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    Hunnid Honcho

    @Jon Kelton it's time
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    Dynasty Presents: Poor Unfortunate Souls (2022)

    Full card posted, happy promoing
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    Would You Rather? EAW Edition

    1. Probably the first option because who’s to say the second option can’t still happen on top of that :troll: 2. 10-0 at PFP, GR is too much work. 3. I’d rather win the big 3 4. I’d rather be the face of a brand and hold a world title for a year because quality>quantity 5. I’d rather...
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    What stipulation matches would you like to see in EAW?

    Astraea in a hair vs hair match
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    Midsummer Massacre 2022

    Promoing is open, full card posted
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    Midsummer Massacre 2022

    Midsummer Massacre promoing will be opening up 12:00 AM EST Sunday July 24th with a deadline of 11:59 PM EST on Saturday July 30th. The show itself will be taking place on Sunday July 31st.
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    Ay Anime Fans

    The Boondocks
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    Kenn Kenn

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    EAW Contract Template

    Bumping again for the same reason as before. Also please be aware of the update in the character notes section regarding results-based notes, there is no exception for this regardless of your stature.
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    Promo Reactions

    I wasn’t going to respond directly in this thread because I didn’t want this to become a public scene for non-members but thanks to Pehrox I’ll say what I have to say here. The issue isn’t a matter of you reciprocating support back to others, the issue is you constantly asking others to give a...
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    Midsummer Massacre 2022

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    Funs over. Thread locked. Come to the discord and explain this.
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    Midsummer Massacre 2022

    Credit to @Hikari Kanno
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    Congrats lil sis, u already know my sentiments but I gotta stop by the thread and show u love here too🙏🏽 You’ve fully embraced and bought into the culture here and have been hitting it out the park since your arrival it was only a matter of time before u got a moment like this and there is no...