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  1. Alex Myers


    Favorite Match: Drake vs Rex vs Charlie Favorite Moment: Ending to Drake/Cy (hey wtf i wrote that) Most Shocking Moment: #WeWantRex!!! Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Winners / Losers Overall Rating: 9/10
  2. Alex Myers


    Favorite Match: 4 on 4 Tag Match Favorite Moment: TLA USING THE EXPLODING CHANCLA AND RULER USING COCONUT Most Shocking Moment: Terry Chambers return yessir Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Winners / Losers Overall Rating: 10/10
  3. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO It's Never Too Late

    There was a point in time in my life, back in New Zealand, where I had been so distant from myself, and so distant from reality, that I never was able to see the finer things that I would have ever wanted to see within my life, a moment in time that I look back at fondly. I sat there, in a...
  4. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO I feel your compliments like bullets on skin

    There’s so much going on this weekend, that sometimes it may be a bit too much for me to even be able to comprehend. I have gotten to a point in my career where I know what needs to be done, where I know what I need to do in order to progress throughout my career and my life and do whatever it...
  5. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO i'll feel what only i can feel

    This week is one of the biggest weeks of my whole entire career, and we vastly reach the end, and we get closer to the night that it all begins, I think I am finally starting to understand where this will all lead, I think I am finally starting to understand what this is all about, I think I am...
  6. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO Anything But Ordinary

    Sometimes, I have to truly sit down and wonder if fighting for my “legacy” is really as worth it as I have made it out to be, if risking years off of not only my career, but my life, doing stupid shit, taking high risks that never get me to the high rewards that I feel as if I have earned, is...
  7. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO i bet your mother would be proud of you

    There is just, so much weighing on this match, not just for my career, but everything that comes with my career, everything that benefits from a successful career, everything that I need, everything that I desire, everything that I have ever wanted to accomplish in this company… as much as I...
  8. Alex Myers

    King of Elite 2024 Prediction Thread

    King of Elite Finals Joso vs. PJ Hendrx vs. Alex Myers ily both, good luck EAW World Championship Charlie Marr (c) vs. Drake King vs. Rex McAllister EAW World Heavyweight Championship Myles (c) vs. Jake Smith vs. Bronson Daniels EAW Answers World Championship Adam Lucas (c) vs. Chef Viz EAW...
  9. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO Don't Die Digging

    Putting it into perspective, with a moment like this, I feel like there should no longer be an option for me to lose, there should no longer be an option for defeat in the case of Alex Myers. All of those opportunities that I have had before me, when I came so close to victory, when I came so...
  10. Alex Myers

    Royal Rumble 2024 Prediction Game

    11 mens 13 womens
  11. Alex Myers


    It’s times like these, where I feel almost as if it is a necessary evil, an inevitable task heading into the week for me to do nothing more than to isolate myself, sit down, and think about all of the possibilities that could ever come out of this match. So many different routes, so many...
  12. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO the paranoia is sinkin' in

    I would like to say right now, there is a reason such as to why I had approached this week in the way that I did, Charlie. In my first promotional video, In a sense, I gave a run down of how your season has gone so far, how it started, from the fake retirement, to winning the EAW World...
  13. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO one year, ten thousand bad moments

    It was only two weeks ago… when I finally stamped my ticket to one of the biggest matches of my career up to this point, and trust me, there have been a lot of big matches that I HAVE had in my career. Cash In The Vault ladder match, world championship matches, multiple for that matter, going up...
  14. Alex Myers

    Alex Myers | Season 17

    so i changed angelic blessing. 🌚
  15. Alex Myers


    my children.
  16. Alex Myers


    Hearing you speak throughout this week has given me a grasp of what you have been through in your life and how you transition that over to professional wrestling in order to advocate for a better future for yourself, when as you said it yourself Michael, that future may not be as long as a...
  17. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO i'm here, i'm there, i'm everywhere, but you can't catch me now

    I have been going through a whole ton of struggles since the beginning of this season, always looking to pick myself back up and stand on my own two feet, and yet, along the way, it hasn’t worked in the way that I would have liked for it to. I started off challenging for the EAW World...
  18. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO you were sent to me like a one of one

    I understand where you are coming from, Michael. I can see why you view the world the way you do, and you have had a lot of experience fighting for this country, fighting for the world, having to go through hell, trial and error, amongst so much more just to be able to say that you are still...
  19. Alex Myers

    MATCH PROMO take me down into your paradise

    I want to see a future of happiness. I have been on a forever journey, a forever pursuit of happiness that has not yet slowed down, has not yet stopped, and won’t stop until I manage to make it to the top, until I have a good living, until I have a good career, until people remember me for the...
  20. Alex Myers


    Well, this is certainly something. Due to unfortunate circumstances at the hands of La Familia, the second round of the King Of Elite tournament on the Voltage side of things has been completely skipped by, in favour of a far more competitive match that’ll be brought in the main event of...