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  1. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO This story has been told before (Showdown RP#2)

    (Adam appears on screen, having taken the time to listen to everything that PJ Hendrix had to say. In his right hand, he holds a bottle of water, and as the scene opens, he unscrews the top and takes a sip. With a nod of acknowledgement, he then starts to speak, with a calmness that has steadily...
  2. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Chapter Two (Showdown RP#1)

    (Adam Lucas appears on screen, a wry grin already on his face. He knew that this promo was always going to be difficult and knew that if he’d been given any other opponent, he wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to speak openly. The minute he saw the match card, he knew that at the very...
  3. Adam Lucas


    Congrats 👏 no excuses the better man won
  4. Adam Lucas


    @Chef Viz was an absolute pleasure to go up against you my friend even in defeat. Your promos this week were amongst the funniest I've ever read and were fun to try and better. Have fun with the reign and keep cooking ;-)
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  6. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO More 'filler' especially for you Chef (KOE #5)

    (Adam sits almost dead center of the Johannesburg Botanical Garden, taking in the atmosphere and beauty of this amazing place. Even though the place has its fair share of visitors, there is an almost eeriness behind the silence, as people are simply in awe of what they are walking amongst. For...
  7. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO 'Time' to shine (KOE #4)

    (Adam sits on the balcony of his hotel room, and on the table in front of him sits a solitary glass of whiskey which looks like it contains a double measure. Adam faces away from the camera, looking out over the beautiful city of Johannesburg. He knew there was a couple of the wrestlers down in...
  8. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO All that matters (KOE #3)

    (Adam appears this time from one of the gyms local to his hotel in Johannesburg. There was no question that this was one of his favorite places to film one of these promos, because the blood was still pumping and the adrenaline pumping after his work out. Adam couldn’t lie, there was something a...
  9. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO That annoying tune you've heard before (KOE #2)

    (Adam appears this time, his location not immediately obvious. As the camera pans out, we recognize the fact that he is in the airport lounge, awaiting his flight to Johannesburg, scene of King of Elite this weekend. He was catching the flight with Beth and was grateful for the chance to spend...
  10. Adam Lucas

    King of Elite 2024 Prediction Thread

    King of Elite Finals Joso vs. PJ Hendrx vs. Alex Myers EAW World Championship Charlie Marr (c) vs. Drake King vs. Rex McAllister EAW World Heavyweight Championship Myles (c) vs. Jake Smith vs. Bronson Daniels EAW Answers World Championship Adam Lucas (c) vs. Chef Viz Good luck bro EAW...
  11. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO The biggest test (KOE #1)

    (Adam stands behind a worktop, beginning this promo in his kitchen, still at home and not having left for King of Elite. He wears a chef’s hat, and knows he looks ridiculous and as the camera finds his gaze, he gives a smirk, but then wags his index finger at the camera.) “Nah, don’t worry… I’m...
  12. Adam Lucas


    That whole rhetoric and you took from it that I'm 'worried'? @Mattias Burke think again
  13. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Words of Wisdom (Showdown RP#3)

    (Adam stands on the Puente de la Mujer, one of the most prominent bridges in Buenos Aires known for its rotation. The sun shines brightly down on the river below, the flow of the water giving the impression of it dancing beneath him. He turns, leaning against the guardrail, his eyes focusing on...
  14. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO The Chance that you have waited for (Showdown RP#2)

    (Adam appears on screen once more, the scene of this promo his home gym in the basement of his and Bethany residence. At this point, he is yet to start his workout, wanting to make sure that he had delivered his final words for his opponent before working off the indulgencies of Christmas. Of...
  15. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO Building Legacies (Showdown RP#1)

    “What a year that was.” (Adam Lucas sits on a sofa, at his home residence. Laid by the side of him is possibly, and quite predictably, the Answers World Championship, and again maybe predictably the reason for his opening comment. To Adam however that wasn’t the case, because this year had been...
  16. Adam Lucas


    Favorite Match: Kass / Minerva. Favorite Moment: Minerva winning Most Shocking Moment: Solomon losing his shit big time and costing Viz a brain cell Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Best... Well I didn't expect to win so I'm going Adam lol. Worst... Scott Diamond Overall Rating: 9.76 :-)
  17. Adam Lucas


    Favorite Match: Not going to disagree. EAW WC match absolutely Favorite Moment: Personally it's has to be Ronan winning Most Shocking Moment: Charlie's cash in absolutely Who Had The Best/Worst Night?: Best: Charlie. Worst: Drake probably Overall Rating: 9.75
  18. Adam Lucas


    Just realised I'd not done this so @Minerva know that I am so stoked for you. I know how much this meant to you and that came across in your work. Looking forwards to one heck of a reign @Kassidy Heart nothing I can say to you that I haven't said in DM. You are the bar. Absolutely. And I can't...
  19. Adam Lucas

    MATCH PROMO The Reasoning (RTR #8)

    (We see Adam Lucas, sat up in his hospital bed, as a nurse straightening the pillows behind him so that he is comfortable. Sat in a chair beside him is Owen Cruze, a doctor then entering the room. Adam had only just woken up from the anesthetic, and was still groggy, and not sure what was going...
  20. Adam Lucas

    Road to Redemption 2023 Prediction Thread

    Voltage's Extreme Elimination Chamber for EAW World Championship Drake King (c) vs. Cameron Ella Ava vs. TLA vs. Mr. Wrestling XIX vs. Jack Ripley Dynasty's Extreme Elimination Chamber for EAW World Heavyweight Championship Bronson Daniels (c) vs. SOSA Henderson vs. Jake Smith vs. Myles vs. Jay...