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  1. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO That’s your cue. (Dynasty 1)

    I said it before, and I’m gonna say it again. When you fight for this New Breed Championship, make it your life’s mission from the moment you become a contender to pry this title away from me. Otherwise, don’t bother calling yourself a challenger if you're not gonna treat a match with...
  2. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Survivor’s Guilt (KOE 2)

    Good on you, Mr. Sole Survivor. You’ve punched your ticket right to King of Elite with your battle royal victory. Considering all of the elitists you outlasted? I’ve left my own batch piled up one by one, left in my wake to become the inescapable calamity where your goal will yet again be...
  3. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO You’re entitled to the Michael Machina ass kicking special far more than this championship. (KOE 1)

    There’s a special atmosphere that can be felt in weeks such as this. I’m ten months deep into my career as an elitist, I've seen more doors open every single time I've kicked another one down. King of Elite, now I’ve become the very door for my opponent to get through. Prince Tohru, your...
  4. Michael Machina

    Royal Rumble 2024 Prediction Game

    #24 - men #8 - women
  5. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Don’t become a puppet to distant motives. (Dynasty 1)

    Deterrence is expected from most who want to take up this mantle. Not everyone can keep a level-headed mind through the constant struggle of remaining who you are. Good fuckin’ thing I’m not everyone. When I undergo a loss of any kind, I have to come to terms with understanding where it...
  6. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Get comfortable with defeat. (Dynasty 1)

    Prince Tohru. Looks to be you’ve won yourself a match for my New Breed Championship. The circumstances behind your title shot, feel aligned with what I had to do on my own path. Though, the blockades put in our way couldn’t be any more different. I know this tag match will be my first...
  7. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO The glimpses of the old you better shine through. (Dynasty 2)

    There are few moments in my career where I feel any measure of pity for my opponent. I can’t approach anyone with that sentiment, ‘cause the same pity I could reserve for them deep down, will always turn into the downward spiral of pain that’s expected when facing me. In a shocking turn of...
  8. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO I’m not Ryan. (Dynasty 1)

    2023 will be in the books. With every page that you turned, you witnessed one of the strongest rookie years in EAW history. Don’t forget who the author of this story has always been, ‘cause he’s got the gold and notoriety to show for it. Rookie of the Year. Can’t say I’m shocked, I said...
  9. Michael Machina


    New Breed Champion. 2023 Rookie Of The Year. If that’s how this year went, better keep your eyes on 2024. New Breed of Legends, Moneymaker, Machine. Above all.
  10. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO To welcome the fade. (NDV 1)

    Road to Redemption is now past us, an event that I didn’t have a physical presence within in its entirety. But from the way my name was thrown around by more than half of the field who took part in the show? Safe to say I continue to leave a mark without participation. Don’t twist these...
  11. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Luster not lost upon you, but that shine ain’t comparable elsewhere. (Dynasty 2)

    To the shock of the world, you decide to open your mouth much earlier than you usually would. Where the fuck was this energy for the rest of your career as an elitist so far?? That’s what I deem a hell of a lot more insulting than keeping with the formula. You had all of this time to turn your...
  12. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Time won’t be on your side for long. (Dynasty 1)

    Two birds, one stone ain’t the right term. The men who I will defend this title against, are two mere flies being swatted away with one swing. I have been on an interesting run since winning the New Breed Championship, I found myself in back-to-back Dynasty main events against a man who...
  13. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO To paint fire across the skyline. (Dynasty 2)

    There’s heightened vibrancy with this light of mine, something I was not actively thinking about ‘till recently. You’d think I began noticing this after House of Glass, winning the championship, but I don’t believe that to be the case. This resonance comes about after understanding how to...
  14. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Not unlike the waves. (Dynasty 1)

    I don’t take any of this for granted. My intuition has yet to lead me astray, through my explosiveness and aggression between those ropes, I have always maintained a clear head. Through thick & thin, they could never fabricate the cloth that I’ve always been cut from. This “they” is the...
  15. Michael Machina


    A good week for the Mafia, our work continues. Take what’s yours ❤️‍🔥 #RoryRedemption
  16. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO Sucks for you that I ain’t a lousy shot. (Dynasty 2)

    I’d certainly like to see the man who dethroned Andre Walker to face me on Dynasty. But are you gonna give me exactly that? You can tell me that you’re pissed off. I get it. I understand how being angry shifts your perception of things heading into a match, but I need you to understand this...
  17. Michael Machina

    MATCH PROMO The victim of circumstance, I promised I wouldn’t be. (Dynasty 1)

    Now I’ve become the answer. I know much of what I said, seemed like nonsense to some. They felt I wouldn’t get to this point as I have said numerous times that I would. Exactly why I never knew how to take advice from verbal hindrance. To sit here in front of this same camera that I speak...
  18. Michael Machina

    Michael Machina

    Immense overhaul with a couple differences in the content, huge thank you to @Jake Smith for graphics!
  19. Michael Machina

    AMA: Michael Machina

    This entire rivalry with Hans & Drake definitely elevated my writing, I’m always looking to evolve as a writer every week even through little things, but writing among those two definitely helped me hone into the Machina character so much more easily. My match with Ms. Extreme was also an...
  20. Michael Machina

    AMA: Michael Machina

    I believe an aspect about him that’s unique is his levity with specific opponents, he will usually maintain this aggressive demeanor but can condense himself into a much more comfortable state when the opponent’s sentiments are in line with his. I love writing from the stance of Michael...