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  1. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Dark Fantasy

    ( Young Daniel is driving back from Bay Island over the Siesta Key North Bridge after a long, lonely afternoon sitting by himself in Galvin Park. The heat and humidity was at a record high and yet Danny spent the entire afternoon dressed up in a poorly fitted, baggy black suit and tie, sitting...
  2. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO "Save & Exit" -- pt. ii

    PART I ( A recap shows a continuation of Danny Tanner's night following his catastrophic birthday party hosted by Candice Blair. He is in an Uber leaving the arena hours after Voltage ends when he learns he is being picked up by his 13 year old cousins, Jonah & John, who appear significantly...
  3. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO "Save & Exit" -- pt. i

    ( A recap shows the traumatic events of last week's Voltage, where our protagonist young Danny winds up being exposed in front of his entire family in front of the entire world. Nearly everyone he loves in his personal life is in the ring for the surprise birthday party hosted by his bestie...
  4. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Unhappy Birthday

    ( Danny Tanner appears wearing a birthday party hat still on his head from a 'celebration that took place earlier. His face is flushed and his hands are unusually shaky, and he masks clear exasperation with a painful, tooth-crunching smile at the beginning of his video. He is very clearly still...
  5. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Written In The Stars

    Bravado huh... is that what you accuse me of having, Kelton? I feel like any time people talk about another person's bravado these days it is with the connotation that their bravado is not genuine. It's become a dirty word basically speaking. Maybe being brave isn't a genuine thing to begin...
  6. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Valentineless Day

    ( LOCATION: Mall of America, Minnesota ) ( DATE: 2/14/22 - Valentine's Day ) ( Young Danny spends his 29th Valentines Day the same way he's spent the previous 28. All alone. He hadn't heard much from his bestie Candice Blair following the heinous assault carried out on her on Dynasty by the...
  7. Danny Tanner


    ( LOCATION: Economy class in a cramped Frontier Airlines passenger plane departing from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in HTX. Danny Tanner lugs his carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartment of where he is meant to be seated, and excuses himself as he interrupts a seated...
  8. Danny Tanner


    @LoveHazeLuvr941 Now @Candice Blair about that dinner? 😅..... if you’re still down of course 😅
  9. Danny Tanner


    @LoveHazeLuvr941 KOE could not have gone any better!!!! My queens all won!!! @Andrea Valentine @Hikari Kanno @Candice Blair 😄😄😄
  10. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Truly yours, your biggest stan.

    "I’m reliant on you, Danny." "Surely you’re not going to disappoint me?" ( 2-3-2022, Thursday afternoon ) ( Yet another replay of Hikari Kanno's promo, as quoted earlier. Our Daniel is in the driver's' seat of his rental car outside of a Houston Metro area Enterprise center with his phone in...
  11. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Friendzone to the Endzone!!! 🙃

    Shippo!!! Wow hahah, Shippo!!!! Dayum Jerry Jay Jay bro that was the most creative thing you've had to say to me! Better yet that was the only coherent thing you've had to say to me! Dude... *sigh* URRGGGHHHHHHHH *drags palms across my own face* Candice is totally right you are legit like...
  12. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Code: Earth

    Jeremy: "Watch out behind you!" ( Scene begins in the virtual world of Lyoko*. Ulrich readies his sword, and to his surprise a Megatank* emerges from the virtual forest of Lyoko and brandishes its laser cannon. ) *Lyoko - Virtual world from Code Lyoko, a show about boarding school kids who...
  13. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO NO ONE Likes An A**hole!!!

    ( LOCATION: Toronto Pearson International Airport, American Airlines Flight 2708, economy seat. ) ( Danny Tanner has just touched down on a chilly and brutal Saturday morning for tomorrow's edition of Voltage. Rather than getting a seat in First Class he decided to "flex" his holiday bonus by...
  14. Danny Tanner

    Hikari Kanno

  15. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Senpai Gone Love It

    Holy macaroni! Thank my lucky stars! I got NICE Chris Elite this week oh yaaay. Dear heavens I can't believe my eyes and ears, Chris Elite has decided to spare me of his punchlines instead of turning up on me. What a nice guy. I appreciate it. Now it'd really be appreciated if he weren't so damn...
  16. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Spinning Plate Theory

    Candice Blair:🎵 I don’t want a lot for Christmas 🎵 🎵 There is just one thing I need 🎵 🎵 I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree 🎵 ( Danny Tanner and his best friend Tucker sat together on the couch at Tucker’s parents house watching Candice's performance at the Aussie...
  17. Danny Tanner


    @LoveHazeLuvr941 @Candice Blair when are you going to add me to your close friends? 😅
  18. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Power Scaling 101!!

    ( Everyone's favorite meal of the year: Thanksgiving Dinner. That is, unless of course, your name is Danny Tanner. We find ourselves at Auntie Marybeth's house in Virginia after several weeks of immense pressure and browbeating from Mama Tanner and Auntie Tina to attend the family dinner. Not...
  19. Danny Tanner

    MATCH PROMO Head on a Swivel

    ( LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Boston, Friday afternoon. Two days before his tag team match alongside Candice Blair against The Ice Aces. Danny Tanner finds himself snuggled up in a mummy bag on top of a perfectly made, un-touched bed with the room temperature down to a frigid 51 degrees Fahrenheit...