musical, singsong declaration from one Envy Ellis, for it was indeed a new season in Elite Answers Wrestling. So as our scene opens up to record, we see the newly-minted member of the EAW Friday...
  10. Envy Ellis

    Goals for season 15

    - Elevate Envy to a higher level than she's at now (I know... I'm really swinging at low-hanging fruit here). - Depending on how well I feel managing one, potentially elevate to two characters.
  11. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO Embracing Excellence

    ::EAW Pain for Pleasure has come to an end. When the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, the landscape of Elite Answers Wrestling was noticeably altered, particularly through Voltage where New Eden had seemingly assumed total control. But amidst all the fanfare and celebrations, Envy...
  12. Envy Ellis


    Tossed. Forgotten before my feet hit the floor. Pretty humbling. But make no mistake... while my PFP debut may not have gone the way I envisioned, as long as there's blood in my veins and a beating heart in my chest... as long as there are still receipts to hand out... I'm not going anywhere...
  13. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO You. Fucked. Up. (24/7 battle royal rp)

    ::As our scene opens up, we can see Envy Ellis sitting on a bench alone, the single camera trained on her. She sits with her hands between her knees, far from her typically-unflappable self. While she prepares for her first appearance on the big stage… a battle royal with the stipulation of the...
  14. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO The Road to the Show

    “I guess I have a few things that I need to talk about here tonight. So I’m going to sit right here and talk. I know that you’re used to these long diatribes from people, so I’ll try to mix things up and not bore anyone to tears… hi Persephone!... by not droning on and on like some cartoon...
  15. Envy Ellis


    Getting another W felt good. Also felt like it wasn't enough. So the foot presses on the gas. I'm not stopping now.
  16. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO Frustration Mounting

    “Frustrated does not even BEGIN to describe how I feel right now! You know what? I thought I was past it. I thought the jitters would be gone once Greg Voltaire tapped out to the Ellis Armbar in my debut. Maybe they DID disappear. Maybe THAT is the problem. Maybe I got too complacent… too...
  17. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO Don't Know How to Stop (Voltage II)

    “Let me tell you a little story…” ::The animation for this is provided by an unknown artist, but it illustrates the story that our protagonist, the one-time “Goddess of the Cage” Envy Ellis, dictates…:: “This goes back before the five seconds inside the steel cage, all the way back to the...
  18. Envy Ellis

    MATCH PROMO A Word on Opportunities (Voltage)

    “Opportunities… that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it? I came to Elite Answers Wrestling because I wanted an opportunity. I wanted to show that I can keep up with the absolute BEST that this business had to offer! I wanted… no… I CRAVED the challenge that a new landscape would...
  19. Envy Ellis


    Getting a chance to see Egypt is something I'll never forget. The country has such beauty and history... Still wish I could spend some time here taking someone's arm... maybe next time?
  20. Envy Ellis


    Humbled, but not broken. I may not be on the card in Egypt, but I will be in the building for a first-hand look. Then it's back on the horse.