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  1. Ryan Wilson

    MATCH PROMO Inevitable ( Showdown w/ Lexi vs Mary & Lila )

    Well, that was an interesting turn of events on Saturday night now was it? I walked into Management's office in order to vent my frustration regarding last week's match, which I was winning, and I ended up with a most unexpected gift: A Unified Tag Team Championship match at Deadmen Tell No...
  2. Ryan Wilson

    @Dr. Bethany Blue

    See you soon... My friend.
  3. Ryan Wilson


    Player haterz and trolls are playing games and I ain't here to play but on my own term and with my own rules. Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French their opinions aren't worth the dirt on my Doc Martens,. If you work with that, you might make it around here.
  4. Ryan Wilson


    Thank you. I heard of you on the indie rap scene. Not bad stuff, not bad at all. Looking for some promotion eh? Smart, nothing wrong with putting your name out there. Get ready for the haters and trolls though, there are plenty around here.
  5. Ryan Wilson


    I've been called many things ... But this comes down to the title opportunity really, let's see if Lexi can keep the past behind her.
  6. Ryan Wilson


    Ryan Joseph Wilson and @Lexi : Unified Tag Team Champions. I like the sound of that.
  7. Ryan Wilson

    Dynasty Presents: Poor Unfortunate Souls 2022 Prediction Thread

    Triple Threat Match for the EAW Interwire Championship Andre Walker(c) vs. Ruler vs. Joso Submission Match for the EAW Specialist Championship Serenity Valdez(c) vs. Diamond Dixon Exhibition Singles Match Limmy Monaghan vs. Visual Prophet Exhibition Singles Match Bronson Daniels vs. Ronan...
  8. Ryan Wilson


    Again with the lies and fabrications, now saying I complain about everything. Keep digging that hole.
  9. Ryan Wilson


    Pathetic. At this point, I'm almost tempted to put money on Atami to win. Almost. Just more proof that the New Breed Champion and his division is beneith me. #ICantWaitToFaceKassidy
  10. Ryan Wilson


    Silly little thing, you suck so much you make me enjoy Holly's Tweets.
  11. Ryan Wilson


    - Incompetent - Dumbass - Piece of shit - Can't interfere worth a fuck *Super Real!!!*
  12. Ryan Wilson

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Antonne Prudence defeated Ryan Wilson.

    There’s no two ways about it, it’s the absolute truth. I’m the kind of man who is able to recognize when he is beaten, like when I faced Jack Ripley not too long ago. The man did leave our match with the dub, I’ll give it to him he won fair and square in a match I actually enjoyed. I’m at peace...
  13. Ryan Wilson

    Territorial Invasion (2022)

    Blue tank is best tank. :D
  14. Ryan Wilson


    Antonne, you dumb son of a bitch.
  15. Ryan Wilson


    My reaction to this and his entire promo.
  16. Ryan Wilson

    MATCH PROMO And they say I make no sense. ( Showdown vs Alex Myers promo III )

    Alex must be sighing in relief because this is the last day of promotional material they will have to go through against me. But I grin at the fact that they will groan once they hear that notification bell on their phone, which will let them know that I haven't shut up and that I have plenty...
  17. Ryan Wilson

    MATCH PROMO When was it ever not about me? ( Showdown vs Alex Myers Promo II )

    Of course, it's always about me. When was it ever not about Ryan Joseph Wilson? Have I not made it clear enough? Do I need to scream it through a megaphone on my way to the ring next Saturday? Do I have to get Miss Knorr to do it? Should I hire The Monster Factory in order to do a Death Metal...
  18. Ryan Wilson


    Miss Demi Knorr - @Lucas Johnson on behalf of Ryan Joseph Wilson's legal team you are requested to no longer use the term ''The Lucas Johnson Show'' or risk facing legal consequences as a result of copyright infringement of the term ''The Ryan Wilson Show''. Your compliance is expected, thank you.
  19. Ryan Wilson

    MATCH PROMO What can I say, except... ( Showdown versus Alex Myers Promo I )

    I think we can all agree that this year's MidSummer Massacre lived up to the expectations of a show led by new management under the banner of the House of Mouse. The only downside of the whole event is obviously that I did not partake but I am not sour about it. I see it only as a missed...
  20. Ryan Wilson


    Favorite Match: André versus Madison and Jack versus Kassidy Favorite Moment: How twisted Drake vs Samael was. Most Shocking Moment: The Return of Bronson! No one. Best Night: All the winners, especially The Prescription Worse Night: All those who lost. Overall Rating: 9/10