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  1. Hayley Morrow

    Shock Value (2024)

    I genuinely don't know how you do it. Amazing work, crazy how you can outdo the real life companies' posters as well.
  2. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO Inevitable. - Voltage #001

    Huh. Intriguing. I suppose I can respect that you have a code of honor, Akari. But is getting hyped that you beat a second rate De La Rosa I beat twice and the most underwhelming and nothing burger newcomer of them all, AJ Redding, really something to be proud of? Is that something that you can...
  3. Hayley Morrow

    King of Elite 2024 Prediction Thread

    King of Elite Finals Joso vs. PJ Hendrx vs. Alex Myers EAW World Championship Charlie Marr (c) vs. Drake King vs. Rex McAllister EAW World Heavyweight Championship Myles (c) vs. Jake Smith vs. Bronson Daniels EAW Answers World Championship Adam Lucas (c) vs. Chef Viz EAW Universal Women's...
  4. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO You're one bad day away from being me. | Voltage #001

    Moron. What the fuck are you talking about. At least make sense when you speak. First, story time. Let’s talk about.. The De La Rosas. More specifically Roberto De La Rosa. …There I lay in a puddle of blood. …It hurt. Hurt like hell. Not only physically but mentally. I was so.. so close. I had...
  5. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO hell above - Voltage #001

    Hell. That’s a describing word, isn’t it? Hell. In Christianity it’s a place of agony and torment. The reason why I am using that word is because it fits my story. Not just the word ‘hell’ but resurrection and rebirth. When I found my purpose again, someone.. He became my first ‘friend’ in a...
  6. Hayley Morrow

    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [CLOSED]

    I didn't say anything before besides a reaction but I love this. Genuinely. Jake, you keep outdoing yourself and its amazing to see. Impressive too seeing as you've made some of the best edits here, even making posters for FPV's so. Love you man, keep doing your thing. (P.S. I love the opeth...
  7. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO scavenger of human sorrow | voltage #001

    Great. You’re her. Want a cookie? Genuinely. Calling yourself her at the tail end of 2023 and into 2024 is embarrassing. I’m surprised you didn’t go into hiding. There’s something that you can’t deny, and that something is the answer to a question. What separates Mia Santoro from other...
  8. Hayley Morrow

    Jake's Sig Sweatshop #2 [CLOSED]

    Graphic Type: Sig Picbase/Render(s): Tatum Paxley. You can use the renders in the discord, or any others that look good. I'm not picky. Text: Hayley Morrow 'Black Rose Immortal' Color Scheme: Use whatever colors you want, Jake. However I want black red and silver to be in there. Additional...
  9. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO happier than ever | Road To Redemption #003

    Surprise… You all are never getting rid of me. I know it’s a dissapointment, but it is what it is. I’m going to actually talk about everyone in this match in depth this time. The people who actually promoed, or at least most of them. The ones who mentioned your’s truly! Still, to the people who...
  10. Hayley Morrow

    If your character was real, where would he or she work?

    Hayley would be in WWE through NXT, while Delilah, maybe the same. NXT UK while it was still up and running, and maybe Stardom or AEW.
  11. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO I've already become a demon to purge other demons | Road to Redemption #002

    No, Tohru. You didn’t say my name. However you were talking about the entire Elite Answers Wrestling roster. Or at least the ‘culture’ as you put it. And now, finally! You’re digging into my history! …One of your opponents in the battle royal. I like you, Tohru. I genuinely do. I feel like I...
  12. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO Demon of The Fall | Road to Redemption #1

    What did I do to deserve this punishment? It’s almost a recap of my entire EAW career. But last time you saw me, I… I got caught up in the past. I didn’t even have a match, and still posted a video of me being sad over something I never had control of. Last time you saw me on VOLTAGE, I was...
  13. Hayley Morrow


    Changed the billing location and added a new nickname.
  14. Hayley Morrow

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT reflection on the past | Character Development #002

    The scene would open with Hayley sitting on her bed in her Seattle apartment, she was reflecting. Reflecting back on what happened. Both in 2019, the first time where she defied her father before joining her stablemate in ‘Afterlife’, Alice Nevermore in a short tag team. Hayley was wearing a...
  15. Hayley Morrow


    The scene started in 2019, 4 years ago. Before Hayley Morrow adopted her darker look, before Hayley became a brooding and rather.. not exactly mentally stable person. Hayley Morrow, was a starry eyed young 18 year old woman who hasn’t even been on the scene for a whole year now. Hayley was seen...
  16. Hayley Morrow

    MATCH PROMO it's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking death wish | VOLTAGE #001

    Do I regret what I did to Jordan Narzikis? Was I wrong in doing what I did to him? Let’s sum up what happened last week! You see, I was having a technical masterpiece with Korey Gaines, you know. Jordan tried to be all friendly with me. …The reason why I didn’t tag in Jordan. I can’t trust...
  17. Hayley Morrow


    "Queen Shit"
  18. Hayley Morrow


    UPDATES: - New Common Move - Changed Signature, Finisher, and Ult finisher with gifs going for all of them - NPC page with the first NPC UPDATES DURING THE CONTRACT OVERHAUL: - Bio page - Changed gimmick - Neater design - Attires - New motivation - Changed alignment - Nationality
  19. Hayley Morrow