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  1. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO Gloria, are you okay? [Voltage #002]

    I was very rash last time I spoke, and I can defend that with the fact that…So my life is so miserable right now. Things are NOT going well right now, I am shaking in my boots, life is just.. NOT OKAY. I am so miserable, I don't know if I am going to ever see Gloria again. It's actually the...
  2. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO not doing so well right now, only real ones would get it 😞 [Voltage #001]

    I just feel so full of filth and disgust currently. Valerie Hellstorm.. Do you know what she's going to say about that victory? She will not let that hill die, as she is going to continue to mention it until she finally croaks, guaranteed it took nearly all of La Familia, and not only that, but...
  3. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO try again after you've gone to promo classes, Valerie [Voltage #005]

    I can tell when someone is desperate because the desperation they wear on their head is heaviest. I'm not a secret to being desperate or envious in my life before. I was envious of people once, and that was before I won Gloria. When I won Gloria, everything went to a whirlwind, there was a...
  4. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO still no title Valerie 😭😢💔💔💔 [Voltage #004]

    I would like to grasp the opinion of a far more valued Elitist, than I would Valerie Hellstorm. Do you really even get it Valerie? You're just mentioning stuff that isn't even there now, and that's pathetic. I don't know what it is, but you're failing to grasp the terminology. You are sticking...
  5. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO no title? 😢💔 [Voltage #003]

    I continue to wake up every morning as all these days are doing, just adding to my grand total. I have spent over 100+ days with Gloria, and every morning I am blessed to get out of bed. I'm not crippled by depression, or sad, I'm happy. I wake up the second my alarm clock goes off with no...
  6. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO Spare me the halfassery [Voltage #002]

    If you wanna know something interesting about Bea Valentine, I have a low idiot tolerance. That is by virtue of the fact that- I deal with so many idiots on a daily basis. When I face someone who is obviously inferior to me, you can tell when all respect is thrown out the window, and the...
  7. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO I am PHENOMENAL [Voltage #001]

    Whenever there's a deter in the belief that Gloria isn't my sugarboo baby honeybunch, that is the love of my life, and someone comes along that is vile, full of rage that tries to undermine me, yet there's no original material to be viewed. I don't know what it's going to take in order to earn...
  8. Bea Valentine


    "Pardon, my french. I don't usually say profanities, but where the FUCK was Wilford The Pooh? All I got in return was this bitch Cinderella!"
  9. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO Queen Bea > Princess Candice [KOE #003]

    I just have no idea what a Winnie is. She keeps talking about Winnie The Pooh, and quite honestly. It just bewilders me, because is that Wilford's weird cousin? I definitely do think Winnie, is a definite wild creature. Wilford? He's a much cooler and trope defying character. And that is much...
  10. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO winnie the pooh: blood and honey [KOE #002]

    The scene would open, as we see Bea Valentine elsewhere in a secluded room, she had a DVD in her hand. She nodded, examined the DVD. Everything looked good to her. Everything looks good here darling. I am going to watch my first ever Disney movie. I spent a full day at the park, it is pivotal...
  11. Bea Valentine

    Royal Rumble 2024 Prediction Game

    6 womens 6 mens
  12. Bea Valentine


    Disney World presents Universal Studios, went tits up! What an exhausting day 😴💤🥱
  13. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO Bea Valentine goes to "Disney World" [KOE #001]

    Bea Valentine was sitting in a chair, as she was reading a book. Her voice could be heard over the video of her reading said book, as she monologues along. Bea Valentine: Darling, I took a seat back in my chair, then I rightfully presumed to myself in the same breath, I said to myself. What is...
  14. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO sometimes you have to grow up and mature! [Voltage #002]

    So allow me to just go ahead and start by saying again, yes. 2024 hasn't been one to entirely desire so far. I have been snubbed many feats so far. And that is a trajectory I don't want to find myself on anymore. A lot of it can be dwindled down to my own complacency. And that next question is...
  15. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO So tired of wacky Disney Adults [Voltage #001]

    Let me just go ahead and say that, I have a disdain for Disney now, I actually find the whole branding to be putrid. I hate when I'm trying to have an accustomed conversation with someone, and ask them what their favorite flick is, and in retaliation they tell me “insert Disney film”. I feel...
  16. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO champion vs champion showcases just tend to adore me [Voltage #002]

    Ooooookay. so I have had a few days to look back and see my match with TLA, the match it was. I saw the exact moment I first encountered Charlie Marr, but before we get to speaking on that. It goes without saying darling. I am an – artist. I actually find it unfathomable how we can dissipate art...
  17. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO stinging in the new year [Voltage #001]

    December is usually my least favorite month of the year, it's usually the month where I solidify another year closer to my demise, with multiple celebrations, and not enough time. I find it to be a widely considered conceptualization however. We reign in another year we were alive, as the earth...
  18. Bea Valentine


    If I weren't so selfish, I'd REALLY hate the concept of getting older. But I love having my own Bea day 🐝😙 #HappyBirthdayToMe
  19. Bea Valentine

    MATCH PROMO honest film critic: "Ronan and Roberto struggled in the third act of their promotional material - thus lowering the final score." [NdV #002]

    As the sun rose, music played in the background, Bea slowly took her sleep mask off, letting out a yawn, as she slowly rose up from bed. On the pillow next to her, Gloria was sitting… Bea: Good morning, Gloria. Gloria: ……….. Bea: Yes that's for true, Gloria. “HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH🤣!!!”...
  20. Bea Valentine


    lovely graphics update‼️‼️‼️