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  1. Thomas Fresnedi


    THOMAS FRESNEDI @TomFresnedi Sorrento, Italy March 1st Joined December 2022
  2. Thomas Fresnedi

    MATCH PROMO The era of Fresnedi begins! [FIGHT GRID; 17/12/22]

    Ah what an opportunity this is, call me what you want a rookie, a newcomer, a fresh face but here I am 25 years old less than a year into my professional career and here I am having signed my first ever major contract with Elite Answers Wrestling it’s safe to say that I feel blessed to be here...
  3. Thomas Fresnedi

    Thomas Fresnedi

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Wrestling Name: Thomas Fresnedi Picture Base: Noam Dar Current Nicknames: Italian Stallion, Mister Pretty Pronouns: He/Him Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 170lbs Hometown: Sorrento, Italy CHARACTER INFORMATION Disposition/Alignment: Tweener Gimmick...