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    It opens to Xander Payne laying down on a recliner, with the camera upside down capturing his forehead. My mind has been running a thousand miles an hour as of late. Think about something for a second, think about another the next second. Jumping off the wall, obsessing about this and that; do...
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    MATCH PROMO Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson... Ryan Wilson...

    There are so many ways this could have gone. So many little variables, so many little nuances, so many little choices and decisions. If things had gone differently, absolutely DOMINION would still be alive. Anyone in my position, with the access to a time machine would go back in time and...
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    Classic Ryan Move.,.. Attak me from behind! Face me liek a man you cowardd!
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    ( The video begins with a front exterior of a cargo ship. The surrounding signs seem to point that this ship is located in a Japanese port. A gantry crane can be seen loading a gigantic cargo container. The camera slowly zooms into the container, to which it oddly enough picks up sound. Who is...
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    "If there is going to be one benefit that will shy away from the fact that I wasted a year of my life, it is that you at least walked away with something. Whether it is a sharper focus, tougher skin, or an upgraded instinct, it would give me more relief than you think if you had benefited from...
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    "Seven-hundred and twenty two. That is the amount of days that it has been since I held the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Let’s break it down even more; nearly twenty-thousand hours or two years has elapsed since what many, even myself, personally, considered the most triumphant and...
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    House of Glass Prediction Thread

    bronson kassidy andre walker kaizen ronan theron nikolas xander payne milli banks michael machinima
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    When you have been in this business as long as me, you get held to a high expectation. There are many factors to how one could fall short to them. An inability to be mentally or physically sound, an approach out of date with the newer standards, or simply not being good enough. The series of...
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    You’re both idiots. Stop being internet elitists and shut the fuck up, please?
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    @Prince Tohru @Shinzo Sasaki @MITSU @Migothy You guys forgot to attack Ryan Wilson last Friday! Make sure you get him next week! It would make me happy.
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    It's moments after Payne vs. Bronson. It opens up to Xander Payne walking through the corridors of the Allianz Arena in a ball of confusion and anger. Xander Payne: I SHOULD BE WORLD CHAMPION RIGHT NOW.. UGH! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY HEAD!! Xander Payne takes a tight corner and sees...
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    MATCH PROMO Hell Has Not Frozen Over.

    You like to think that I am going to use the EAW World Heavyweight Championship as a band-aid to my issues with Ryan Wilson... and I can agree with you because walking out of Munich with that championship to our name, I think will certainly turn things around for myself, DOMINION in particular...
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    MATCH PROMO Played Like A Fool.

    We established DOMINION as a way to inspire, to motivate, to elevate, to promote a healthy and competitive environment. I do not know about Ryan Wilson, but since I was pushed out of my momma’s womb and snapped that umbilical cord, it was my god-given mission for me to do exactly that. DOMINION...
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    this is xander payne
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    "People have been asking why I did what I did with Bronson Daniels after the bell. It may have appeared disrespectful or mischievous at face value, but I did what I did to teach our world champion a lesson. Daniels is without a shadow of a doubt, on the run of his career, finally being champion...
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    My wife got this for me for my birthday last year... 10/10! I feel safe at night sleeping knowing the Kaiser is watching over us
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    A daily reminder to always be educated