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  1. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “Mediocrity left without dreams.” - RTR I

    I look at this Interwire Championship and I see everything that I wanted to make sure that it would become. The challenge. The grandeur. The pride. I look down and I see everything that this championship deserves to become. I see everything that I’ve wanted to see myself become while holding...
  2. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “But, being special is never something that’s created.” - Dynasty I

    There’s a reason for why I’ve spent the entirety of my week waiting, Andre. You’re meant to be special. That’s what we’ve been led to believe. This generational talent who has kicked down every single door that has been in his way and quickly asserted himself into the conversation of those...
  3. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO “ A story greater than anyone truly realises that it’s going to be.” - Dynasty I

    It’s still a little surreal. I said it on Dynasty a few days ago. You tend to forget what it’s like to hold gold on both hands when you spend so long chasing after it. This journey still remains a constant in my mind. Those moments where I found myself fingertips away from holding the world in...
  4. Theron Nikolas


  5. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "Something greater rises from the ashes of something that simply wasn’t good enough." - House of Glass III

    There’s no feeling quite like the moments after having the world slip through your fingers and you’re forced to bear that feeling of emptiness that comes without having it. You look at the blood that covers your hands. The pain coursing through every fibre of your being. You look back at...
  6. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "The truth is that I wish that I had the same road that you’ve travelled, Jay." - House of Glass II

    It feels like I’ve spent more time inside my own head over the last few days than I have throughout the last few months. I don’t know if it comes from feeling like I had everything figured out, or the idea that I finally had control over the pieces of myself that have constantly festered away. I...
  7. Theron Nikolas

    The compliment game

    You quickly become an integral piece to the puzzle that is EAW. You’ve taken the opportunities that you’ve had and ran absolutely miles with them, and the success that you’ve had is evident of it. But, it’s still only the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve here. The world’s your oyster.
  8. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "Personal Adversity." - House of Glass I

    It’s okay. I’ve given myself a little time to compose myself. It almost worked, Jay, but I’m not going to allow it all to unravel at the first signs of adversity. Personal adversity. It’s not your words that were the hardest to listen to on Dynasty. It’s those same constant voices that never...
  9. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "but instead the beacon of hope that proves that it doesn’t need to be your final destination." - Dynasty I

    I can feel it. It’s something that I had once convinced myself that I had forgotten. Forgotten may not be the correct word for it. It’s something that I had given up on. It comes throughout those weeks where you can feel it coursing through every fibre of your body. You know that it has truly...
  10. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "It’s the standard that comes with being a man who believes that there’s no lesson that he can’t learn." - Dynasty II

    Pride always comes before the fall, Jay. There’s a major problem when it comes from looking at the world in the confines of the same box that countless names have. It comes from the feeling like we have all the pieces of that proverbial puzzle where they need to be. We’re prepared for...
  11. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "and those who simply do everything in their power to ensure that their fingerprints impact themselves the most." - Dynasty I

    I hope that you’re able to understand the truth of what I’m going to represent until House of Glass, Jay. I’m the greatest thing that’s going to happen to your career. I know the pressure. I know what it’s like to stand in front of the world knowing that you have to immerse yourself in the...
  12. Theron Nikolas

    Theron Nikolas

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  13. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "I did." - Territorial Invasion IX

    My track record while being a part of a team isn’t the greatest. I’ve stabbed almost all of them in the back. I’m not to be trusted, and the four people that will stand beside me at Territorial Invasion would have good reason to keep eyes in the back of their heads simply because of my past...
  14. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "You’re going to realise that the worst thing that you had to withstand in this business was dealt by your own hand." - Territorial Invasion VIII

    It’s hard to see the positives when you’ve lost sight of yourself, Cameron. You spend enough time hating something that you refuse to see everything that it personified about yourself. I don't believe that there’s a whole lot of people who truly understand the perils that you’ve had to...
  15. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "The conqueror of a world filled with dreamers." - Territorial Invasion VII

    I don’t care about the idea of you writing me off the last week that we faced, Aria. I care about the hypocrisy that came after it. It doesn’t come down to the idea of you being in a bad mood. The truth is that it’s a lot harder to keep the truth hidden behind burning eyes. It eats away at us...
  16. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "You can finally go back to being the No. 2 Ava in the family, Cam, because let's be honest here." - Territorial Invasion VI

    There was a part of me that hoped that you would walk back the doors of this company with the intention of trying to settle our score, Cameron. There was a time where you would have stopped at nothing to get it. There’s been very few times that the two of us have actually seen eye to eye, but...
  17. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "Some people are able to turn the tides when it feels like they’re trapped and the rest are swallowed by it." - Territorial Invasion V

    There’s a major problem that comes with the idea that you’re being held back by the rest of the world. It comes down to an agenda. We find our reasons for our own shortcomings. I spent years trying to put the blame of my own problems onto the shoulders of those around me. It was always someone...
  18. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "I was always right." - Territorial Invasion IV

    There was a time where I believed the same thing, Aria. The idea that I failed horribly in my ventures in trying to recapture the Answers World Championship and protecting the record that I held. It comes down to the same census that underlines my return to EAW. It’s the problem with taking...
  19. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "Do you remember what you told me the last time that we faced, Aria?" - Territorial Invasion III

    There’s a major problem that comes with this week. I’ve spoken about it already. It’s the same mentality that people walk into the week of the Grand Rampage with. We do everything in our power to shoot ourselves to the front. We believe that we have all of our cards sorted. The idea that if...
  20. Theron Nikolas

    MATCH PROMO "It’s their time to face what is simply inevitable." - Territorial Invasion II

    I’ve had plenty of people question my thoughts leading into Territorial Invasion throughout the last few weeks. This wasn’t my first choice, and it certainly wouldn’t have been the match that I would have chosen to be a part of if I had been given the choice. I’ve had people ask whether I’m...