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  1. Trish Edwardson

    MATCH PROMO Fulfilling the words 🐍 Voltage #02

    Most of all I feel flattered. Because I was able to motivate and get a British fighter out of a dark hole he was in. I'm not here to drown anyone in dark places, I'm not here to hurt anyone as I make my way. I am only in EAW to show my worth and I have always been taught since day 1: I don't...
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    MATCH PROMO A neighbor in the ring 🐍 Voltage 01

    Above all I have to take a deep breath. Because this is not the end. I admit that it is a different flavor, but it is not the end of my career. Feeling a defeat for the first time is without a doubt a strange feeling, but repeating myself: This is not the end. Just as past victories did not take...
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    New things coming! Never has a victory taken me to heaven, nor will a defeat take me to hell!
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    MATCH PROMO British Slang 101: Chuffed 🐍 Voltage #01

    If there is one word to define how I feel right now, it is a word I used recurrently with my friends on the streets of my small UK village: Chuffed. A British slang word, it's normal that you don't know it. Not least because you were born in San Diego and it is only a distance of 10338 km from...
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    Friend, turn off your cell phone a little. You are too addicted to social networks, focus on what is important!
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    Is he worthy of it?
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    MATCH PROMO Whatever happens: it will be beautiful 🐍 Voltage #01

    You know a child who entered Disneyland for the first time? And saw all that wonder? That was me when I entered the Voltage locker room for the first time. One thing I was sure of, I had fulfilled a dream. A dream that I have wanted to do since I was sixteen. I admit that it took a little while...
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    MATCH PROMO ProWrestling is bigger than you -- Voltage #01

    I have always heard it said: If it were easy it would not be for us. Please tell me another sport or other activity where you put your body and mental health at risk on a weekly basis. Blood, sweat and tears. The night begins and we know that we have to give everything, no matter what happens...
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    Name Change Request Thread

    When I created my account I didn't know what name I was going to give my character. So I would like to change it to Trish Edwardson
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    Goals for EAW in 2023?

    First and foremost, outside of EAW: To be productive, to continue to strengthen my position in the company, and to learn more on a personal as well as professional level. Inside this world: Most of all to learn the promos and such. I have never participated in something like this and I think...
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    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT WhatCulture Wrestling Podcast: 12/21/2022 - Trish Edwardson

    Adam Wilbourn: Heeeeello! Welcome to another exclusive interview from the WhatCulture Wrestling Podcast, and to end the year on a high note we bring you a name that has recently emerged in the Pro-Wrestling news of our beloved nation. With me I have Michael Hamflett and we'll be having a good...
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    "Le petit serpent" Trish Edwardson

    December 21st. 2022 | Trish's logo has been added.
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    Introduction Thread

    I only noticed that this exists now. So let's introduce myself. My name is Emme, however my real name that appears on my ID is: Emília Rodrigues. I'm Portuguese and 23 years old. I'm a pro wrestling fan for about 3 years (three and a half years) and I'm also a bit obsessed with writing. Which I...
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    "Le petit serpent" Trish Edwardson

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT Real Name: Trish Edwardson-Gutierrez Wrestling Name: Trish Edwardson Picture Base: The Bunny (AEW) or Allie. Current Nicknames: "Le petit serpent" or "The Next-Gen Superstar" Pronouns: She/Her Height: 5ft10' Date of Birth: July 02, 2001. - 21 years old...