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  1. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Reflections (Showdown RP#4)

    “Over the course of my career in this company, there have been quite a few things that have given me a genuine chuckle. I don’t mean laughing at a person to get their back up, that’s easy. No, what I’m talking about is those moments when I have honestly had to stifle how I am really feeling, in...
  2. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Coping very well thank you :-) (Showdown RP#3)

    “Oh Jon...” Adam appears on screen, his head in his hands. He lifts his head, puffing out his cheeks, as he starts to speak.” “I want you to do me a favor fella. Seriously, I’m not trying to get a rise out of you, I’m not preparing you for a fall. What I want you to do is instead of hearing...
  3. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO And another thing... (Showdown RP#2)

    Adam appears on screen, starting this promo with the usual way he ends them, a salute towards the camera. Once again, he had found himself knee deep in preparation for this upcoming match, a match that Adam felt sure would define the future. Not his future, but what was to come, and his...
  4. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Do you get it yet? (Showdown RP#1)

    “Well, color me surprised.” Adam Lucas sits within the confines of his living room, his feet up on the footstool in front of him, Adam taking a moment from his preparations to deliver his first offering for the latest ‘match’ he was being given. “I mean, the cynical amongst us would say that...
  5. Adam Lucas

    Grand Rampage (2023)

    Amazing work 👏
  6. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO No I in Team... yeah right (Showdown RP#3)

    The situation is simple, just Adam and a single stool, his legs crossed at the ankles. With a nod he starts to speak. “Last week I introduced you to an episode of Chris Elite… stating the obvious. An episode that focused on Chris Elite proving every single word I said correct, before then...
  7. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Close (Showdown #2)

    Adam walks into shot, nodding an acknowledgement towards the camera as he starts to speak. “Amir, I think it goes without saying, that I will always respect your choices. I’m not here to preach to you, I’m not even here to try and change your mind. More than most in this company, I believe that...
  8. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO The oh so predictable booking (Showdown RP#1)

    “The reaction to my victory on Showdown was… peculiar. After what had been the expected hard-fought match against the legendary Chris Elite, the finish was claimed to be controversial. I mean, of course I didn’t realize that had happened, I was too busy dealing with my good friend Karl, but when...
  9. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Chris Elite... The man, the myth, the bellend (Showdown RP#3)

    Adam Lucas appears on screen, speaking from his hotel room. He sits on the edge of a running bath, leaning forwards, his hands clasped together. “And welcome to the latest edition of Chris Elite…Stating the obvious. I mean, I guess I should be thankful, because you at least agreed with most...
  10. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Liverpool 7 Manchester Utd 0 (Showdown RP#2)

    I hoped Id get a bite somewhere lol 😜
  11. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Liverpool 7 Manchester Utd 0 (Showdown RP#2)

    Adam Lucas sits in a local bar, watching Soccer on the big screen, Liverpool handing out an absolute hiding to Manchester United. Adam only took an interest due to his friend Owen Cruze being an avid supporter of Liverpool from his time in England. He turns his head away from the screen and...
  12. Adam Lucas

    AMA Adam Lucas

    Thats a very different question bro... Errm I'm gonna go something like a Lord of the Rings
  13. Adam Lucas

    AMA Adam Lucas

    Hey man I'm good hope you are too? Honestly could go either way. Love Donovan as a character and glad the two are on side at the minute First one that comes to mind is against Impact at Dia Del Diablo. Second would probably be the King of Elite final. Third I'd probably go with losing the...
  14. Adam Lucas

    AMA Adam Lucas

    Glad to say that at the moment it comes naturally. I don't actually watch wrestling at the minute so it doesn't come from there. Just wanting to try and match the standard here gives me that drive Nah tried to stop him from being a carbon copy so never write him as wearing stuff like that...
  15. Adam Lucas

    AMA Adam Lucas

    Hey man how's things? Honestly one of shock. Obviously with the two opponents I believed Adam was a massive underdog. Was by accident actually. He was going to be Austin Theory but someone suggested Page so I ran with it Hell yes why isn't he already? Sounds good. Alex is paying tho
  16. Adam Lucas

    AMA Adam Lucas

    I'm good fella how are you? Just one? Wow. I'm gonna go Alex Myers because he's destined for the big one in my opinion Favourite moment would probably be the last one. Beating Kass was huge and the story told was amazing I watch the usual marvel stuff and currently well into the Last of Us...
  17. Adam Lucas

    AMA Adam Lucas

    Hit me...
  18. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Fallout (Showdown RP#1)

    The scene opens in Adam’s lounge, the man himself sat in an easy chair, a glass of something in his right hand that looks like apple juice. He raises it towards the camera in an acknowledgement, and even in doing so winces a little, still bearing the aches and pains of what had been a knockdown...
  19. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Let reality step up and smack you in the mouth (RD#2)

    Adam Lucas stands, dressed in a Next Level tee-shirt, a pair of jeans and Adidas trainers. After listening to Kassidy Hearts most recent promo, you could be forgiven for thinking that Adam had every right to be angry. But the fact was, he was humored by the entire thing. It was nothing he hadn’t...
  20. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO The Whole Truth... according to Kassidy Heart (RD #1)

    Adam Lucas appears on screen, his left foot resting on his right knee, and leant back into the chair in which he is sat. He could be forgiven for feeling pensive about Reasonable Doubt, considering he was going back to one of the most humiliating moments of his career, but the fact was he...