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  1. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Frigid Winds - Dynasty #1

    “It is unbelievably cold up here. Frigid winds pelting my face like needles. But I relish in each and every moment of this experience. After all, the temperature is bound to plummet when you ascend so abruptly. You served as an excellent stepping stone, Cyclone; you performed your...
  2. Drake Armstrong

    "The Future" Drake Armstrong

    General updates throughout the contract, fleshing out the character's identity more + a new achievement!
  3. Drake Armstrong

    TLA's Child Sweatshop (OPEN)

    Child Name: all of them Work Hours Per Day (must be higher than 15): forever Product Requested: oil, military weaponry, diamonds (and other assorted gemstones) Date Needed: now Punishment for Child if Late: execution
  4. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Savagery amidst the ascent to glory - King of Elite #3

    “Here I stand on the cusp of greatness, with one massive obstacle seeking to end my destiny, to mar my name, and to vanquish me once and for all. The ease with which you think this battle will go, in spite of your attempts to account for your haughty mindset towards me, will turn a potential...
  5. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Iconoclasm - King of Elite #2

    "It comes to no surprise to me that you are not in a state of desperation; after all, I have far more to gain from this than you do. In a manner of speaking, this situation is reminiscent of my family’s dealings with the resource-extraction facet of the business world; like the labor of the...
  6. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Scarcity of the Blood Diamond - King of Elite #1

    “For months and months on end, I have been exploring a mine full of valuable gemstones. So much value to be found all around me, all ready and available to be used to propel me far along my path. Their luminescence is monumentally enhanced by their scarcity. The cost is to withstand this war and...
  7. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Stormclouds Overhead - Dynasty #1

    “Walking into that battlefield, both Xander Payne and I were faced with the imposition of our enemy’s presence. The moment I laid eyes on the match card and witnessed the circumstances of the match, it became obvious to me that the match would not proceed in a standard manner. We stared each...
  8. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Anchors around your ankles - Dynasty #1

    "There are few feelings quite as euphoric as the catharsis. The catharsis felt when releasing your pent-up aggression, the catharsis felt when you finally remove a thorn in your side, and indeed, the catharsis felt upon being proven right. While I did not think Cyclone would honestly show...
  9. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Your Meaningless Cacophony - Dynasty #2

    “The incessant clamoring of this inflamed peasant, it makes me appreciate the months that have transpired, that time of peace when I no longer needed to hear his nonsense. A meaningless cacophony, devoid of true substance worthy of reaching my esteemed ears, yet loud and passionate enough to...
  10. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Mountainside - Dynasty #1

    “You didn’t truly think you could leave your back turned, did you? You said you took accountability once, and then another time; now, I leave it to you to do so yet again. After all, it was your choice to embark on this path. I could have made my way back to you with my own timing, but you...
  11. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO To Be King - Dynasty #1

    "What does it mean to be king? To rule with an iron fist over your peasantry? To hold sovereignty over your domain? To expand your borders until you have engulfed each and every inch of territory? To sit upon your throne, made of gleaming gold and conquered foes, and gaze out with a contented...
  12. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO The Magnum Opus of Humanity - NdV #1

    “I am the magnum opus of humanity, a peerless masterpiece in the making. Each and every match is a brushstroke towards perfection; win or loss, the color of the paint matters not so long as the art progresses towards its fated glory. That is the means by which I have arrived at the level I...
  13. Drake Armstrong


    @De La Rosa The title win couldn't have gone to a more deserving person! Roberto was undoubtedly one of my favorite opponents to go back and forth with and the hard work you've put into your craft is evident; even outside of RP, you're immensely beloved by the community, and for good reason too...
  14. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Blessings of Avarice - Road to Redemption #3

    "Prior to joining Elite Answers Wrestling, I had not experienced much that could be called a 'struggle'. I am a brilliant man, after all; a Princeton graduate at that. My social connections run far and wide, and my proficiencies as a leader themselves could carry me to simply lead Armstrongian...
  15. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO This Fire Burns - Road to Redemption #2

    "A mastermind villain? Oh, please; I'm just calling things as they are. The unwashed masses like to ascribe moralistic titles like that, but the fact of the matter is that the world is what it is. The matter of justice DOES indeed come up a lot in the world, but the pendulum will always swing...
  16. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Sublimity Given Flesh - Road to Redemption #1

    Two weeks after the New Breed Championship triple threat at House of Glass, Drake Armstrong was booked against a man named Jordan Narzikis, a relative rookie to Elite Answers Wrestling. As the traditional war of words emerged between the Future and his opponent, Drake seemed to have perceived...
  17. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Shark Infested Waters

    "Rising tide. That bloody maneuver makes me feel as though my ears are still ringing a week after the fact. That very same move delivered a loss unto me the last time Cy Henderson and I faced off in the ring. But the past is the past, and every encounter that I have with the Cyclone gives me...
  18. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Joso is drowning - Dynasty #2

    “What a tumultuous ride it was, listening to you hash out your rampant emotions with the transparency of glass; it’s just as well, for I intend to shatter the fragile glass known as Joso’s confidence with my bare hands. You wish to speak to me about confidence? To me, the man who openly...
  19. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Fate, Power, and Control - Dynasty #1

    The video feed begins in the Armstrong Dynasty’s Scarsdale Mansion, where the Future has returned to following the stay in Japan. Another week has passed with Drake Armstrong picking up yet another victory under his belt; following House of Glass, Drake has been looking to accumulate some...
  20. Drake Armstrong

    MATCH PROMO Rolls Royce >>>>> Ferrari - Dynasty #1

    The video feed returns to the Armstrong Dynasty's Japanese mansion, where the Future sits as the living centerpiece of the grand office. Judging from the expression plastered across his face, Drake Armstrong appears to be in a better mood than he was last week. As predicted, his match against...